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Glass ben wa balls reviews

40 reviews
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40 reviews

These are great Kegel balls if you are just starting out, or if you are a Kegel veteran. They are small, classy, and very easy to use. Cleaning isn't an issue at all, and the storage box will let you travel with them without worry.

These are beautiful Ben Wa balls, but they just weren't right for me. I hardly felt them when they were inside of me, and they were kind of a pain to get out.

These balls truly are gorgeous to look at and with the elegant storage box, makes this look like a luxury item for your honey hole. However, looks are very deceiving when it comes to this product. These balls are too light weight to be felt internally and are too difficult to take out for me to enjoy them. Despite their beauty, I cannot recommend this product. I would strongly suggest getting a set that have a retrievable cord on them.

I love these little balls but they just aren't right for me and my anatomy. Give them a try before you decide they aren't for you, I don't regret buying them at all, and my best friend got her first pair of ben wa balls for free and she LOVES them!

After trying this product I can say that I was not disappointed. When I first took them out of the packaging I was. I was concerned with the size and having them get lost. After some talking with my husband, I tried them and found that I shouldn't have been so concerned in the first place.

I honestly think these are worth the price: they work wonders during sex, but are also fun for solo play. I love my balls, and would buy another pair just like them if I had to.

These are worth it. They are very inexpensive and fun to use. Even if they don't make you tight like a virgin again, how fun is it to walk around all day with something inside you, and it can be your little secret.

I had my hopes up for these super cute ben wa balls, but overall was disappointed with their lack of effects on my vagina.

These Ben Wa balls are beautiful cheap exercisers that are great for beginners. They are affordable and oh so pretty even if they are a little too light.

This item is worth every penny in my opinion. Ben Wa balls and similar toys are perfect for exercising kegal muscles to tighten the vagina and even strengthen orgasms. They can be worn anywhere and give discreet pleasure at any time. There are very few reasons to complain about these marble-like beauties.

This product was very cheap, but didn't do what I was expecting it to do for me. I am going to try another type and see if it was just me or if it is this product.

If you are looking for a new and exciting way to do your kegel exercises, these are just perfect for you. You will not be able to find a better set for this price!

If the balls are being bought strictly for kegel purposes, they are worth it. If you are looking for a toy that will be more fun, I suggest looking for vibrating Ben Wa Balls instead.

I think the price is great and well worth it. They have helped both my boyfriend and I orgasm easier and stronger.

These Glass Ben Wa Balls are a prettier version of traditional ben wa balls that also do not feature the moving balls inside. The size might not work for everyone and they can be a pain to get out sometimes. If you already have something you like for kegel exercises then I recommend skipping these, although they are not too expensive to try if you are curious.

I think that this product is definitely worth the money especially if you're looking to improve your vaginal muscle strength. I loved them because they gave me a stimulating change to normal kegel exercises as well as making routine things a lot more fun. Being made of Pyrex glass they're long lasting, so for the amount of money you're getting a product that can last you a very long time.

This item is PERFECT for your first set of Ben Wa balls. Easy to clean, easy to insert, and pretty simple to remove, the only downside would be wanting something bigger once you get used to these.

If used daily, you'll get stronger vaginal muscles, better orgasms, and more sensation during sex. They just feel so amazing.

Discreet and easy to maintain, these beautiful little balls even come with their own storage box and can be used for more than just toning.

These are definitely worth purchasing. They are a perfect toy if you want something to discreetly use out in public and are great for solo use or use with a partner. They are great for beginners and experienced toy users alike. Everyone should have a pair of Ben-Wa balls, and these glass ones are wonderful.

These are absolutely worth the price, especially for women like me who have given birth vaginally or women who just want to "tighten up" a little bit. Your husband will thank you!

These balls are so gorgeous, easy to store, clean, use, and maintain. What more could you ask for? You will bring a piece of pleasure and art to your life with these balls.

If you love pretty things and strong pc muscles then these are for you! They are well crafted, beautifully designed with an attractive and discreet box for storage. However if you are terrified of forever losing a ben wa ball "up there", you may want to look into an alternative with a retrieval cord such as the Smartballs or the Ami set.

A great little tool to strengthen your PC muscles and your orgasms, but don't expect results overnight. With time and regular use, you'll see results.

Did I say I love this toy? OMG! I have made this my new favorite toy! For the price, I think the experience is well worth it! I bought these to strengthen my pelvic muscles and found a completely satisfying "work-out"!

I truly think that these ben-wa balls are the best toy you could get for its intended use. Not only are they cheap and fun to use, they're easy to clean and take no batteries, and almost no effort. They're also extremely discreet.

The glass ben wa balls are a great smooth kegel exerciser for beginners. They are easy to care for and come with a great storage box.

These ben wa balls were my first experience with any ben wa balls, but they seemed to do what they are meant to do. They also aren't bad to have in during masturbation, increasing the sensations felt. I find them to be a good choice for a first ben wa ball user.

After experimenting with other styles of vaginal exercisers, I've found that these are the ones for me! Choosing the right style seems to be highly individual, though, so what's right for me may not be right for you.

While these ben wa balls are super cute and made from quality glass, they are essentially flawed. Not only are they a bit too small to be used comfortably without a string, they are also too light to give your Kegels a real workout. In short, great design, poor execution.

Overall, I would strongly suggest purchasing one of the other pair of balls available here. These are just not satisfying and would most likely end up in the back of a drawer forgotten.

They come elegantly packaged, they look sexy having them in my toy box, but as far as making me feel sexy, or feel anything else, I was quite disappointed. I gave this a rating of 2 for the simple fact of the packaging, and look of the balls.

This toy was well worth the money if you're wanting solo foreplay on the go or with a partner. I found them to be a welcomed addition to our toy collection.

If you are looking for Ben Wa balls specifically to strengthen your muscles, these are a great choice. They are beautiful, well-made, and worth the price. However, if you want Ben Wa balls for pleasure, these will not do much for you.

I recommend the Glass Ben Wa Balls for their intended purpose: as a vaginal exerciser. As a sex toy they fall far short of being pleasurable or causing orgasm but they will make your muscles work and teach control of the vaginal muscles as you work to hold them in.

The reason why I feel its worth it is because once you have children your body isn't the same as it was at first and they help you to tighten up the walls of your vagina and everybody needs help with that a some point in time. It was exciting for me I loved them.

enjoyed them dont have a story to tell just be careful when they are inserted, make sure they are able to slide out.

The main reason I will keep these and not return them: they’re pretty and I feel sexy having them inside of me. Note that I didn’t say “feel sexy feeling them inside of me”, because I really didn’t. But they’re a nice, subtle way to keep your erotic consciousness going during the day, when you might not want overt physical stimulation to distract you.

Not a good buy, didn't do anything for me, will not purchase anything similar in the future. Just sat there inside me, boring boring boring!!!

He was disappointed in the toy, as was I. Our expectations were high for these little balls, and we were certainly let down. I give the Glass Ben Wa Balls one star.

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