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Silk large reviews

22 reviews
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22 reviews

This dildo and its counterparts, the silk small and medium, should be in every strap-on player's bag. I consider it an essential toy in any collection.

I ordered a basic dildo and that's what I got! It's nothing fancy but it gets the job done and it does it well. If you're looking for a simple and functional dildo in a larger size, the Silk Large is a good choice to start with.

Overall this toy is definitely worth the money. It is made of quality materials and so far it is in great condition after 2 years of use. It is smooth and it is comfortable to take in.

The Tantus Silk toys are very nice. There is a nice increase in size between the Silk Small, Medium, and Large. I have to say, the Medium has become a toy I use more often than I had expected, and I'm sure the Large will soon be as well. They come in three different colors, and are great for solo, couples, anal, vaginal, strap-on, etc. etc. And they're made out of quality silicone!

This dildo is so awesome that you will always remember the first time you feel it. If you like the super smooth dildos, you are only hurting yourself by not trying this out. It will blow you away. It is my favorite toy at the moment, and I'd recommend it to anyone!

You cant really go wrong with a Tantus sex toy. They make high quality toys. This one did not fall too far off the tree. It is a high quality toy that should last a life time with very minimal care. The problem is the lack of excitement when using this dildo. It did not do enough for the wife, and was too big for me. So I don't see it getting a lot of use in the old bedroom.

This is a simple dildo that can be used for anal and vaginal play. I would recommend this toy to others. It is on the the larger size so perhaps not for beginners.

Once I work my way up to the girth, this is my very favorite anal toy. It's smooth enough you can thrust it a fair amount without discomfort, and the bulge at the top stimulates my G-spot really well through the anal wall. I think 9 out of my top 10 orgasms have been from me or a partner using the Silk Large on my ass. I've never gotten much pleasure from it vaginally due to the size and lack of texture, but it's still my favorite.

Overall, this toy is definitely worth it. It may not have the bells and whistles of fancier toys, but it certainly does what it is meant to. It's not too big or too small, so it's multipurpose sex wise which is nice. If you are just starting down the path of strap-on sex or even new to the world of dildos, this is a good choice when starting a collection (although it may be a bit much for people who have never used one anally).

She will rock your world and make a size queen out of you. Don't be afraid by the fact that she is "large", give her a chance.

In conclusion: the Silk is about as average a dildo as you'll find, and it does the basics perfectly. Pretty much anyone can use it anywhere with little preparation or upkeep. If that's what you're after, then this is the dildo for you.

The Silk Large shines both in and out of a harness. The sturdy, wide flaring base makes it perfect for anal play as does the lovely give of the shaft. The toy is rigid enough for easy penetration but the soft and rounded head means that even vigorous thrusting won't cause bruising. This toy truly is good for a guy or a gal!

This is a wonderful dildo that is perfect for regular or strap-on use; it's comfortable, pleasurable, and versatile. Overall a wonderful product that makes a nice addition to any collection.

This is a great toy for anyone who prefers smooth or toys with little to no texture. I find that the length is a bit long, but the toy is built to last, and works wonderfully. The Silk Large is harness compatible, and works well in both of our harnesses.

The Silk is a really reliable dildo that's easy to use and care for. Its size, shape, and material make it suitable for a huge number of people and uses (first-timers to seasoned pros; butt-fucking to blow-jobs), it's good quality and not insanely expensive.

If I could only have one toy this would be it. It is a great all-around dildo and bargain for the amount of pleasure you will get out of it.

This is the perfect dildo if you're looking for something that works great for more experienced anal play. It works great with a harness. It would also be great for those that like smaller, smoother dildos for vaginal use.

What the Silk Large lacks in drama, it makes up for in lovely pearlescent colors, a silky smooth texture, and an extremely functional and versatile design.

The Large Silk Dildo from Tantus is a great and versatile product. This silicone dildo can be used either vaginally or anally, and provides a good filling feeling, particularly anally, and can help open you up for other activities. A good investment!

A great dildo for those who prefer a smooth, non-realistic toy. The size is great for a vaginal toy to create a feeling of fullness without being too overwhelming, and the base means it could also be used anally if desired.

There really were not any negatives at all in my experience of the Tantus Silk Large. I highly recommend it for everyone’s general toy collection as it is a durable, aesthetically pleasing, versatile and high quality toy that is sure to bring lots and lots of pleasure.

I have grown to love my Large Silk. "Comfortable" is the best one-word description of the Large Silk experience, and the fact that it's non-realistic means that it might be easier to introduce into a relationship as a first dildo. It works well for both experienced anal and vaginal use, and is 100% silicone so it can be cleaned and sterilized. On top of that, it's affordable.

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