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Rainbow mega nubby Rainbow mega nubby

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Rainbow mega nubby reviews

32 reviews
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32 reviews

A great glass toy for all you texture lovers, the Rainbow Mega Nubby wand is great for anyone who is gaga for texture or seeing how they feel about it. It also looks amazing with the rainbow colors running through it, so it makes it lovely to look at as well as use.

This toy didn't fail me on its expectations at all. It's a beautiful piece of art, the nubs make for wonderful texture, it can be used for temperature play, it's easy to clean, and can be used with any lube. What more could you ask for?

If you enjoy toys with lots of texture then this wand is for you. With little nubs located throughout the entire shaft the texture of the nubs will add lots of stimulation. The firmness of glass is fantastic and it is also very pretty, and easy for beginners to pick up as well as advanced users.

The Rainbow Mega Nubby provides a perfect amount of texture combined with an easy to use shape and design. Not too large, since the texture adds quite a bit to the toy, and excellent color choice!

Don Wands Rainbow Mega Nubby is a colorful, bumpy, rainbow ride! It's sleek, the glass is smooth and the raised nubs add for extra stimulation and texture. It's great for beginners interested in different textures as well as experienced users.

More for beginners but I am sure anyone would enjoy it, toy is very easy clean, it is definitely an enjoyable toy

If this toy had a flare base, then it should be an automatic buy for everyone. Additional girth would be a welcome addition, but is not enough of an issue to detract from this toy’s other advantages. The Pyrex material, length, nubs, coloring and competitive pricing all come together to make a delightful product. This would make a great entry purchase for those who have been on the fence about glass dildos and have not yet experienced the type of unique indulgence that only they can deliver.

This was my first glass toy purchase and I'm very glad I made it. It wasn't expensive like some glass toys can be. It was small enough to not be intimidating or hurt, but big enough to give a great orgasm.

I love this glass toy. It works so well for anal, and all the colors make it super pretty. This is a great toy for people who love texture.

This toy is the most exciting one I have (so far). It gives constant stimulation to the vaginal walls and G-spot. The nubs are also great for clitoral and nipple stimulation. This is in my top 3 of my collection. I would absolutely recommend this to someone who is really into texture.

Glass itself is a wonderful material for toys, it glides easily, can be used for temperature play, and is easy to clean and sanitize. If you already know you like glass and the hardness it offers, and you're ready to maybe try out some texture, give the Rainbow Mega Nubby Wand a chance.

This toy was totally worth it for me, in becoming a glass convert, because it's pretty, I enjoyed the rigidity, temperature play and the ability to clean it very easily. I also loved how I could use any lube I wanted with this. I will definitely check out more of what Don Wands has to offer!

This toy is as beautiful to use as it is to look at. The rainbow nubs sparkle in the light and this could be proudly displayed as a work of glass art. It is easy to clean, and not too big or too small to please just about every user.

The Rainbow Mega Nubby is a great toy if you like straight, hard dildos. The nubs provide some great-feeling texture, but there is no real g-spot stimulation and use can be awkward since it's rail-straight with no give.

This is an incredible dildo. The texture, the beautiful design, and the fact that it's made of non-porous glass combine to make a toy that really can send you over the rainbow.

Have you been looking for a well priced glass toy to add to your collection? Then look no further the Rainbow Mega Nubby is the toy for you. It is a great toy for those people curious about glass and those who already have many glass toys at their disposal. It will serve you well and for a long time to come.

The Rainbow Mega Nubby is a colorful, highly textured glass toy that is great for internal and external stimulation. It can be used by beginners as well as advanced users due to its reasonable size.

The Rainbow Mega Nubby is a great choice for texture-lovers looking for a wallet-friendly glass toy. However, if you are new to nubby toys, this might not be the best first choice for you.

Overall, the Rainbow Mega Nubby isn't a fancy toy with many functions, but it makes an excellent dildo for those who love glass or texture. Even at a low price it is appealing to the eye and performs well.

The Mega Nubby is probably more suited to more experienced users than I. Or maybe I just don't like nubs? In any case, I found this toy requires some warm up and lots of lube, or it may be uncomfortable for some.

Great toy. It's good for first timers and even those who have been using toys for a long time. It's got the right kind of girth and length, not to mention the nubs on it give you an amazing experience while its inside you!

Simple yet creative, Rainbow Mega Nubby is a attractive work of functional art. It's very affordable, a steal for the quality and enjoyment it can provide. If you've been considering glass at all, even if you aren't considering glass, this is a great place to start. The sensations are unique, and it is without a doubt the prettiest and most colorful toy I own!

The Rainbow Nubby is a great glass dildo. Works great as a clit stimulator & as a dildo. You really get ALOT for your money with this toy!

Definitely worth the money. This will last you for a lifetime and have you loving every inch. I would recommend it to anyone.

"How awesome is this toy?" you may be asking. Well, I think the fact that I wrote a poem to its glories is a pretty good testament to this dildo's awesomeness.

The Rainbow Mega Nubby is the perfect choice for those new to glass toys. After my wonderful experience with this toy, I will definitely be getting more glass toys for my collection!

Rainbow Mega Nubby can't be beat in terms of the price and the quality that you receive. It's a gorgeous toy with a multitude of colours and nubs that will please you.

This is a great first time glass toy. I highly recommend it to anyone who is considering trying glass. The textures and temperature sensations are awesome.

The Rainbow Mega Nubby is easily as attractive as the fabled glass dildos that run several times its price. It has a lovely nubbed texture, features the easy care of glass, and comes packaged in a well-padded drawstring pouch. What more could you want?

My little Rainbow Mega Nubby was my first glass to and it was the perfect idea for a first glass toy. I originally thought I am allergic to everything else, try glass! It was a one toe in the water at a time experience. I had no allergic reactions, it goes in smooth and you can heat or cool it. The ability to make it cold makes it like the never melting ice cube. When you warm it up it is la sensation almost impossible to explain, ecstasy is the only real reaction.

The Rainbow Mega Nubby is a wonderful toy, great for a beginner to glass toys. After using this toy, I will definitely be getting more glass toys in the future. Everything was perfect about it.

If you have never experienced what glass has to offer your sex life, I highly suggest this toy. I felt very pampered having a sex toy crafted out of glass with its own special case, and would suggest giving this dildo as a gift.

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