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Red cyclone wand Red cyclone wand

Glass double ended wand by

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Red cyclone wand reviews

24 reviews
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24 reviews

Not only is this dildo stunning to look at, it's also double-ended! A wonderful addition to all toy collections beginner to advanced.

A perfect glass toy to introduce you to glass, temperature play, and light textures. Beautiful, functional, and oh so easy to use in several different ways.

Gorgeous and effective—what's not to love? Two distinct sensations in one beautiful package equals my very favorite toy. Highly recommended!

I think the the Cyclone wand was worth it and it has given me the confidence to buy another glass toy.

This gorgeous glass wand is high-quality and PERFECT for a beginner or anyone looking to add glass to their collection.

This Red Cyclone Wand is a highly functional dildo. It could also be used as an art display since it has a very pretty design and a not-so-phallic look. Every toy lover should at least have one glass dildo in their toy chest.

I love the little nubbins and temperature options...I would definitely buy this toy again, and have recommended it to a friend.

The Red Cyclone is designed to provide multiple styles of stimulation sexually. If you prefer to collect and display the glass pieces, there are many other means of having this glass wand beautifully displayed and functional as well!

The Red Cyclone by SSA glass is a super unique piece, for any glass collector. Because the toy is so different from its brethren it may not be the best piece for a newbie to glass. The textures and feeling of this toy will stimulate your cervix, more than your g-spot.

I like this wand for its pretty color and use in temperature play. The best part of this toy is that it is easy to clean.

This is a great dildo for temperature play. It is easy to use and has just a bit of texture for those that like it.

The Red Cyclone Wand by SSA Glass is my latest go-to glass piece. I like to change it up every once in awhile and I'm very happy that I did. Cyclone is double ended so you can use either end for insertion. One of the heads is heavier than the other. The uneven weight may sound like a con but I actually really enjoy it (which I discuss in the review). One of the heads has no texture while the other end has pronounced nubs. I'd definitely recommend it!

For a smoother piece of glass with only a small amount of texture, you cant go wrong with this artful, beautiful piece. It is simply intriguing to sit and look at the swirls of red through the clear glass. I would love to be able to display some of my glass dildos especially this one. The Red cyclone is great for a beginner to textures and glass. It isn't too overwhelming and you should be able to judge if you like the textures.

For users who are new to glass toys or to textured glass the Red Cyclone is a great beginning toy. For older more jaded users this is still a great toy! Far from being just a sex toy this is a tool that can be used for massage and displayed with pride. While mine wasn't red like advertised it is still exquisite and I am proud to own it.

My first experience was great I love the feeling of the Red Cyclone Wand! I can't wait to try another glass toy. This was a great intro to glass play.

This is a great piece to add to your toy collection, whether you're brand new to glass or an aficionado. I can't see anyone NOT liking this toy, unless they need a LOT of size and/or texture. Solid 5 stars.

The Red Cyclone Wand is nothing that will really stand out from a crowd (of toys). The beautiful design, many benefits of the material, and the thin size make this one to keep for me, but the fact that it offers nothing special (aside from the nubs, which hurt) definitely hurt this ones score. Too bad it didn't feel better.

Toys today have more and more flare to them, but less is more with the Red Cyclone wand. It is a simple, high quality double ended dildo, that is great for beginners and even the more advanced. A great addition to any collection, especially if you don't have any dildos or glass toys.

If you're looking for a toy that's easy to use, easy to clean, and is attractive to the eye, than look no further! This piece is great for temperature play and is great with or without a partner. You won't be disappointed!

The red cyclone glass dildo is a very pretty and unique shaped dildo. It's perfect for beginner or the more advanced. It can be used with any lube and comes with its own storage pouch. The length of the red cyclone gives you enough room for shared partner play. The Red cyclone does have texture but the texture is really lite, if your more into extreme texture then this may not be the best glass dildo for you.

If it's your first glass toy, then this one would be a great one to start out with. It’s simple, but effective and doesn’t go crazy with textures that might be off-putting for some. The swell effect is basic, but should be enough to keep most people interested when using it. It's also a great addition to an already existing glass collection.

Keep it Simple Stupid. With all the bells and whistles available it is easy to over look the simpler things. Basic and effective is a good niche to fill. So if you don't already have a straight wand in your kit than fill your niche with this.

This visually beautiful toy lets you rule your orgasms by being versatile and interesting. I'd own it for looks alone, but the sensations it provides are wonderful.

Overall this is a great introductory toy for people wanting to try glass for the first time. While it may lack texture, there is enough variety in the way that it can be used to make it a fun toy in anyone's repertoire.

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