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Sugar drop sex toy review

Wow. Where do I begin? Soju's Sugar Drop silicone dildo is as addictive as its Korean liquor counterpart with the same name. But even if you're not an alcohol aficionado, you'll find something to love about this sophisticated, cleverly designed sex toy.
Made of silicone; perfect size; thoughtful design; comes with its own cradle.
Incompatible with strap-on harnesses.
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Wow. Where do I begin? Soju's Sugar Drop silicone dildo|Sugar drop silicone dildo by Soju is as addictive as its Korean liquor counterpart with the same name. But even if you're not an alcohol aficionado, there's plenty for you to love about this sophisticated, cleverly designed sex toy.

The first great thing about the Sugar Drop is that it's made of silicone. Why the hype? Because silicone is nonporous, which means its surface can't be penetrated by nasty little microorganisms and bacteria that often thrive on sex toys made of other materials. If that isn't enough for all you germ-o-phobes out there (myself included), it can also be boiled (read: effortless disinfection).

Silicone is also tasteless and odorless, so you don't have to smell "Eau de Burning Rubber" every time you get some serious action. Another perk of silicone is its versatility. It retains temperatures well, so try sticking under some hot water for a few minutes to heat things up or chilling it in the fridge to cool things down. (Note: Make sure to only use water-based lubricants with any of your silicone toys; using other lubricants can be damaging.)

The Sugar Drop Dildo comes in five lovely colors, so you'll be sure to find one that tickles your fancy. It also comes with its own cradle for storing it when it's not in use, which is pretty handy. When in its cradle, the Sugar Drop could very well be mistaken for a contemporary art piece.

Admittedly, I have quite a collection of silicone dildos, so at this point, I'm a little hard to please. However, the Sugar Drop definitely doesn't fail at impressing me; in fact, it passes with flying colors.

Despite being made of silicone like the many other high end sex toys I own, the finish of the Sugar Drop is uniquely different. While most silicone toys feel squishy and ever so slightly sticky, the Sugar Drop feels velvety smooth and firm--firm but yielding enough for comfortable penetration.

The Sugar Drop is also ergonomically designed; it's slightly curved for g-spot stimulation|The Good Vibrations Guide To The G-Spot (Book), tapered for ease of insertion, and has a flared base to use as a handle for thrusting. Did I mention the size is perfect? Wide enough to fill you up but not too wide and long enough to touch your cervix but not too long; yep, this baby earns an A in functionality and craftsmanship. I took her for a ride and soon arrived in the land of Orgasms o' Plenty.
Follow-up commentary
After owning (and jilling off with) the Sugar drop for some time now, I've discovered a few things.

First and foremost, I've really come to dislike the little raised bubble motifs on each side of the Sugar drop. You might not be able to see them very well in the pictures, because they're only about a millimeter high, but they're there (trust me). As cute and stylish as they are, though, they're anything but soft and feel almost sharp during penetration.

For an uber sensitive gal like me, this irritates the bejeezus out of my pussy! The problem is less noticeable when I use a thicker lube, especially ones formulated for anal sex|Anal sex toys. If you aren't super sensitive down there, or if you prefer a lot of vaginal stimulation (think studded condoms, bumpy and/or ribbed dildos), then there shouldn't be a problem. In fact, I can imagine the bubbles feeling pleasurable when rubbed against a lubed up clitoris, if that's your cup of tea.

We all experience sensation differently, so there's no saying how the bubbles will work for you. However, I prefer a smoother, frictionless ride.

Something I forgot to mention in my previous review of the Sugar drop is the fact that it can be used anally. Since it has a flared base, there's no risk of it getting lost inside you, and it's tapered head makes insertion into the anus a cinch. And for all the adventurous men out there, the curved shaft of the Sugar drop could very well allow you to stimulate your prostate (the male g-spot|The anatomy of anal sex, appropriately nicknamed the p-spot). Although, I have to say that I'd only recommend this toy as an anal probe|Anal probe to seasoned anal toy users only (due to its girth and length).

If you're new to anal stimulation, this isn't the place to start! Anal virgins should opt for a dildo|Anal starter or butt plug|Small butt plug designed specifically for beginners to minimize discomfort.

Overall, I still like the Sugar drop (as long as I have enough lube), and I would recommend it to people who enjoy vaginal and anal stimulation.
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  • All In
    Loved your review and writing style. Looks like it would be a welcoming addition to my toy collection..
  • Spiking Glue
    You know, I empathize. This dildo seemed to have a lot going for it, for me, I rather liked the girth and the shape, and the handle... and those little bubbles seemed SO innocent... but then, I went to go use it. So long as I kept it still, it wasn't so bad, but attempting to thrust with it irritated my body rather than enticed it to arousal. I sort of wish I could have gotten ahold of the Sugar before it got discontinued, since it's the exact same dildo, sans bubbles.

    I've begun calling my dildo "the pink bitch", because while she's endearing, I can only tolerate her in doses. *laugh* 
  • One of the best reviews i've read!
  • Ever tried the blunt end of this toy to hit you're g-spot????
  • Lady Alexandria
    Ooh! Thank you for the lovely review!
    I'm curious to know, if anyone has tried this dildo along with LELO's Ella. They look about the same to me.
  • Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Nice review! Big smile
  • Ghost
    This one looks so cool. Thanks for the review!
  • pasdechat
    Great review - I love the green color of this dildo.
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