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A Maverick In The Bedroom

I got this thinking I would just use it as a warm up for other toys. Turns out, I like it enough to make it the main event for many sessions. The VixSkin material won me over and the size works well for the times I want that full and stretched feeling. The head can catch on the pubic bone, but if you are a little careful with your thrusting this can be avoided. Maverick has become my go to "large size" dildo for use alone and with my husband.
Realistic material, Gives full sensation, Feels amazing
Head can catch on pubic bone
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Maverick is a realistic dildo by Vixen Creations. It's made of premium VixSkin material, a dual density material that feels so close to the real thing you may just forget that it's not. Maverick is not a small dildo by any stretch of the imagination. It's not for beginners to be sure and even more advanced users may shy away from its larger size. For those looking for something filling with high quality, realistic material - Maverick fits the bill.

Maverick comes harness ready with a flared base. This also makes it both anal and vaginal safe. It can be used for partner or solo play in a variety of ways. It can be used for foreplay or as a main event. It can be used as a warm up for toys even larger than this one. It can even just be worn in a harness around and about for gender play.

Material / Texture

Maverick is made of VixSkin. This puts it at a 10 on the safety scale. It is non-porous in nature and can be boiled if shared between partners or if going from vaginal to anal use.

VixSkin is a premium dual density silicone. It is made by suspending silicone lubricant in between the molecules to create the realistic feel. It has a solid inner core that is surrounded by a soft and squishy outer layer. It retains heat well, which can add to the realistic feel of the material.

To me, VixSkin is the most realistic out of the O2 and VixSkin lines. The entire dildo is wrapped in the soft outer layer, so no matter where you squeeze you get the soft feel of the premium squishy silicone. It squeezes in a good bit all the way around the dildo. The head has the most squish, since it is made entirely of the soft silicone without the inner core.

It has firmness, but can be bent. It's not floppy. If you move around with it, it will sway with the movement but not bend or flex a lot. It won't be ideal for those that need something totally rigid, but you can feel the firm inner core during use. The amount of movement is very realistic - just the right amount of sway when you move around with it. It bends more than the real thing would, but in use it feels very close in the level of firmness.

There is light texture along the shaft of the dildo that makes it appear more skin like. It can be felt with the hands and creates a sort of drag to the material like skin would have. Once lube is added, it can't really be felt much in use.

There is a slight tacky feel to the silicone. This means that it attracts lint, dust, hair, and just about anything else it touches. It should be stored properly at all times and probably rinsed off before use.

There is only the very faintest of silicone scent to the material. There is a slight silicone taste to it.

There is also added texture in the head and shaft via the design of the dildo. I'm putting that information in the Design section since it's more design than an actual texture like a ribbing or bumps.

The material is suitable for beginners to advanced users. Anyone looking for realistic and body safe material should be taking a good look at VixSkin as an option. The soft and firm feel that it provides is beyond words and literally may make you forget that you're using a dildo and not having sex.

Design / Shape / Size

Maverick is a large dildo and shouldn't be walked into lightly. According to the product page, it is 7.75" long. At my measurements, it is 7.25" long. The insertable length per the product page is 7" and as per my measurements is about 6.25". The diameter at the widest point is 2" as per both my measurements and the product page. The head starts at 1.75" and quickly jumps to the 2" diameter. It then comes back in to 1.75" and goes right back out to 2", which it then remains for the entire shaft. The base is 3.25" wide.

To give you a better idea of the size, here you can see it in my hand:

Maverick was one of my dildo purchases that I got in order to work up to the Hottie Xtra. I had previously been used to 1.5" sized toys and needed some stepping stone dildos to get to the 2.25" diameter of the Xtra. Maverick's size turned out to be my most ideal "large size" dildo. While there are days that the 2.25" is fun, I'm more able to accommodate the size of Maverick on a regular basis than I am the larger size of the Xtra. Maverick's size may not make it a daily toy, but on days when I'm looking for something filling, Maverick does the trick. The length is also good, though sometimes I'm not able to insert the full amount. The good thing about extra length is you can always just insert less.

The size of this is not for beginners. In fact, many intermediate and advanced users may pass on this one as well. This should be a purchase for size kings and queens only. If you're looking for that stretched and full feeling, Maverick will provide it. For most users, the size will probably be a bit more than what they're looking for.

Maverick is a realistic toy, but with what would appear to be a second head underneath the first head. This design allows for some additional stimulation. The heads are layered on top of each other and create a sort of ridging effect. There is a raised section on the back of the toy to simulate the veining of a real penis.

