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Real pleasure Real pleasure

Realistic vibrator by NMC Ltd

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Real pleasure reviews

29 reviews
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Average review rating
29 reviews

A good, cheap, powerful vibe; yet slightly ineffective due to lack of variation in the vibration and intense plastic smell. Would not recommend for beginners due to larger girth.

I really disliked this toy. I wished the vibes were stronger. The material was new to me, very sponge-like and somewhat porous. This toy had some design flaws. It has since been shelved as a back up unit, but it would literally have to be a "fingers were chopped off" last resort!

I would say that this toy would be an excellent buy for beginners, but advanced users may want to pass this one by. The vibrations aren't very powerful and, while there's nothing wrong with the texture itself, I didn't really like it very much. The design looks a bit funny to me and, while it feels realistic, it doesn't really look that way. Overall, it's a pass for me.

The affordability of the toy isn't worth the disappointing small orgasm it will induce IF an orgasm happens at all. The quiet vibrating hum is great but the lackluster vibrating power is not.

If you're looking to be blown away by internal vibrations, look somewhere else. If you want a soft and nicely textured dildo with buzzy and diffused vibration, you will love this!

If you really enjoy realistic toys, this might be worth it, but if you are looking for strong vibrations, I'd tell you to pass this one by. It is a good size and soft material, but it is a big hassle to maintain. Keeping this toy clean is the biggest problem as everything sticks to it. But it is inexpensive, so if you are really inclined to try it, you may get your money's worth from it.

For a realistic experiance, Real Pleasure is a winner. It is powerful, has a removable sleeve, and best of all it is quite. However, the biggest problem that turned me off from this toy was that colors bleed into the material. What sucks more then that!!

All and all this is a fairly well rounded toy. Although nothing about it goes above and beyond it really fits the bill nicely for what it is. An inexpensive waterproof multi-speed realistic vibrator not intended for anal or harness use.

The Real Pleasure is a lovely toy, besides the weak vibrations. It can be utilized by both beginners and advanced users alike! I found it was most useful as a realistic dildo, and I enjoyed the softness and realistic texture it had. Overall, this toy is OK. Definitely not a mind-blower, but wasn't a complete waste either.

Real Pleasure... so real you forget it's not the real thing. What this lacks in intensity, it makes up for in design. In fact, with this, you might never need a man ever again... except maybe for conversation. Unlike a human, this also does what you want, and it never complains.

It was a very good incentive for signing up for a newsletter and great for beginners who are looking to test out internal vibes.

He is what he is and what you see is what you get! There are no surprises and not much excitement. However, the Real Pleasure has great-feeling texture, is easy to clean, and might be a good place to start for beginners.

Though I'm not much for larger toys, the size of the Real Pleasure was a very nice in between. The vibrations just aren't enough to travel through the toy though. Plus, the hot pink on the "head" of the toy came right off with a little bit of water, which worried me quite a bit. It was definitely a disappointment. So if you're looking for a bit more power in your toys, I'd skip on this one.

It is a quiet, easy to clean, realistic toy. I would recommend this toy to every one I know. I think you will love this, and it is worth every penny.

This one just does not stand up to its name. It is just not that exciting. Might be good for a beginner, but if you are like myself and want stronger vibes, it will disappoint.

I would recommend this toy to anyone looking for a good, realistic styled waterproof vibrator. It has a nice soft texture with strong core vibrations. For the price, this toy is an excellent choice.

I do believe that they toy is worth the money. Just keep it clean and you won't have a problem with it.

The Real Pleasure vibrator is a very good, basic addition to anyone's toy chest. It's a simple toy with nothing too complicated, yet it's got a decent kick in the right areas.

The Real Pleasure realistic toy really lives up to its name. It is very lifelike. If you warm it a bit with your body before really playing with it, it feels even more like a real penis. It's affordable and well worth the money.

The real pleasure is definitely a worth it toy. With its nice big size, lifelike qualities and strong vibrations you can't go wrong. The positive features get me past the plastic smell and allow me to fully enjoy myself with this toy. I was very satisfied with the real pleasure and use it whenever I get the chance to have a moment alone.

I can't recommend this unless you want to use it only for clitoral use with a condom and lubricant. This may have been my worst experience with a sex toy. I tried super hard to achieve orgasm with it. Not only was I unable to but it ruined the possibility of an orgasm from my other toys. I would give this a rating of 1 if the design weren't so cute.

It would be worth buying because it is a great price. It is a great size and very pleasurable. It is quiet so you do not wake anyone up. It looks and feels kinda like the real thing, minus the head which kind of looks like Barbie's crotch.

I think it is worth the price because it is waterproof and only requires two batteries. It also has more than one function.

This toy is worth the price and purchase since it is the basic style vibrator with dildo features that make a novice in the world of sex toys excited to try more styles and options.

It's worth it, if only because it's set a new bar for internal vibrators and kept me from just writing them all off as not good enough. It's not for power kings and queens, but it's a nice baby for your collection. I have to give it five stars, because it's the best I have found for internal vibes, cons aside.

This is a very girly average toy. It has a great realistic texture, but overall isn't fantastic in any way. It's just average. Average size, girth, and vibrations make this toy meh.

If you are looking for a realistic vibrating penis that will pleasure you when the real deal is not available, keep on looking. Call me if you find it because I want one, too.

The Real Pleasure toy is an attractive, realistic looking vibrator for an affordable price. It's waterproof, has multiple vibration speeds, and is extremely quiet. Real Pleasure is sure to please most toy users, though power-queens may want to consider alternative options.

It's perfect if you are wanting something that not only looks like the real thing, but feels like it too. You cannot use a toy wipe to clean it because it gets sticky. You have to use soap and water.

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