Glass ben wa balls - vaginal balls by Topco Sales - review by Airen Wolf

Exercise that's pretty!

I recommend the Glass Ben Wa Balls for their intended purpose: as a vaginal exerciser. As a sex toy they fall far short of being pleasurable or causing orgasm but they will make your muscles work and teach control of the vaginal muscles as you work to hold them in.
Very visually appealing, low cost investment.
They aren't easily felt when inserted, no bells and whistles.
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I have always wanted to know what the hype about Ben Wa Balls is about. I ordered these partly because of their price and partly because they look very visually appealing. I figured if they got discovered I could claim they were very pretty marbles packed in a nice box. When they arrived I was very pleased to see that they were, in fact, very pretty and packaged in a sturdy little red velvet box with a bow on top. The box looks like one you would expect fine jewelry to come in!

The balls are clear glass with a pretty flower decal inside just as advertised and about the size of a larger marble. The don't weigh much individually and are quiet when rolled together. They have no appreciable smell and look just like what I expected, pretty slightly oversized marbles. I giggled when I remembered my Dad's name for them "Crotch Marbles" and showed them to my husband who just shook his head and mumbled that they were pretty. Sometimes he wonders whether it is entirely safe to turn me loose in a sex toy shop with a handful of cash!

A few hours later I was finally able to try them out. I used a drop or two of Slippery Kitty and slid them in. They were very comfortable going in but then I noticed that there wasn't much sensation or anything much to flex around. I lay down and flexed a few times and noticed a slight cramping sensation similar to menstrual cramps. Since it wasn't "time" I did a bit of investigation and realized I had pulled the balls tight against my cervix and it wasn't liking the feeling at all! I have worked on muscle control for years and relaxed to allow the balls to move away from the tender spot and the cramping stopped. I wondered if perhaps gravity would ease the problem and stood up. Immediately a ball fell out! I blushed and rinsed it off before reinserting it, afterward I didn't have any trouble with them falling once I figured out what muscles were needed. I walked around for a bit and didn't notice any "friction" or wild urge to orgasm, in fact I really didn't notice anything pleasant. I knew they were there but I couldn't feel anything. I sat down after an hour or so and then I could feel them a bit but again it wasn't orgasmic or even very pleasant. I could feel my muscles working though and after about 20 minutes I noticed the cramping again though it felt more like muscles do when they are getting worn out. I figured it was time they came out and wandered to the bathroom to remove the balls.

They came out easily as I relaxed the muscles which was a relief. I swear to you my pussy seemed to sigh like I do after a tough workout! They do work the muscles though I am wondering if a larger or heavier set would offer more in terms of sensation. It is too soon for me to say whether they are making me tighter and more toned and I will report back after a few weeks or months. I have found that an hour or so is all I can tolerate right now but maybe this will increase with use, we'll have to see! Given that I did notice some muscle fatigue I know they are working so in a few weeks I should be able to answer whether they are doing the job they are advertised to do.

I washed the balls in the soap I use for 'feminine cleansing' and then a spritz of antibacterial toy cleaner before putting them back in their box. The soap and toy cleaner left them sparkling. They are glass so presumably they could be boiled but a simple wash is good enough for me. I like the fact that I can have them in plain sight on my dresser and not worry about comments from my kids.

I haven't tried them while having sex but I plan to as soon as I can get a few minutes alone with one of the guys. I have heard they are wonderful and also that they can cause pain if they smack against the cervix. Still it must be tried at least once! They are definitely a vaginal toy and I would never recommend they be used anally as they could get lost... and cause ER Doctors to have a wonderfully funny story to relate later...>:) I suppose if you just couldn't resist you could place them in a condom but really there are better anal toys to be found on this site!
Follow-up commentary
I started using these after my six week waiting period was over after the birth of my son. I had noticed a decided lack of muscle control and a bit of stretching making for less than stellar orgasms. After a few weeks of daily use I noticed my sex drive returning to normal faster than it had with my other two kids. I noticed I had more sensitivity in my vaginal barrel and during sex I was able to grip my partner with something approximating the strength of my pre pregnancy muscles.

When I first tried these balls they were easy to keep in and didn't provide much of a work out compared to my post pregnancy use. They were challenging and provided quite the work out!

They are also still as pretty today as they when I bought them, I still highly recommend them for anyone looking to tone and tighten those muscles but most especially for after giving birth!
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  • Victoria
    "Crotch Marbles"...oh my goodness! Well, they certainly are pretty! Thanks for the great review!
  • Betty Rocket
    The road to vaginal kung fu is a bumpy one....

  • Airen Wolf
    Wax On Wax Off
  • Melissa Smith
    Nice review!
  • MimiPhryxus
    The crotch marbles statement made me giggle. I'll never look at mine the same again.
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