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Sugar drop Sugar drop

Dildo by Soju

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Sugar drop reviews

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12 reviews

The Sugar Drop is a beautiful silicone toy that looks like a space age gun, and may have inspired me to point it at a friend or two while making ray gun noises. Hey, any toy that makes a conversation start off with "Wait. Did you just point a dildo at me in a threatening manner?" has to be good, right? Well, not quite.

The Sugar Drop is a dildo not really intended to be compared to the Ella. It's similar in design, but not so similar in the intent. It works just as well as your average dildo and has a size that most users would be comfortable with - it just doesn't have anything special.

The Sugar Drop is a beautifully designed g-spot dildo. It has a bit more girth to it than other g-spot toys, but for me that is a great thing. A Silicone g-spot toy and comes in fun color and has its very own display stand. What more can you ask for in a toy?

The Sugar is definitely a well-designed toy, but you'll have to decide if the stiff, slick, strange shape was designed for 'you'.

If you have been engaged in the search for your G-spot and haven't had luck, the large flared end of the Sugar Drop is the dildo for you. This dildo is made of safe materials and has enough length to allow for thrusting and movement of any kind.

The Sugar Drop has confirmed my lack of love for this particular toy shape, but if you're one of those out there who lust over Ella and other similar toys you'll go nuts for this one. The colors are amazing and it's just plain cute!

The Sugar Drop may not be the perfect fit for all as a double ended dildo. Those who can accommodate her G-spot girth are in for one hell of a satisfying ride! Silicone, non-porous, phthalates free, hypo-allergenic, and latex free, the Sugar Drop is a wonderfully designed dildo that with proper care will satisfy your desires for a life time. Both ends of the Sugar Drop are pure decadence!

The Sugar Drop looks like an ideal g-spot toy. Made of silicone with what appears to be a perfect head and coming with a cute stand- how can you go wrong? The Sugar Drop's undoing comes with the huge size of the head and the fact most will have discomfort inserting this, let alone using it for g-spot thrusting. The only saving grace is that the handle makes a nice dildo.

The Sugar Drop has quickly become the dildo I grab for first when I want g-spot stimulation. It's girthy yet not too large, perfectly shaped, not too long and has a handle that makes thrusting almost effortless. Firm yet soft, flexible yet rigid enough for vigorous thrusting, the Sugar Drop is one very sweet toy.

The firmness and broadness do a lot to stimulate my G-spot, while avoiding the spinning problems that hooked G-spot stimulators have. If you like highly textured/nubby toys, you'll probably quite like her. If not, slathering on the lube like there's no tomorrow really helps. The Sugar Drop gives me a good, hard orgasm -- generally with far more effort than I really want to put into it. Half the time I hate her, half the time I love her, she's my "pink bitch".

Wow. Where do I begin? Soju's Sugar Drop silicone dildo is as addictive as its Korean liquor counterpart with the same name. But even if you're not an alcohol aficionado, you'll find something to love about this sophisticated, cleverly designed sex toy.

I loved the Sugar Drop's great colors, contoured shape, and ultra modern stand. It makes a unique addition to any toy box and can be used in a variety of delightful ways.

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