Rainbow mega nubby - double ended dildo by Don Wands - review by Backseat Boohoo

An Ode to Glass

"How awesome is this toy?" you may be asking. Well, I think the fact that I wrote a poem to its glories is a pretty good testament to this dildo's awesomeness.
Stunning; good girth and weight; nice pouch; raised nubs feel great; receptive to temperatures.
Drawstring on pouch is a bit flimsy.
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useful review
"Oh, glass, how I love you!
You are so beautiful,
so heavy,
so filling,
so receptive to temperatures,
so surprisingly sturdy!
I can boil you in a pot
and you shall be tastier than noodles.
I can share you with my friends
without sharing my cooties.
Oh, glass! My one true love!"

Yes, I love glass that much, and this toy is a prime example as to why! It arrives in a hard plastic case with a garishly-colored backsplash, which is forgivable when you think about how pretty the Rainbow Mega Nubby itself is: made out of beautiful clear glass and covered with translucent colored nubs, it's a wonder to behold. The red is a bit dull and opaque unless it has light shining through it, but nevertheless, it's a gorgeous toy. The dildo is an inch or so longer than my hand, and it's about as thick as a quarter (excluding the raised nubs). There are no seams. It's easy to fingerprint the toy up, but glass is easy to sterilize; a quick wash in the top rack of your dishwasher or a few minutes soaking in boiling water will make the Rainbow Mega Nubby look brand new again.

The toy also comes with a baby blue holding pouch. The pouch is extremely thick and plushy, with about an inch worth of padding surrounding it. The pouch is so protective that I actually put the glass dildo in to it, tightened the draw string, and threw it up against my cinderblock walls at full force, and nary a crack nor chip showed up on the toy. I have one qualm with the pouch, though: it has a plastic piece on the draw string with a little "push button" on it, which supposedly keeps the string from loosening up; however, you don't have to push that little button in to slide the plastic piece up and down the string. Be careful how you store this toy, because that draw string isn't 100% reliable!

In terms of actual play, the rainbow mega nubby is flawless. It won't impress a size queen, but the average girth is great for most users. The nubs are incredibly easy to feel during penetration, and they really stimulate the vaginal opening when you thrust with it. Rubbing them on your clit also feels really nice, especially if you've put the toy in the fridge beforehand.

That's another nice thing about this dildo: it is EXTREMELY receptive to temperatures. Stick it in the fridge for less than 5 minutes, and you've got a cool treat that'll really make you tingle! You can also stick it in a cup of hot water to make it warm, which really does it for some people. (I prefer the "unnatural" cool temperature, but that's just me.)

While the Rainbow Mega Nubby isn't as heavy as a steel dildo, it still has a good amount of weight to it. I loved the feeling of it inside me; it wasn't so heavy that I felt uncomfortable or beared-down, but it added a lovely amount of pressure. I did a few kegel exercises while using it, and the feeling of my muscles lifting and releasing this toy was INCREDIBILE!

Glass conducts vibrations decently, but please be careful! If you vibrate it too much against something hard, like a hard plastic toy or a wall, you may crack the toy.

The biggest bonus to the Rainbow Mega Nubby's score sheet is its price. It's only $30, but it's an incredibly well-made toy. The pouch alone is worth that price; many $100 toys don't come with as nice of a pouch! It may be cheap, but the Rainbow Mega Nubby is a first-class glass dildo that I will be writing worshipful odes to for years to come.
As is usual with my luck, I got my period the day before I received this toy in the mail. I couldn't stop staring at it, it was so damn pretty; I showed it off to all of my friends and rubbed it on my face, relishing the texture the raised nubs provided.

Finally, I decided I couldn't wait any longer. "This toy is completely sterilizable," I reasoned. "A little menstrual blood won't hurt it!"

Hopping with glee, I stuck the toy in my mini-fridge, made a quick trip to the bathroom, then stripped naked and practically flew on to my bed, dildo in hand. I stared at it for a few more seconds, then got down to business. Oh, those nubs! Those nubs are beautiful when they're cold. Adding the Turbo Glider for clit stimulation was heavenly; if it weren't for these cinderblock walls, the whole residence hall would've heard my orgasm.

Seriously, get this toy. If you want to try out glass, if you can't afford a more expensive toy, if you already know you love glass... whatever your stance on glass dildos is, the Rainbow Mega Nubby is a total winner.

I have a few pictures, including a super-scientific size photo, at my blog.
Follow-up commentary
A lot of recent quality concerns have come up with this particular manufacturer. It has recently been discovered that certain dildos from this company are hollow, and are filled with water. A few conversations with other sex toy reviewers have confirmed this manufacturing oversight. I have to honestly say that I am less eager to use this toy. After all, if a toy is a hollow, that means the glass is thinner and more prone to cracking. As always, check your glass toys over VERY carefully before using them; the tiniest chip or crack can cause major problems.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Victoria
    You are just the cutest reviewer! Thank you for making me smile all the way through your wonderful review!
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    Another wonderful review!!
  • LikeSunshineDust
    Awesome review. I agree with Victoria, your reviews always make me smile :)

    "The pouch is so protective that I actually put the glass dildo in to it, tightened the draw string, and threw it up against my cinderblock walls at full force, and nary a crack nor chip showed up on the toy." I can't say I'd ever trust a bag against cinderblocks tho....you're ballsy lol.
  • Backseat Boohoo
    ItP: Haha, thanks! Probably helps that I also LOOK like I'm 12 years old (but looks can be deceiving). ;P

    BD: Thanks, sweetheart!

    LSD: I justified it by saying that I could afford another $25 dildo if worse came to worse, and it would feel like a great purchase, since I worship the ground glass psuedo-walks on. And the pouch really is super-plushy!
  • Not Here Anymore f/k/a Happy Lady
    Thanks for the great review - and for testing the glass and pouch so
    thoroughly! I must say I've been looking at this one for a while, but wondering how tough it could really be with such a low price.
  • Miss KissThis
    This review is the reason I bought my first glass toy. So I just had to say THANK YOU! Smile
  • blah :)
    love it!
  • ksparkles16
    Thanks for your review! your poem is funny
  • jalolo
    Thanks for the review!
  • freda
  • Clubbinseals
    Thanks for the review!
  • SouthernBelle
    Thanks for the follow-up to your review! That's a great thing to keep in mind!
  • Sauceboss
    Thank you for the review!
  • AlianneCimorene
    Thanks for the great review! I am very amused and only slightly horrified by your method of testing the pouch, but it's good to know how plush those things are. I'm less amused by the knowledge that they could be hollow, but I greatly appreciate the warning.
  • Jenny Smith
    Thanks for the review
  • SassySam
    wait, filled with water? wtf? is there any way you can test for something like that?
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