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Sugar drop - dildo by Soju - review by Kayla

My Lips Like Sugar

The Sugar Drop is a dildo not really intended to be compared to the Ella. It's similar in design, but not so similar in the intent. It works just as well as your average dildo and has a size that most users would be comfortable with - it just doesn't have anything special.
Gorgeous colors, high-quality, comes with a stand, gradual insertion
Just an average dildo, not for g-spot stimulation, bit girthy
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The Sugar Drop is made with nice, body-safe silicone and is over eight inches long. It's over an inch and a half in diameter as well at the widest point. The set comes with the dildo and the stand. The Sugar Drop is basically a larger carbon copy of the LELO Ella dildo.

The packaging is really nice and classy. It comes in a see-through plastic box that lets you see the dildo itself on the stand. The packaging also gives you information about the product. No naked women or anything - just minimalist packaging that makes the dildo look clean, friendly, and classy. This also comes with a small stand that the dildo rests on for storage as well as showing it off.

So, I horribly purchase toys for the wrong reason. Really. I purchase this one because it came in lime green (which is the boyfriend's "color") and because it came with the neat little stand which would make it cool for keeping out. In my mind, I was just imagining it would be the size of the Ella, and I could just use it on the boyfriend as an anal toy. (With me holding it. Not for use alone because it doesn't have a flared base. But honestly, that giant handle will most likely keep it from going anywhere.) However, what I didn't realize is that this freakin' toy is a monster. Like seriously. Compared to Ella, the Sugar Drop looks like Ella is it's lunch. It's definitely a large toy. You can check out the video reviews, but I guarantee you, you will still be surprised when it lands at your house.

The silicone for the Sugar Drop is nice and flexible. It's not as soft and silky smooth as LELO silicone or anything, but it is soft. It does have quite a bit of drag on it, and you will need to use more lubricant than you usually do to make up for that. There is one little impurity on the very tip of the head of my Sugar Drop that annoyed me when I saw it - it's a bit of the seam that didn't get filed off. I couldn't feel it during use, but it still was there, so I ended up using a nail clip and clipping it. (HAH! Take that, no-sharp-objects recommendation!) As you could probably tell, we didn't use this anally on the boyfriend - the size scared him a bit too much for that at this point. However, because the Sugar Drop does go from a small insertion to a bit wider as you go, this is probably one of the better anal dildos I've seen.

The Soju Sugar Drop is basically just a regular dildo with a handle on the end. The Ella's flat surface was intended for g-spot stimulation while the flat-surface on this one was actually intended as a handle. I didn't really find the handle as good g-spot stimulation for me, but honestly, the Ella doesn't do too much for me anymore - not now that I've really experienced good g-spot stimulation with my Bent Graduate. So I know other people have had success using it as a g-spot toy, but I didn't. Just something to look into if you're curious.

The other side of the dildo is the "real" use of the dildo. It's meant to be used as a shaft for insertion. On both sides of the shaft, there has been little textured "bubbles" imprinted on the shaft. I can feel them with my fingers, but I honestly can't say I feel them during use at all - not unless I didn't use enough lubricant. Otherwise, I don't feel them. The shaft is a bit large for my purposes - especially since I dislike penetration, but with lubrication, it does go in okay. For those that enjoy penetration, this is a good choice. However, if you enjoy some sort of "surprise" type of penetration, this one isn't it because it does have a small edge than slowly gains in width.

The instructions for the Sugar Drop say to only use water-based lubricants with this giant whale of a dildo. You're supposed to keep it away from sharp edges (No knife play with your dildo. I'm sorry.) as well as drown it in water and antibacterial soap for cleaning. If you're really a sadist, it says you can boil it too - it likes that. For storage, it's a bit of an attention-whore, so it happily will sit on the stand without any problem, or if you choose, it goes back in the original packaging pretty easily.
I like our Sugar Drop. It's pretty, comes in gorgeous colors, and works as well as your average dildo. It wasn't such a success on g-spot stimulation, but it wasn't intended for that - it's not even listed in that category. The neat little flat surface works well as a handle if your hands are lubricated, and we can only hope that I can get the boyfriend to try this anally sometime. It basically is just your average dildo without much texture to it, but if that's what you like (and want it in pretty colors with a stand), this fits the bill.
Follow-up commentary
It's an okay dildo, but we don't use as much as I'd like. It's much larger than the Ella, and I was expecting it to be about the same size. However, with the display stand, we have it displayed and looking nice on a toy shelf. The toy has lasted perfectly fine, but it doesn't get the same amount of play that I'd like it to.
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  • v23
    Such a cute color!
  • Alan & Michele
    I don't often fall for a toy's color, but this lime green is really tempting
  • Ryuson
    Thanks for the follow up review! I hate when something's size isn't what you expected!
  • Ghost
    This one looks so cool. Thanks for the review!
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