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Large Silk - a smooth ride

I have grown to love my Large Silk. "Comfortable" is the best one-word description of the Large Silk experience, and the fact that it's non-realistic means that it might be easier to introduce into a relationship as a first dildo. It works well for both experienced anal and vaginal use, and is 100% silicone so it can be cleaned and sterilized. On top of that, it's affordable.
Comfortable, smooth, easy insertion.
The base is a bit too small, so it works OK in a harness but feels a bit loose and floppy.
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The Tantus Small Silk dildo is often promoted as the ideal dildo for introducing someone to the pleasures of anal stimulation. For those who desire something bigger, Tantus produces two siblings with similar designs, but in larger sizes. I had the pleasure of testing the largest of the family, the Large Silk.

The Large Silk has an abstract, perfectly smooth design with a very comfortable, well-rounded head. Unlike the Small Silk, the Large Silk has a bit of a bulge at the head (~1/4" greater diameter), tapering down over the first couple inches to a cylindrical shaft. The shaft has a pleasant curve to it, enough to enable the Large Silk to hit interior pleasure points (either anal or vaginal) and makes initial penetration very easy and comfortable.

Insertion was true to the dildo's name--silky smooth. After I lubed up both the Silk and my anus I put the rounded tip of the large silk at my backdoor. After wiggling it around a bit to massage and relax the sphincter, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it had already penetrated me a bit. While the size of the Large Silk likely puts it above anal beginner fare, it was the easiest and smoothest to insert of any of the dildos I have used.

A common complaint about the Small Silk when used vaginally is that it just isn't big enough for good stimulation. The Large Silk will quell any doubts size-wise–it is a full-sized dildo by any standard, and the gradual bulge at the head gives a bit more stimulation then the cylindrical Small Silk would.

I noticed one thing with lubrication to keep in mind: when used anally the smooth, shiny surface of the Silk sometimes seems to shun the slick stuff, and subsequent sphincter squeegeeing strips the lubricant off. I had to stop several times and "re-pack" to keep things from getting uncomfortable, something that I don't notice as much with dildos that have texture, as the nooks and crannies seem to grab the lube and sweep it inside. If you're looking to use the Large Silk for a long anal ride (very pleasurable and highly recommended), I'd recommend also looking for a "lube shooter" to make sure you are greased up both inside and outside.

The Large Silk has a minor downside. As other reviewers, such as Jimbo Jones, have noted, Tantus products tend to have small bases. In the case of the Large Silk, the base seems not only a bit too small for harness use, but a bit flimsy as well for the size of the toy. The large Silk can stand upright unaided, but when I slipped it into my test/fun harness (an Aslan Wonder Woman) for a test (sadly this time it was a “lab test”, rather than a practical), it seemed a bit loose and uncontrolled. It never came unhitched from the harness during my tests, but it never had that secure feeling, either.
The first time I used the Large Silk I was a bit disappointed by the lack of a head. I like a head for two reasons: firstly as an indicator that the dildo is about to pop out, but I never had a problem with the Large Silk coming out unexpectedly even without a head. The other reason is for the increased sensation--the bump raking across my prostate as the dildo thrusts both in and out, increasing the fun. After testing the Large Silk several times, I grew to like the simpler, more meditative, almost Zen-like (if those descriptors can be applied to a dildo of this magnitude) approach of the Large Silk as well, with the major stimulation coming with the thrust in, with the sensations during withdrawal left to other pleasure points that are too quiet to register above the roar of pleasure coming from the “usual suspects”. I feel that using a wide variety of sex toys has given me a greater appreciation of the range of pleasure and sensations that my (and my wife's) body is able to experience, and I am very glad that I have a wide selection of toys available to use in the pursuit of pleasure.
Follow-up commentary
The Silk still shined as an anal dildo with it's smooth surface and nicely rounded head. I did find myself wishing that it had a bit more of a curve for more G or P-spot stimulation, but even without a curve it was not too bad. Since this was the large size, a bit of warm-up was necessary, but the Silk never caused irritation as long as it was lubricated - and the smooth surface never needed much lube. Sure, stimulation wise it wasn't the top - the lack of a curve, bumps, or a head meant that the Silk wasn't the most orgasmic, breath-catching dildo out there, but it was always reliable.

You may have noted that this is all in the past tense and are wondering why I got rid of a dildo that was pretty good. The answer is that the reputation of the Silk Large has gotten out and mine was stolen. I'm not sure how much the presence of the Silk in the bag boosted its attractiveness, but it's gone. Whether or not it's being enjoyed right now is unknown.
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  • That was some fantastic alliteration in the discussion of lube.
    The base is tiny, even smaller than the medium Silk base (weird!). I'd recommend using a smaller O-ring, and perhaps trying to pop the base in rather than insert head-first through the back, so that the ring size can be as close to the circumference of the bottom of the dildo as possible.
  • ScottA
    Yeah, I'm going to need to get a couple of different O-ring sizes for my harness to keep things more secure, but those with harnesses that have a fixed O-ring might want to pay close attention to how well the base fits (the Wonder Woman has a 1-3/4" ring). I hadn't realized that the Medium Silk had a bigger base - I wonder if Tantus is slowly redesigning their older toys to put sturdier bases on them. . I've noticed that the newer toys have sturdier bases and the "fancy" Tantus logo on them, whereas other toys, such as my several-year-old Luxury and Large Silk (older molds?) have the less-sturdy bases and what looks like handwritten Tantus marks on them (it looks like the Small Silk has the newer-style base, too).

    Regarding the alliteration - gotta have some fun sometimes :) .
  • Cock Wrangler
    I think that they are redesigning bases. I've sure been complaining about their diminutive bases for long enough, and I know I'm not the only one.
  • Airlia
    Love the idea of the lube shooter - that solves a lot of problems with my smooth toys. Plus it's hot to do! Do you have any favourites?
  • Jimbo Jones
    I'm honored to have my name referenced in your review, but I think I only picked up on it from Cock Wrangler because he mentioned it as a problem. If enough of us complain about it though, maybe we'll be able to influence change. Great review!
  • ScottA
    Sienna - I must confess to currently using a homemade device (my dad's in a medical field, so I was able to get some syringes that I modified). It's a bit of work, though, and if not done right it can
    get ... uncomfortable.

    Browsing around online I noticed a product sold under the name "Lube Shooter". Eden doesn't carry it yet, but it looks like it would be comfortable and can be used with any lubricant. Eden does sell the Astroglide Shooters, although I haven't tried them out (I like thick lube, and regular Astroglide is a bit thin. The Shooters might use a thicker formula, though).
  • Septimus
    Wonderful review!
  • joja
    Great review. When will Tantus figure out how to make sturdier bases?
  • darkkitty
    Great review!
  • Entropy
    Thanks for the info on the base and for the solid review.
  • LavenderSkies
  • BlooJay
    Very good info! Thx!
  • MissCandyland
    Great review! Thank you!
  • Aishiteru
    Someone stole your toy? That's crazy. Thanks for the review.
  • Rod Ronald
    Thanks for the review
  • ashboo32
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