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This is a good product that would be perfect for couple use. Although solo play is possible, you really can't fully enjoy the product all by yourself. It is fun and changes things up a bit without being too strong or drastic. I would definitely keep a bottle around to add a little oomph to oral play.
Great flavor, light sensation, great packaging
Sensation may not be strong enough for some women
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This is a flavored arousal cream that is geared toward women for external use on their personal regions. This is probably intended more for women needing a little extra arousal help, but I used it out of curiosity and found that it is an awesome change of pace. It can offer amazing sensations for ladies who don't need that kind of help. Don't get this confused for a lubricant, as this is not so much for adding moisture as applying to specific areas to increase arousal. There could be allergic reactions involved and some women may find this product irritating. I sometimes find it to be too strong and end up wiping it off. Other times it's just perfect and sends me into states of bliss. Use this alone or with a partner who wouldn't mind licking this tasty treat off you!

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The best word that describes this is "cream" even though it feels more like a lotion to me. It's a bit thick, staying place where you put it until you rub it in. That said, it will get a bit sticky if you rub too much (it would have to dry out a bit before this happens). It's mostly there to stay put or be licked. A little moisture can revive the product if you really need, but I would maybe use water and not another lubricant. Most of the time, your body will be warm enough to thin the product if you want to spread it more. This is great because you can squirt it onto your finger and it stays put. After that, you can place it anywhere you like and it will stay put. I've used other tingle creams that were runny and although they felt good, they eventually ran onto places that distracted me from my clit. Still a decent experience, but this product does help keep the focus on one spot. Since it's not intended as a lubricant, I think a little goes a long way. I used the same amount as I would use of toothpaste to brush my teeth. That's really all that I needed. I think if you use that much and you don't feel anything, the product just isn't for you.

Taste / Aroma

The taste wasn't much to write home about. I got the watermelon flavor and while it does have a melon-taste, it also had a very sugary, candy kind of flavor. I'm not a huge fan of SUPER sweet lubes or potions. Some may like that extra sweetness. At times, the smell was even too sweet for me. You can definitely smell this product! I wouldn't say the taste is bad, but it is particularly sweet. The other flavors may not have this issue so much and I'd definitely be up for trying more!


This product can go a long way as far as sensation goes, but the flavor can be licked off pretty quickly. I felt like the sensation lasted at least 20 minutes, which isn't bad. The sensation is cooling and a bit tingly, but not strong. This basically equated to a nice sensation that added a bit of interest to an otherwise simple playtime with myself that lasted as long as I wanted it to before I cleaned it off. That's good for me alone. When it comes to using it with someone else, sure it will add more interest, but the flavor is a plus. Some are better than others and I personally prefer the minty one. It's not hard to clean off, but it's not something you want to stay on your lower regions for a long period of time. If left on too long, it can cause a strange and almost "warming" effect. I personally don't care for warming lubes, so this wasn't my cup o' tea at all.


This product comes in one of the easiest packages I have ever used. It's a simple pump that dispenses perfectly. No spilling occurs with this pump and it's very well constructed. Between that and the thickness of the product, you shouldn't have issues with leaking. There's not a lot of information on the package, but the product kind of speaks for itself. I wouldn't call it "discreet", but I doubt it would be noticed if it were placed among regular lotions and such.

Special Features

The entire draw of the product is the special feature. It combines flavor with sensation to create a product that is intended for women to use solo or with a partner. The features are effective, but for some it may be more enjoyable than others. I think I would prefer some flavors over others, but the overall sensation was a nice. It wasn't intense, but it was nice.

Personal comments

This isn't really something I intend to use often on my own. It's ideal for couples who participate in oral sex. You CAN use it for solo play, but I just think there are better products on the market for such a thing. The combination of the sensation and flavor make this a good product, but take one feature away and you really just don't have much. I enjoy this product, but I do intend to try more similar products to see if anything out there is better.
Follow-up commentary
This still isn't a favorite product of its type, but I do like it. It adds a bit of fun and stimulation. I don't use it often, but the situation doesn't always present itself. I would probably use it more if oral sex were involved. Nevertheless, I still like this!
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