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A little cooling

Cleopatra's Secret probably works better for adding a bit of pleasant flavor and scent to oral sex than for arousal. It can provide a mild cooling sensation and occasionally will give a warm sensation once it's wiped off, but neither of these is particularly arousing.
Smells great, tastes great, provides mild cooling
Mild cooling it gives isn't terribly arousing
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Cleopatra's Secret is meant to be used as a female arousal cream. Apply it to your clitoris, wait a minute and you will feel a mild cooling sensation. It's perfect for use before you receive oral. It tastes great. It will be a treat for your partner and may enhance sensation for you too.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Cleopatra's Secret is a cream more than a gel. The Very Berry flavor looks like a semi-transparent blue cream. It's a bit thin to actually be called a cream or a gel but it definitely isn't a liquid.

It will spread easily onto the desired area. If you apply enough then let it sit, it will warm up, become thinner and begin to run along your skin.

You can rub it into your skin and it won't feel sticky.

Taste / Aroma

The Very Berry flavor has a pleasant, fruity taste and aroma. If it is rubbed into the skin, it will leave its pleasant scent behind. When applied directly to the lips the taste is a bit too much. Or perhaps the combination of the feel of a cream on your lips plus its taste is the non-winning combination.

Under normal circumstances, when it's applied, then rubbed in to some extent, its taste is quite pleasant. Cleopatra's Secret's aroma is pleasant in all situations.


I tried Cleopatra's Secret a number of times. I never did feel any enhanced arousal. But then, the cooling sensation that other arousal products produce doesn't please me either.

When I engage in clitoral stimulation, I like there to be some drag on my skin from whatever vibrator or finger I'm using. Using this cream, even if it's rubbed in, there is considerably less drag. This product will work best for those who typically use lubricant during clitoral stimulation. Or perhaps before oral sex, where that isn't an issue.

In an effort to give it every chance at success, during one session I applied four or five pumps of cream to myself and let it sit so I could observe the sensation. The area where it was applied felt somewhat cooler and also definitely wetter. For me, neither of these is arousing. After leaving it on for more than five minutes, it began running down my labia.

I wiped if off completely and was surprised to then feel several minutes of what felt like a mild burning sensation. It must just have been the difference between the cooling and absence of cooling, but it definitely felt like mild burning. It wasn't painful at all. I would describe it as mildly entertaining. But it still wasn't arousing.

There doesn't appear to be an aspect of this cream in addition to the cooling, warming or wet sensation that brings on increased arousal.

However, if you simply want to taste better when a partner gives you oral, Cleopatra's Secret is worth it for that alone. But know that if you leave enough on, the giver of oral sex will feel the cooling sensation on his/her lips, which may or may not be a good thing.

I'm very tempted to use this internally. It doesn't contain glycerin, sugar, parabens, L-arginine or petrochemicals. It isn't all natural and appears to have relatively safe ingredients. But I can't bring myself to use a blue cream inside. If I do summon up the courage, I'll write a follow up review about the experience. Note that it is oil based, which may weaken latex condoms used in its presence.


Cleopatra's Secret comes in a compact pump bottle with an attractive label on the outside. It arrives with no exterior packaging at all, not even a plastic bag. But it doesn't appear to need any. The cap snaps on tightly and the cream inside isn't likely to leak out on its own.

It does say 'Female Arousal Creme' on the front of the label, but other than that, it blends in quite well with bottles, jars, products, etc that you may have nearby.

It can also be kept on its side with no risk of leakage.
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    I kinda want this, just because it's so damn blue.

    Thanks for the review! Sorry it didn't do anything for you, though.
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    Great review. This is I kinda can't get past the color.
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    Ha ha. Yes, blue isn't a color you typically want rubbed into your skin.
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    Funky! i didn't realize it's consistency and color was so interesting.
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    Really great review, thanks.

    This is really, really blue!
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    Great review! I was interested in the cooling sensation because I don't really care for warming creams... but I don't think I want the mild burning afterward. Thanks for the review!
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    Thanks for the great, helpful review? Was this REALLY Cleopatra's Secret ? Only Julius Ceasar and Mark Antony would know for sure!!!
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