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This is a great intro the O2 line. It's a bit girthy, and a bit textured, but if you can work up to it and don't HATE texture, this is a winner. The soft outer silicone cover a firm inner core that makes thrusting a breeze, and the base is good for strapon play, or as a handle for thrusting.
Soft and squishy, very comfortable, dual density silicone with that nice inner core
May be too big/girthy for some, not a g-spot toy, lint magnet
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The Flurry is a pure silicone dildo, in Tantus's O2 line. Meant for internal use, this toy is perfect for vaginal, anal, oral, strapon or any kind of use you can think of--this is a toy that'll give you mileage. Anal safe, and vagina approved, you can use this toy between partners or orifices, so you can share it with a friend you really like.

Material / Texture

The O2 line is all made of a dual-layer silicone, with a hard inner core and then a soft, squishy layer above it for comfort and maximum pleasure. The head of the dildo is completely white--the white layer is the super soft silicone, so you can squeeze it very easily (or pull it, if you're curious, like I am, to see it stretch. I do not recommend doing this with anyone's actual penis. They might not be so forgiving.) and the white layer is molded over the entire dildo, though it's not as thick anywhere as on the head. The texture may be unpleasant for some, but it's gentle and will be okay for all but the most anti-texturists among us.

Because it's silicone, it's odor free, and totally tasteless; the base is smooth, and except for the actual texturing of the dildo, the shaft is also smooth.

The only problem I have with the design on this one is that I can see that the outer soft layer was poured a bit unevenly; I can clearly see along the base where there's more of the hard layer and less of the soft layer, though that may just be along the base and not across the whole toy.

Design / Shape / Size

The Flurry is designed like a cock, with a twist. The head of the penis is designed realistically, with the head and glans prominently molded, and then below that, a second ridge, like the penis was doubled and stacked on top of itself. The rest of the shaft is smooth and untextured until it flares out into the base; it can be used quite successfully with most harnesses. The only caveat to this dildo is that it may not be appropriate for true beginners, measuring in at a respectable 7 1/2" long, it's got a respectable 4 3/4" circumference.

The Flurry itself is flexible, but not overly so. It's flexible enough to be bent in half, with the head touching the base, but it pops right back up and does not stay in that position.


This is a great dildo for people seeking a bit of pleasure, without having to actually commit to a textured dildo; the double head stimulates the vagina during penetration, and then provides bumps along the way when thrusting. However, for a dildo that's, "Made specifically to stimulate the g-spot," it fell a bit flat; this didn't even graze my g-spot during use, but if you don't need a curve to hit your g-spot, it'll work really well for you, since the double head will provide quite tasty movement along it.

However, contrary to most O2 users, I found that the soft outer layer didn't make penetration any easier, this is a bit outside my usual girth zone, and I expected the soft silicone would make it a breeze to insert but I found it almost more difficult. Because it was so forgiving, it almost molded around my vagina, whereas something slicker with less drag is easier to insert. If you're experiencing the same problem, try covering it with a condom, as that will provide less friction and more slide--and then once you're in the groove, you can take the condom off.

The firmness of the dildo meant it was easy to thrust, but the outer softness (especially at the tip) meant that even hard thrusting was pleasurable.

Flurry performed very well in a harness, as well, because the inner core gave it the firmness to stand up without drooping down, and the base is large enough to not pull your harness down with it. The base is also great as a hand-hold for either solo or partner thrusting, as it doesn't have sharp/pokey edges that hurt over time.

Although I've not given it a try anally, I think the super softness would make anal use quite pleasurable, since it's soft enough to be very comfortable, but rigid enough to actually hold its shape.

Care and Maintenance

Silicone: my lovely, tasty, favorite material ever. Silicone is sterilizable, sanitizable and shareable; to clean it, just stick it in your dishwasher, boil it on the stove, or wipe it down using a 10% bleach solution. You can switch it up and use the Flurry between orifices or partners, but if you aren't going to sterilize it between uses, please use a condom for safety.

This particular silicone is a very dirty girl--by which I mean it's a complete lint magnet--you must must must rinse this one off before each use, unless you're storing it in a completely dust-free environment. Luckily, a quick rinse under water, or a wipe with a toy cleanser gets all of the detritus off.

Silicone is a bit temperamental, though, as it cannot be used with silicone lubricant or be stored with other silicone toys. Beyond that, just stick it in a drawer (a really clean drawer, in a vacuum sealed room) and you're ready for your next use.


It comes in a plastic Tantus box with some details about the toy and its usage--but it sucks for storage, because I was completely unable to get the dildo back in the box after I'd taken it out. If you're giving this as a gift, perhaps a nice storage pouch would be a thoughtful touch to include.
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