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The Love Rider is a very stimulating, smaller dildo that is long enough to work well in most situations. The giver's pony is smaller and tapered for easy insertion, but unfortunately this means that it might be harder to hold in.
Smooth, smaller, stimulating and long enough to work for partner play.
Stiff silicone may poke if you're not careful. Can be difficult to hold in without a harness.
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The Love Rider is an “L” - style strapless double, sharing basic design features with the Tantus Feeldoe, but with several improvements. On the Love Rider, the giver's “pony” end has a tapered top and is smaller in diameter, and the abstract “getter's dildo” is smooth and comfortable, with a bulged and upturned head for enhanced stimulation of the G-spot or prostate.

The Love Rider is made from a stiff silicone, at least as stiff as the silicone used in the Feeldoe series, ensuring a perky dildo during use. The silicone is stiff enough to provide support even when the dildo is being held up only by the 7/8” neck underneath the giver's pony, making use simple (you'll probably still want to use a hand for insertion, especially if you're inserting the Love Rider into your partner's anus). The stiff silicone means that you'll want to be careful at the start of play to ensure that there aren't any uncomfortable bumps or pokes, and you'll also want to check to make sure you're not going to thrust too deep and hit your partner's cervix or the top of their rectum.

The design of the Love Rider's dildo end is nice. The smooth surface doesn't overstimulate or irritate, while the bulge and curve provides G-spot or prostate stimulation. The silicone had some drag, but it wasn't very noticeable once lubed. The person “wearing” the Love Rider doesn't get as nice of a deal, since while the stiff pony provides some G-spot stimulation when inserted there really isn't any clitoral stimulation.

While the small, tapered pony makes insertion easy, it doesn't always provide the most secure hold. Measuring 1-3/8” in diameter at its widest point, there just isn't much to grab onto with your Kegels. The stiff silicone and forward tilt of the pony help, but like most strapless doubles it's probably a good idea to count on wearing a harness anyway. Keep in mind that a harness also provides a good place to stash a small vibrator for increased clit stimulation as well. Note that the 8” of usable length on the getter's end is measured from the curve, so there will be 1-2” less length unless you're using it by hand (the distance between the opening to the vagina and the front of the body + the distance between the front of the body and the other partner).

The smaller, nicely tapered end makes the Love Rider a good choice if you're looking for a dildo to hold anally. While you do need to concentrate on clenching in order to keep the dildo in, I didn't have any problems with it coming out during testing. The added distance to the anus means that usable length is reduced to about 4-1/2” if you hold the pony anally.

Since the Love Rider is made of silicone, care is easy. Any water or oil-based lube can be used, though you should be careful with silicone lubes as they may permanently bond with the dildo. After use it can be cleaned with soap and water and sanitized if desired with 10% bleachwater or boiled. Storage is simple because silicone is nonreactive – you can toss it in your toybox with other non-jelly, non-TPE toys. Silicone does tend to pick up lint, hair and dust, but a plastic bag can be used to keep it clean.
I was very impressed with the Love Rider. Though it's not as large as some of the toys I use, the curved and bulged end was very stimulating and manages to reliably trigger a prostate orgasm. The smooth shaft of the dildo enables slow to rapid thrusting with little drag provided that lube is used, and the stiff silicone means that the giver's pony also makes a functional handle for solo use. While I like the Love Rider best in positions such as missionary that put the curved tip right against my prostate, the curve is done in such a way that it is stimulating even when turned around, so I found that this toy works comfortably in most positions as long as you spend enough time warming up.

The one downside is that the small pony, though easy to insert, can also come out easily - but not noticeably more easily than the Feeldoe's pony.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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