Cleopatra's secret - cream by Classic Erotica - review by Kimberly, The Errant Wife

Surprisingly Delicious

I was not expecting to be impressed with this product - but I was delighted. Many lubes and gels are oily - but this has a really pleasant texture and a really delightful taste. I would buy this product again and highly recommend it for use on both men and women.
Delicious, non-oily, tingly and delightful.
Truthfully, there is nothing that comes to mind that I did not like about this product.
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I think everyone could have a good time with this product. For me, I was looking for an extra boost because I take a medication that decreases my libido – I want to be ‘in the mood', but lately I have a lot of trouble getting interested and turned on.

That being said, I don't think you need to be 'having trouble' to enjoy it - I think that anyone would enjoy it for the extra sensation.

We used it on me and we used it on my husband – he felt the tingle as well and definitely enjoyed the sensation.

I have both food allergies and scent sensitivities and the product had nothing in it that triggered an allergic reaction - just a delightfully horny reaction.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

I liked the texture and consistency – it is more like a lotion than an oil, which was great in that it doesn't drip or slide out of place like an oil product would.

It doesn't feel oily on you and it is not the kind of product where you want to jump up and rub it off when you are finished. I am very, very fussy about the texture consistency of a product (I hate feeling oily) and I was very pleased with its performance.

Also, because it isn't oily you don't feel the need to put down towels or throw the sheets in the wash for fear of staining – this was a very nice feature.

Taste / Aroma

When it arrived I was not convinced about this – I was worried that the cherry vanilla would have an unpleasant flavor, but it is really lovely. It tastes very nice: sweet but not too sweet – more like a sweeter yogurt or a pudding than a candy or a jam. Delicious!

Also, I have scent allergies – many perfumes and cosmetics will give me a headache – and I had no reaction at all to the scent here, it is mild and lovely.


I was really thrilled with the Cleopatra's Secret – if I were buying it off the shelf it definitely would not have been my first choice BUT having compared it to similar products, I would buy it over them.

It definitely makes you feel the tingle! I described it as kind of a ‘minty' sensation – although I tried the Cherry Vanilla so it didn't taste minty – that is just the best word I can find to describe the initial feeling. It feels cool and tingly at first and then it works its magic...

It is not overwhelming, it just gives you an initial increase in sensation, making it easier to get in the mood and want more touching. My problem has been that the medication I take makes it harder to get aroused, but this did the trick of giving me that extra boost. It also kept the sensation going throughout our playtime and increased the intensity of my orgasm.

I felt a difference particularly because I have been having a challenge ‘getting there' lately, I think the effects would be even more intense if you are not having trouble getting your horny on.

I used only one application (one pump) on myself for one play session – it had the desired effect of getting me going and that was what I was looking for from it. When I used it on my husband (two pumps) we reapplied, because of the increased surface area and the more vigorous nature of the motion, I would imagine.

I didn't feel the need to do more than wipe it off briefly when we were finished. It is not oily so you don't feel like you need to rush to the shower.


The Cleopatra's Secret comes in a bottle that has a pump lid, which is really, really convenient – it makes it very hard to spill and very easy to use. Also, if you just toss it on the bed to keep it at hand, it won't spill.

Personal comments

What I also like about this product is that it adds a little fun to playtime without having to go all out or make a big production - it is a fun and easy little 'extra' to add in without needing a lot of preparation or clean up. If you want to mix it up just a little because you are pressed for time or in the mood for something simple - or if you are looking for an easy way to introduce new things - this would be a great product to try.

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