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Cleopatra's secret reviews

24 reviews
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24 reviews

I received this as a gift and WOW hubby and I love it. It is great cooling yet warming oral sex lotion and the taste is not bad at all. No sticky mess to deal with. Quick and easy pump type dispenser makes this arousal crème spill proof.

In short, this is a great product. If you want something with a little more power to it, you might want to pay out a bit more on a focused product. However, if you're looking for something that will tingle and please, with a great taste, this just might be for you. I love it.

"Kiss it. Lick it. Love it!" the bottle says! This little arousal creme is ready to start your engine, and it thinks it can, it thinks it can! What starts out as a light tingle quickly becomes an icy turn-on, and before you know it, you'll find yourself on a wild ride to O-ville.

This is a good product that would be perfect for couple use. Although solo play is possible, you really can't fully enjoy the product all by yourself. It is fun and changes things up a bit without being too strong or drastic. I would definitely keep a bottle around to add a little oomph to oral play.

This item is worth purchasing because it is not expensive and lasts a long time with a pretty good shelf-life.

I say it does what it says. So I will keep buying it and tell everyone about it. It's great. Try it and you'll love it too.

I like this product, even if I don't get the added sensation it tastes great and lasts; it's easy to place exactly where you want it and doesn't drip.

Cleopatra's Secret: Female Arousal Creme is something I really enjoy and will buy again. The product works as advertised and is great for oral and foreplay. The taste is lovely and spot on if you get one that you want.

Cleopatra's Secret probably works better for adding a bit of pleasant flavor and scent to oral sex than for arousal. It can provide a mild cooling sensation and occasionally will give a warm sensation once it's wiped off, but neither of these is particularly arousing.

The Cleopatra’s Secret is no longer a secret. This is a wonderful cream that makes the clitoris more sensitive and is also great for oral. The small pump bottle allows you to place the cream exactly where you want it, and the cream comes in a variety of delicious flavors.

For a light pick me up this product reigns supreme. The taste is amazing, the sensations are light enough to be stimulating but not enough to irritate. This product isn't for internal use as it is an arousal gel not a lube. All in all you get your money's worth with Cleopatra's Secret.

A great product that works well for what it is made for. The price is what pulled me in first, and now I keep coming back to this product time after time.

This little bottle is a go-to for me! $10 may seem kind of steep, but it'll last you quite a long time. It adds an interesting twist to foreplay, and if you don't have sensitivities to the ingredients, it's worth the cost!

Female Arousal Lube by Cleopatra's Secret is a really great flavored, cooling sensation cream. It gives just the right amount of flavor and sensation to be pleasing and is not overwhelming. I would definitely recommend this to couples. I think they would get the most out of both flavor and sensation. But if you love cooling sensations, you'll definitely love this too!

Cleopatra's Secret is a pleasing, affordable choice in arousal cremes. This is perfect for those not familiar with these kinds of products. It is a wonderful experience for getting all your senses involved during play.

I love Cleopatra's Secret! If you're more interested in an extremely intense sensation, this may not be for you, but if you want something that's tingly and long lasting, try this stimulating gel! While it is a little sticky, it's totally worth the great taste and absolutely fantastic sensation!

Oh so freshly scented like a peppermint candy and green like a mint leaf, this arousal cream will have you tingling with sensation! One small squirt from the bottle is enough to bring chilly sensitivity to your private areas and just begs to be licked - which you can! Watch out, you unbelievers, because Cleopatra is no longer keeping this little cream a secret.

If you are looking for something to help jump start your arousal...this is a great product. It increases blood flow and will leave you wet and practically begging for sex!!!

I was not expecting to be impressed with this product - but I was delighted. Many lubes and gels are oily - but this has a really pleasant texture and a really delightful taste. I would buy this product again and highly recommend it for use on both men and women.

Cleopatra's Secret Cream smells and tastes delicious, though that paired with tingling sensations makes it hard product to fully enjoy. I would not use this for oral sex if you want to really enjoy the tingling sensations.

Given my preferences in self-love, I would not purchase this product again. It did not last long enough, but for someone only requiring a short period of time, this product would be worth purchasing.

This item is great for the price. It's not going to cause knock-your-socks off orgasms, but it provides good sensations. It's not a great oral sex product, though. Buy it because you like the feelings it gives.

This did taste yummy, this did smell good, but I bought it for extra stimulation that it did not supply so I will not buy it again. I'd say save your money, it is way too expensive for something that just tastes good.

Overall it is a good product for the price. The taste and smell are pleasant. The description describes it accurately. It does the job!

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