Maverick VixSkin - realistic dildo by Vixen Creations, Inc - reviews

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Maverick VixSkin reviews

26 reviews
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Average review rating
26 reviews

If you're looking for size and high quality, this dildo is it. I never really considered myself a "size queen" before this, but I may have started something with this purchase. While it's a little bit too much on the larger side for regular use, Maverick is my new special occasion toy. Don't be afraid of the price tag, it's worth the splurge.

Call me Dorothy, but I am over the rainbow about this dildo. The Vixskin is amazing and feels so real. The girth is out of this world and blew me away. Maverick is great in every orifice and safe to use. I love that he's completely sterilizable, and a breeze to clean. The colors are fun and brighten any collection. The Maverick is a must have for any and every Size Queen or King.

Maverick is another fantastic option from Vixen. He has foreskin, realistic musculature, and all the proper details of the real thing. I love the dual density of Vixskin because internally it feels very realistic. Maverick is a bit stickier than my other Vixskins, but it's worth dealing with for me. I love the larger sizes, but others may find him a bit of challenge.

The Maverick by Vixen creations is my first soirée into Vixskin, and I honestly couldn't be happier with my purchase. I was nervous at first about the size but quickly dispelled all of those anxieties upon opening and feeling the cushy luxurious silicone for myself. With all of this said, it is massive isn't it? If you find yourself very concerned with the size, I would say maybe get a smaller Vixskin, but if you can handle it, by all means, take the plunge!

Maverick is a phenomenal investment, if you have the money to put into it and the orifice to accommodate it. The toy is made of 100% silicone, which makes maintenance a breeze, and is currently available in a wide variety of colors. I have thoroughly enjoyed every time I have used Maverick because he never fails to give a mind-blowing, earth-shattering orgasm. If something ever happens to Maverick, god forbid, I will replace him in a heartbeat.

This is a winner, for those who love size and girth this one is filling. The girth is great but not overwhelming due to the firmer inner core and soft out silicone. It has the suction cup base and it is O ring compatible.

Overall the Maverick has gone on to fuel my love of VixSkin, likes its little brother Mustang it feels comfortably and luxuriously soft on the outside only this time it is huge and intimidating while still so comfortably filling.

Ah-may-zing product. Top notch quality with a lifetime warranty. This is really a great toy, It's the closest to real skin that I have ever felt on a dildo. I just can't recommend it enough.

With its intense neon green, impressively large, I’m-totally-gonna-eff-you-up glory, I can’t help but think that if the Incredible Hulk had a penis, Maverick is what it would look like, albeit massively larger.

Overall I think that the Maverick is a fantastic toy and it gets my full recommendation. It looks great, it feels amazing, and basically it's everything you could ever want in a dildo.

The Maverick was all and more than I expected. The impressive size combined with the squishy feel and texture is all just such a whopping amazing combo that it leaves me dizzy! The color is gorgeous and the unexpected suction cup and pearly white swirled base are just the cherry on top. All in all, I've tried multiple VixSkin toys, and the Maverick has easily made itself my new #1 favorite of them all. 5/5!

Maverick is stunning once you've warmed up enough to take his girth. He's plush, yet firm. Vixskin's realistic feeling silicone is better than expected. Definitely one to add to your collection if you think you can take him.

A very large dildo designed so well that it is comfortable - amkes you love the stretch. A great choice for strap-on play, couples play or solo - whatever your current preferences or circumstances dictate.

The Maverick is by far the best dildo I've ever owned. It's realistic, durable, harness compatible, and very sexy. This cock is perfect for those looking for a more "fulfilling" experience, but definitely not for beginners. I only wish this dildo had color details and balls.

Possibly a little intimidating at first look, but once you become accustomed to how filling he can be, you’ll keep coming back for more. The Maverick has become my second favorite toy, second only to another of the VixSkin creationis by Vixen.

Maverick is one of Vixen Creations finest offerings, featuring enough length and girth to make any size queens toys curl. In use, Maverick is not as imposing as his dimensions imply, and those who want to feel full on occasion may find Maverick to be just what the doctor ordered.

I got this thinking I would just use it as a warm up for other toys. Turns out, I like it enough to make it the main event for many sessions. The VixSkin material won me over and the size works well for the times I want that full and stretched feeling. The head can catch on the pubic bone, but if you are a little careful with your thrusting this can be avoided. Maverick has become my go to "large size" dildo for use alone and with my husband.

The VixSkin material really lives up to the promise. If you can handle the substantial size, the Maverick model will deliver some mind scrambling, body shaking orgasms. While not a practical dildo when you consider the time and effort needed to properly use this, the Maverick should be in the sex toy arsenal of any woman who can handle the size and wants something that she can grab toward the end of a lengthy session to give herself an epic and fulfilling finish.

I really want to love Maverick, I do, but sadly my eyes were bigger than my vagina. Maverick is a luxury product which delivers what is promised which is why I can not justify awarding him less than four stars. Although I can not use this product due to its extremely large size, Maverick is 100% body safe, imitates the feeling of skin well, displays extensive attention to detail, and provides the girth that many people desire in sex toys.

Maverick is another large-sized realistic dildo made from Vixen Creation's Vixskin material. This is a great toy for those who want to feel really full or who are looking for the next size up in regards to large toys. The ridges may or may not be for you depending on your anatomy. Overall, Maverick is a wonderful large cock to have in your collection.

This is an orgasm inducing dildo with a safe, non-odorous material. If you keep it for 4 years, it will only cost $25 per year!

I love the VixSkin Maverick! It's surpassed Johnny as my favorite dildo by Vixen. You'll like this one if you like them large.

The VixSkin Maverick is an amazingly realistic dildo that feels like real skin and functions almost like a human penis would. It is, however, very large in size, and this dildo is something that requires a bit of warm-up and lubricant before you can use it. Once you use it, though, it provides an amazingly filling sensation.

Maverick, like its other VixSkin counterparts, is truly a work of art, a collector's piece that is to be cherished and by all means, appreciated! Whether placed in a harness or used independently, Maverick is sure to please. Just make sure you know what you are getting in to when you purchase this, or rather, what will be getting in to YOU!

Maverick is a girthy, realistic dildo that will fill your size fantasy and rock your bed, but perhaps not your world.

Definitely not for the faint of orifice. The Maverick is in all other ways, the epitome of a high quality toy. If size is what you're going for, the Maverick will last you a very long time.

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