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The Flurryyy Will be Ourssss!

If you're itching to try out dual-density without breaking the bank, Flurry isn't a bad choice! It's as safe as sex toys get, and it's a great mid-ground toy that doesn't look like, say, a massive chopped off cock, it's not absolutely huge, and it's not really weird. It falls right in the middle zone between no texture and too much texture. Flurry is a great dildo for anyone looking for a dildo that's just a step above the average disembodied cock.
Body safe, dual density, and an overall flexible toy that doesn't look too realistic!
Doesn't really serve as a g-spotter, mega lint-magnet.
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The O2 Flurry, henceforth to be referred to as Flurry, is one of Tantus' newer toys in their O2 line. The O2 line is what's known as 'dual density', which means that it has a hard core covered in a squishier and softer silicone. What can you use it for? Anything you want penetrated, I guess! It does not vibrate, and it does not have a hole for a bullet vibrator in the base (some of Tantus' line does, but not the O2 toys), so you're limited to whatever you feel like penetrating. Vaginal? Sure! Anal? Sure! Stimulating blowjobs? I guess! Probably can't use it as a packer because it's pretty firm with the hard inner core, but if you have something that needs a good fucking, the Flurry is your toy.

It's flared for the safety of your anus! Woohoo! Also, with the double-headed ridge at the top, depending on how prominent your g-spot is, you might get a bit of g-spot pleasure out of the deal.

Silicone holds temperature fairly well, though it's not going to replace glass as the temperature play queen you can certainly warm it to body temperature before starting.

With that out of the way, let's move on.
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    • Anal
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Material / Texture

Every time a toy fails the flame test, a Tantus angel gets its wings; Tantus' dildos are made out of 100% silicone, and as such they are as body safe as you're going to get. Boil'm, mash'm, stick'm in a st—wait, no, that's not it! Stick'm in your bodily cavity of choice! Right! That's the one, got a bit distracted there...

Anyway, pure silicone is 100% body safe and can be sterilized, sanitized, antisepticized, decontaminated, fumigated, autoclaved... let your infectious paranoia run free through a field of Tantus silicone dildos if you'd like! It's cool if you want to have your field of dildos orgy, because Flurry can be disinfected to hell and back again and come back no less amazing.

Flurry is a dual-density toy, and as such, it has a hard inner core (which will be either a nice bright pink, a medium rich blue, or a dark purple) coated with a softer, squishy silicone (which will be a frosty white).

Silicone has one big drawback, and that's how it acts like a lint magnet. Drop it on the floor? It will find every hair that has ever encountered your floor, and I suspect that Flurry might possibly be able to travel through time to grab hair that has yet to appear on your floor. Time paradoxes not withstanding, you're going to want to store it in something where it can't act like a black hole for lint.

I have asked people for their opinions in real life and they have all agreed that of the dildos they've encountered, Flurry is without a doubt the most realistic feeling (albeit not realistic looking) dildo they've ever touched. It's squishy in the right ways while still being just unusual enough to not look like a disembodied cock.
    • Flexible
    • Harness compatible
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

Flurry is the smallest out of the colorful Tantus O2 toys. It widens as it gets closer to the base, but the average diameter is 1.5 inches, with seven inches of insertable length. Because it's quite squishy, though, it should squish a bit to fit your own natural body shape, and doesn't feel huge and horribly invasive.

If you can use a hard toy (like glass or metal) at this size, you might consider looking at Flurry's bigger sibling, the Cush. Keep in mind that unlike a hard material, silicone is fairly flexible, and while the hard core doesn't squish like the outer coating, the entire toy can be bent almost double.

The interesting part about Flurry's design are the "double heads", similar to what you'd get if someone had a mutant Siamese twin penis head. With the colorful options, Flurry reminds me of an alien cock, and I will openly admit I got the blue one just so that I could pretend I had a Frostman cock or something like that. The ridges, or double heads, are made out of the softer outer silicone, making the tip of the head very squishy and the ribs wonderfully squishy as well. It's not a ton of texture, but it's enough to kind of notice. While I didn't get much g-spot stimulation (I think in part due to the way it widens towards the base, and also in part due to the squishy coating) it was enjoyable.

Since the head is very squishy, it's not going to cause cervix bumping pain, even if you've never dared to try something seven inches long before.

Flurry is not discreet! It looks like an alien penis. If you are confident enough that you'll chase your friends around with a blue ice cock yelling "LOOK WHAT I HAVE IT'S A FROST GIANT PENIS THIS IS AWESOME" while whopping them over the head and giggling until you realize that silicone catches in fucking hair and now you're going to have to try detangle it only you can't dissolve it like gum... well fuck that. Anyway, if you're that kind of person, by all means, chuck it onto your desk and wait for someone to see it and either run away screaming, or sigh in a sort of resigned manner because they know you. If not, well, keep it secret, keep it safe!
    • Futuristic
    • Whimsical / artistic


Without a doubt, what drew me to the Flurry was the material, and that's probably going to be what does it for you too. It looks cool, but the double headed design isn't all that amazing in a sea of ribbed and nubbed and textureification of toys. It's not the queen of texture bees, but the dual density is nice. It's really nice.

