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Ah, so close! Still worth it, just takes work...

The firmness and broadness do a lot to stimulate my G-spot, while avoiding the spinning problems that hooked G-spot stimulators have. If you like highly textured/nubby toys, you'll probably quite like her. If not, slathering on the lube like there's no tomorrow really helps. The Sugar Drop gives me a good, hard orgasm -- generally with far more effort than I really want to put into it. Half the time I hate her, half the time I love her, she's my "pink bitch".
Rounded tip doesn't jab my insides; Firm, dense silicone has pleasing heft; The handle rocks!
Bubble textured shaft may be unpleasant for those of us sensitive to nubby, unyielding, texture.
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So much seemed right, when I first laid eyes on the Sugar Drop. I had read the stats, admired the colors, and thought about what it took to dial me home… but, alas, this dildo has become a ‘mood dildo’, something I can only use when the mood strikes me.

The Sugar Drop|Sugar drop dildo is made of silicone, which is of course a wise and popular choice of material due to its easily cleaned, hygienic nature. Boil it! Presto Changeo, it’s hygienic. Clean it with soap, clean it with toy cleaner, it’s gold. There are many grades of silicone, and many densities that alter the base feel if a dildo. The Sugar Drop is made of silicone that is rather dense, resulting in a dildo of moderate heft (it weighs a little more than it looks it should), and great firmness. This dildo, she does not flop.

I love the handle she sports, it’s wide and easily gripped during use, it doesn’t generally slip when held with a lubed up hand. The neck between the ‘handle’ and the insertable part of the dildo does have flex, but it’s not enough to compromise control. My wrists never ache when I’m brave enough to thrust with this dildo, the hooked handle adds a lot to the ergonomics of solo play. I really wish more dildos had this feature.

The gentle taper at the head, the wider barrel of the shaft, her delicate neck and flared handle, the firmness of her, the ever so velvety/smooth overall texture she has…. Mmmm! So close!

At last, we have her fatal flaw: bubbles. The Sugar Drop suffers from vanity, a little flit of bubbley decorations right at the head and partways down the shaft, barely raised and barely seen in the promo shots… ruins the whole effect, for me. And they looked SO innocent…

I hadn’t thought anything of them, when I saw them, the descriptions even said they were stimulating (which I doubted, they were so tiny when I saw them), but due to the Sugar Drop’s very firm, dense nature, the bubbles have no give, and therefore, they rub a bit mercilessly against your tender bits. It’s easy to imagine them feeling great, it’s easy to imagine them being a selling point… but instead, I found they irritated me, rather than excited me. The bubbles actually began to feel a little burn-y after a while, a little like I was being scrubbed. It became so uncomfortable, I gave up thrusting her for several turns before coming back to it.

Instead, I opted to use her more as a ‘plug’, and strum away at my clit while holding her in. The orgasm that gave me was intense, the Sugar Drop’s shaft was wide enough to fully engage my vaginal walls, giving me a very satisfied end.

But I Wasn’t satisfied. She looked so perfect! I just… I wanted to fuck her like a dirty monkey, and damn if those bubbles didn’t make that a totally displeasing prospect. Eventually, I wanted it badly enough to give it a try. I slathered her from top to bottom with lubricant, more lube than I use with any of my other toys, and rode her home. While the lube was ‘new’, it was great. The bubbles did feel a bit nice, it didn’t burn or feel weird at all. The handle allowed me to push the tapered head upwards, to drag along the general area of my G-spot (which I haven’t found yet!). I pushed the handle down, the head tipped up and dragged along that special area, I squeezed and I lifted the handle up, and drew out, and yes, I was at last able to get that one grand fuck out of her! Hell yes!

But damn, she’s work. I’ve taken to calling her my Pink Bitch, because I really can’t tolerate her type of stimulation often. The bubbles never stop feeling… well, uncomfortable, and I rarely feel like globbing lube all over myself and my bed. The Sugar Drop is, in the end, worth the price for me, because I do on occasion feel like having the orgasm she presents…just… not always.
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  • Dame Demi're right, the bubbles look quite negligible in the picture, more like a design than a stimulator.  Glad to have a head's up on this one, though.  The way you're describing it sounds akin to being fucked with sandpaper! 
  • Nice first review! They do look innocent, too bad they had to go and ruin this nice looking dildo with decorations.
  • Thank you for the compliment, Cock Wrangler. I tried to convey everything I felt was good and bad about the thing, and I think I may have pulled it off.

    The bubbles are definitely an acquired taste. One trick I forgot to mention (I may mention it later, when I'm NOT on my lunch break), is that while I used it as a plug, I grabbed the hilt of the dildo and gave it a few quick rotations, which caused the bubbles to actually *gasp* give me an enjoyable sensation.

    I hate her, I love her, I hate her, I love her...hah. XD 
  • Oggins
    Ugh!  No sandpaper for me thanks!  I like my g-spot the way it is!  Thanks for the review!
  • Essin' Em
    I kind of have wanted this for a long time...and I can't decide if this has made me want it more or less.

    Compared to a Hitachi, how strong would you say the vibes are?
  • Spiking Glue
    Essin' Em -- compared to any vibrator, this dildo has nothing at all! *laugh* Unless she's been holding out on me...
  • Jimbo Jones
    The Sugar Drops definitely have a distinctive look about them. Good to know that the feel is distinctive as well. You didn't need to supplement with any vibrating toys to orgasm? Is that pretty normal for you and non-vibrating dildos or is this one unique in that regard? Thanks for the review.
  • Spiking Glue
    Jimbo Jones -  sorry about the wait in reply, but you know life, never lets you just sit down and talk about sex toys. Figures!

    I don't need vibrations to climax hard, or at all. In fact, I have slightly atypical needs when it comes to maturbation. I do not like high vibes, like Hitachi. I'm not sensitive, it's just that the incredible VROOM doesn't actually feel... distinguishable, to me. A hard, high vibe kind of gets lost and muddled, when I attempt to use it, so a lower, deeper, thuddier vibe generally works with better results.

    But, my best orgasms almost always come from my fingers. I guess I'm lucky? It makes buying toys difficult, though, since the most popular toys tend to bore me. 
  • Essin- this isn't a vibrating toy, though it does look like Gigi... 
  • I think ur one of the most talented writers here !!!!!! Please dont stop!
  • Hannah Savage
    Ohh but the bubbles are so cute, and I love the design! Thanks for noting that you did feel stimulation from them, as they do look quite innocent.
  • Rayne11
    Great review, thanks!
  • titi
    Thanks for the review!
  • Ladygaga
    Thank you.
  • Ghost
    This one looks so cool. Thanks for the review!
  • deltalima
    Thanks for sharing
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