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O2 Flurry reviews

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17 reviews

I had been wanting to try the O2 toys for ages, and I can safely say I will be purchasing more. While off center inner core can be a little annoying at times, it's not entirely noticeable. The pronounced head offers that delicious pop many enjoy, while still being plush enough to not hurt.

The Flurry is a great dual density silicone dildo from Tantus. It's slightly larger than your average penis so it's a great size for most users. It's anal safe and harness compatible. It has very little texture so those who are texture sensitive will enjoy the Flurry. However, it's just a little too straight and boring for my tastes.

The dual density Flurry is a different sensation than other dildos with only one type of silicone, and the outer layer does mimic the sensation of having the real thing. The inner core is extremely firm, so anyone who enjoys a more forgiving toy may want to look elsewhere. If you like a toy that is firm yet comfortable for thrusting, the Flurry may be the one for you.

In general, there are a couple of compelling reasons why you should get this toy: it's lovely on the eyes, realistic, low maintenance, and the size makes it good for beginners and more experienced individuals alike. While the straightness of the toy made it a bit awkward to thrust when trying to get the full length in, after a little getting used to, the Flurry worked like a charm. I'd highly recommend this toy.

This is a quality dildo that will work for some but not all. The design won’t provide much G-spot stimulation but the soft outer coating and moderate girth will still give a good experience.

The O2 Flurry is a slimmer little brother of the other Tantus O2 dildos. If the other dildos scare you with the their girth, this might be a good alternative to them.

This item is worth it because of the material, shape, and texture offered. A really a smart investment for someone looking for a sex toy to add to the mix. Very realistic! I bought it as a surprise gift and she actaully wants to use it. Clean up is simple and all materials are safe.

Flurry is softer than the standard solid silicone dildos readily available on the market today. However, it is considerably firmer than should be expected when looking for something that feels realistic. The vibrant design and reasonable size will appeal to many. Unfortunately, it is still too big and not as soft as I had hoped.

I adore my Flurry. The ridge under the head is fantastic for g-spot play, and it's great for when you want an easy-to-use, simple, smooth toy.

The Flurry by Tantus is a fantastic harness compatible dildo made from dual density silicone for a life like feel. While it has a somewhat realistic design to it, the Flurry is offered in three different bright color options. The heads on the Flurry feel fantastic, and if the toy isn't too large for you to handle it can be a great pleasure tool for your toy chest whether you partake in harness play or not.

If you're shopping for a realistic or semi-realistic silicone toy, I would urge you to consider other Tantus dildos, but not this one. The Flurry is very straight-ahead (literally and figuratively) and there's really nothing unique about it. I even found it painful and uncomfortable at times.

Good all around toy and I would prefer it a little bit less girthy, but definitely worth the buy for the experience of the soft silicone!

If you're itching to try out dual-density without breaking the bank, Flurry isn't a bad choice! It's as safe as sex toys get, and it's a great mid-ground toy that doesn't look like, say, a massive chopped off cock, it's not absolutely huge, and it's not really weird. It falls right in the middle zone between no texture and too much texture. Flurry is a great dildo for anyone looking for a dildo that's just a step above the average disembodied cock.

The O2 Flurry has a realistic design with color options that are not flesh tones. It is great size for myself, but this might not be ideal for everyone. This dildo has a flared base that makes it O ring compatible. You can also share this dildo because sterilization is made possible by boiling. This is made of 100% silicone for this purpose.

This is a great intro the O2 line. It's a bit girthy, and a bit textured, but if you can work up to it and don't HATE texture, this is a winner. The soft outer silicone cover a firm inner core that makes thrusting a breeze, and the base is good for strapon play, or as a handle for thrusting.

I'm a girl that love her vibrators and hardly ever buys a dildo. When I saw the pretty new Flurry, something in me just had to have it anyway. Turns out, I actually love this thing! The dual density silicone is the most realistic material I've ever had the pleasure to run across. The size was a concern for me, but the plushy outer layer shielded the extra girth from hurting me. A recommended product for anyone looking to try one of the Tantus O2 products.

The O2 flurry by tantus is a beautiful dildo that has the added feature of stimulating the G-spot. It is made of pure silicone, so it can be boiled, or placed into your dishwasher. The color and size makes it non intimidating, and perfect for beginners. It can be used vaginally and anally.

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