The design is very noticeable in use. It didn't activate my texture sensitivities, but can pose another problem. The first head is very pronounced and can easily get caught on the pubic bone when thrusting. This is something that can be avoided one you learn how to handle the toy. I only had this problem the first two times I used it and every now and again if I get a little too enthusiastic with it. Mostly, I am able to keep it inserted far enough back and not pull it forward enough to hit the pubic bone when thrusting with it. Even my husband was able to use this on me without having it hit my pubic bone, which I really thought he wouldn't be able to do.

In terms of discreetness...well, it's just not. It looks like a large penis, no two ways about it. It is larger, but can still be stowed away if need be to hide it from prying eyes. It's also not so large that you couldn't travel with this.


Once I learned how to use this without the head hitting my pubic bone, it became a great performer. It creates a sensation that you won't find in many other toys. It's realistic because of the material, but gives a full and stretched feeling that you probably won't find in the real thing too often. The squishy outer layer means it has just a bit of give to it, making the 2" diameter a little easier on the body. It feels a little smaller than a firm 2" toy would, but it's still very much the feeling of a larger toy.

Thrusting with this wasn't the easiest task to work up to, but once I was able to I was really happy that I decided to pick this dildo. When the head is inserted far enough back not to cause issues, it creates a nice internal sensation. You can feel the size difference but it's not too much difference to be uncomfortable.

It is harness compatible. I can't really speak to the effectiveness of this in a harness as this toy is for me and not my husband. You will need to make sure you have a 2" O ring for this. I did place it in the harness just for fun. It's heavy, but doesn't weigh me down so much that it seems like it would be impossible to use.

It does not have a suction cup at the base, but does seem to get a slight stick when wet. It won't hold to a vertical surface, but will stick okay to a horizontal one. I probably wouldn't trust it for sticking somewhere and then trying to use it.

Care and Maintenance

You can care for Maverick in a number of ways. You can wash it with simple soap and water or toy cleaner. You can also boil it for three minutes to disinfect it. It can also be put in the dishwasher. It should probably be rinsed off before use due to the fact that the material collects dust and hair.

Only water based lubes should be used with this toy. Silicone lubes can potentially damage the material.

It comes in a cylinder storage container which can be used to store it. There is some suggestion that VixSkin toys should be stored upright, though I do not know how much this really needs to be adhered to. I always go with the safest methods, so I store mine upright. If you're not too concerned, a pouch or baggie will work fine.


Maverick comes in a clear cylinder container. It says "VixSkin Worth Every Inch" on the front. The back has a blurb about VixSkin and what it is. Since the container is clear and contains a realistic dildo, this is far from discreet packaging. It does make for good storage, though I have found the top can be a little difficult to get back on once removed.

Personal comments

If you're looking for a larger dildo and don't mind having to do a little bit of work to keep the head from hitting your pubic bone, Maverick is a great find. The material is just out of this world and the size provides exactly what you'd want in a larger dildo. It may not be the largest size on Eden, but it will give you a full sensation for sure.


As mentioned, this was actually purchased as a warm up toy. Since my husband can't use the Hottie Xtra on me yet (though I can use it on myself for some reason), Maverick is our go to dildo for when we want to use a larger toy in foreplay sessions. It's also my warm up toy for the larger toys that I have. Even when I'm not planning on using a larger size, I find that I still do reach for Maverick. That's something I really didn't expect to happen. I just ended up liking this one so much that I can't help but grab for it, even if the Xtra isn't on my agenda for the evening.

My husband actually keeps trying to steal this from me, despite the fact that he can't go up to 2" yet. That's just how awesome the VixSkin in. Every time I touch it, I find that I sit there squishing it and groping it way longer than I should, just admiring how realistic it is and how good it feels. Internally, it's like a dream. It feels more realistic than anything else I have come across, though I will admit I am limited to VixSkin and O2 since I don't use the less body safe materials.

The only downside is the head issue. It does catch on the pubic bone easily. However, it can be avoided and this can be used once you learn how to work around that design issue. It just means you can't come out as much with the thrusts as you might normally. It's an easy enough fix, and not something that takes any point off this otherwise perfect toy for me. If even my husband can manage to use this on me without issue, I figure that means it's easy enough to get around.

I do wish this came in fun colors like pinks and blues. I'm not one for fleshtone toys and the aesthetics of this don't appeal to me as much as they would if it were colored differently and looked less like a real penis. I can't count that as a con though, since it's marketed as a realistic toy. It's just something I'm hoping to see more of in the future from Vixen - brightly colored VixSkin toys.
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