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Double ended dildo discontinued

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Slim Stim

The Love Rider is a very stimulating, smaller dildo that is long enough to work well in most situations. The giver's pony is smaller and tapered for easy insertion, but unfortunately this means that it might be harder to hold in.

Overall, the Love Rider is a quality product and an attractive toy for gender play and pegging use. Unfortunately, we just aren't ready for it right now. But we'll definitely be keeping it around for when we are!

This toy is worth a try. Exploring in the bedroom together allows my partner and I a chance to experiment and grow closer due to a higher level of trust. But that is exactly what this toy was, an experiment. We need to do more research!

I really enjoyed the non-threatening shape and size of this sharing dildo. While I did end up using it manually for anal play on Mr (because it sat low and we have a high bed), it was still a lot of fun to use. I would recommend this as a sharing dildo to anyone who's looking to try a sharing dildo, but doesn't want to pay too much money.

The Love Rider is so easy to clean and use. I really like that it has so many different ways to use it. It is super easy to clean and sanitize. It is smooth and pretty rigid. If you like something softer, then this is not for you. Great as an exerciser, as well!

This is a versatile double-dildo that's fun for couples or alone time. Its luxurious texture not only feels amazing, but is easy to maintain! It's not very flexible, but that can also have a good side with extra sport in the shaft and easier insertion.

It works hands free, it really works. I guess I should add, if you have strong PC muscle, But if not it could be a lot of fun exercising them with the Love Rider.

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