Boiling silicone/metal dildos = safe sharing without condoms?

Boiling silicone/metal dildos = safe sharing without condoms?

Selective Sensualist Selective Sensualist
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If I boil a silicone or metal dildo -- or an anal plug -- would it then be safe to share with my husband without putting a condom on it? Since we are fluid-bonded, I'd hate to waste the money on condoms (they're not cheap!).

Also, if I use a dildo anally and then boil it, would it be safe to use vaginally without a condom? From what I understand, silicone and steel are completely sterilizable with boiling, but I want to be 100% certain first.

Also, can you boil Pyrex glass to sterilize for sharing? I don't yet have any glass toys -- a mistake that I will soon be rectifying! Using both anally and vaginally, as well as sharing, might be fun.
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Midway through Midway through
If you're fluid bonded, I don't see the problem. Why do you need to ultra sterilize it if you're already fluid bonded? Normal cleaning should be fine.. I'm not sure I'm getting the question though maybe.
Selective Sensualist Selective Sensualist
Originally posted by Midway through
If you're fluid bonded, I don't see the problem. Why do you need to ultra sterilize it if you're already fluid bonded? Normal cleaning should be fine.. I'm not sure I'm getting the question though maybe.
Normally cleaning would not be good enough since I'm concerned about transferring bacteria (E. Coli) after anal insertion to the vagina or transferring bacteria from partner to partner (not usually a problem during vaginal sex since E. Coli is found in the rectum and digestive tract).

I had thought that boiling was sufficient to kill the bacteria on silicone and metal toys, but I read a couple of reviews on EF where the reviewer recommended using a condom on the toy ANYTIME that toys were shared. But I don't see why using a condom on a toy would be necessary after boiling.

Again, I thought boiling sufficiently killed the bacteria and effectively sterilized the toy to be safe for sharing. I assumed "safe for sharing" meant that, once boiled, no condom would be needed. Just wanted to make doubly certain.
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
I think what other reviewers are saying is if you are going to say use it anally first then go strait to vaginal (no stopping) you should use a condom. Most people don't want to stop for 15 - 20 min. Now if you use it anally one night/day, sanitize then use it vaginally there is no problem.
ScottA ScottA
Boil or bleach will do everything that a condom will, and possibly more (depending on how good the cover is on the condom.

Keep in mind for fluid bonded couples you can probably get away with good washing. If you play anally with fingers you'll often only wash, right? (at least I hope you don't boil his hand ).
Pleasure Piratess Pleasure Piratess
The definition of sterile is the complete absence of microorganisms.

In which case, bleach is considered to kill 99% of microorganisms. Boiling will not kill all microorgansims, and may not kill all endotoxins or spores, meaning that in the strictest use of the word, your toy will not technically be considered sterile (although we frequenty use that term, its not completely true).

Being fluid bonded does not mean that you can't pass infections to each other. Each person has their own normal flora. Normal flora is the microorgasims (like yeast and bacteria) that live normally and healthily in our body in a symbiotic relationship. However, the microorganisms that are considered normal and do not cause infection in one person's body, may cause infection to another. Likewise, microorganisms that live, in say, a persons rectal tract can cause infection in that persons own body if they were transfered to the vagina. This is because normal flora is a delicate condition of its and your body's checks and balances that keep these microorganisms from overgrowing and causing infection.

Technical speak aside... all things considered and for what it is worth, these methods of killing microorgansims should leave your toys sanitary enough to use in multiple places by multiple people without the likelyhood of infection. I would consider them good enough for the health of myself and my partner.
Selective Sensualist Selective Sensualist
Thank you for all of the responses! I am new to EF and could not figure out how to track posts that I have started/commented on. I just now figured out how to find this post again (I guess I should have left a bread crumb trail to follow my way back)!
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