I made one note on my first attempt, which ended in failure. With the serious squish factor of the silicone head, I couldn't get it in until I found some lube. It's really grabby, and the head is very squishy. Unless you're extremely naturally juicy, you'll want some lubricant with this baby.

I don't happen to have a harness on hand but I have no doubt that it would hold up to extended use with the solid base. The base is quite thick and should fit a 1.5 inch O-ring nicely, maybe a 1 3/4 inch ring. I also did not try it anally out of a sense of abject terror, but if you find some way to lose it in your ass, you deserve to go to the ER and explain why they have to extract a very flared alien dildo from your gaping maw... I mean... anal cavity. And do it in my town. Seriously, I want to hear that story around the lunch table. Did I mention Flurry was anal-safe? It's anal-safe. Don't panic!

When it came down to performance 101, I was hoping to get more g-spot pleasure but mostly Flurry just turned out to be a nice dual density dildo, and it left my g-spot mostly alone. Still, I don't always want to have to work on my g-spot, and I have more than one toy intended just for "those moments where I want to fuck myself senseless", and Flurry fits tidily into that category.
    • Comfortable
    • Not very discreet

Care and Maintenance

Flurry is a lint-devouring alien from the planet of Hairballzorglintburg, and as such, any release from its packaging will trigger its hair-eating lust. If you drop it it will immediately begin to cannibalize your floor, and merely being in the open air will start the process of magnetically drawing in its prey. Only some of that might have been hyperbole. I highly, highly recommend giving it a wash before sticking it anywhere interesting. Once you get some lube on the silicone becomes a lot slicker and this debuffs the lint-sucking status effect; you will then be safe to sexually invade whatever cavity you desire.

You can use water, toy spray, toy wipes... whatever you'd like. Soap and water is perfectly fine, but for the paranoid, you may elect to boil your Flurry. Silicone is wonderful in that the only enemy it has is other silicone. While you can wash it with whatever you'd like, you cannot use whatever lube you'd like. Stick to water-based lubes, or patch test silicone lubes on the base if you'd really like to use them. Tantus' silicone is high quality and will likely be compatible with some silicone-based lubricants, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Leaving a dab of lube on the bottom overnight should do it, but any reactions should be immediate if the silicone in the lube starts to try bonding with the silicone in the toy (it'll become unusually stick).

I tested Sliquid's Silk (a hybrid lube) and it didn't damage Flurry at all.

Just be aware of what silicone lube can do to silicone toys (silicone bonds to silicone), and test before you accidentally ruin your nice expensive toy. This can also come into play when you store silicone toys with silicone toys; while Tantus' toys can be stored next to one another you could have negative reactions if you store them beside other silicone based toys. Since Flurry happens to attract lint like it's going out of style, I recommend a plastic bag for storage, but you could theoretically make cloth bags (but lint!), or just leave it in the packaging.
    • Easy to clean


Tantus does not have discreet packaging. It comes in a clear box that declares "THE WORLD'S BEST SOFT TOYS FOR ADULTS", and even if you couldn't see the alien cock, well, that just seals the deal. Great for retail, not so great for storage.

However, the box is decently informative, fairly classy (no half-naked ladies), and well designed. If you're a graphic designer you'll probably like it, but if you were hoping for a nice storage box or some porn, you might either find it too useless or too dull.

It has a spot in the clamshell for a bullet, which I found interesting, because no bullet came with the toy. Must be their standard packaging, I guess.
    • Not discreet
    • Very informative

Personal comments

I feel like Flurry is just that one step above the average dildo, the ones that turned me off of the concept of dildos for so very long. While I'm sure people will disagree, I loved the fact that it had an artistic shine to the design rather than looking like just another pornstar rubber cock. The material is safe, and pretty fun to play with. It's not just some vibrating piece of dubious jelly, I feel like I can confidently say that Flurry was designed, designed with intent! And that intent was very likely to please a woman. I love the fact that it looks like an alien cock. I love the way I can make Lord of the Rings jokes and it just lies there and is a dildo, but not one of the weird dildos that look like someone went really yandere on a guy.

This is a dildo I'm not ashamed to bring home to meet my parents.

Since I'd been interested in playing with a more realistic toy but turned off by the realistic models, Flurry was a good choice, and anyone trapped in that quandary would do well to consider it.
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  • eri86
    I agree, most realistic dildos are either to real looking and kinda creepy. This is a nice middle ground between realistic but cool whimsy.
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