Glass ben wa balls - exerciser for vaginal muscles by Topco Sales - review by Miss KissThis

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If you are looking for Ben Wa balls specifically to strengthen your muscles, these are a great choice. They are beautiful, well-made, and worth the price. However, if you want Ben Wa balls for pleasure, these will not do much for you.
Visually appealing, affordable, easy to clean, great storage box.
Not very noticeable once inserted.
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As soon as I heard about Ben Wa balls, I was intrigued. I've heard stories about how great they are as vaginal exercisers, as well as sex toys. I was immediately drawn to this pair because of how pretty they were, not to mention the affordable price.

The velvet box that comes with the balls is great. I don't have to worry about leaving it out because it looks like something a piece of jewelry might come in. The inlaid flowers in mine were much greener in color than pictured, but still very beautiful. Their detail is something you don't find in many products for this price.

The balls themselves are just a little larger than the size of a quarter. They're not incredibly heavy, but do have a nice weight to them. They are made of pyrex glass, which is very strong, and they will not shatter if dropped. Glass can be sterilized, although this is not necessary for me since I won't be sharing them. I simply wash them with antibacterial soap and warm water and they're just as good as new.

Since they are glass, they slide very easily and I didn't need to use any lube to insert them. I didn't experience any discomfort while putting them in. Once they were completely in, I didn't really notice them much. So far, I haven't had any problems with them falling out like many others have.

I've read the horror stories about not being able to get these balls out, but so far I haven't had any problems with that either. All I have to do is push them down using my muscles, and then hook a finger around one at a time and pull them out. Note: It is physically impossible for a Ben Wa ball to get lost inside of you thanks to the cervix. If you do experience difficulty in getting them out, try taking a warm bath which helps relax your muscles, and the balls should come out easily.

I bought these glass Ben Wa balls for muscle strengthening, not pleasure. I have not noticed them “rolling around” inside me, and doubt they would ever give me much pleasure on their own. I do feel sexier when they're inside me, but only because they are my little secret. If you are looking for Ben Wa balls for muscle strengthening, I would definitely recommend these. They are a nice value for the price, and do their job well.

If you're looking for something more pleasurable, these won't be the right fit for you. I suggest looking at something like Smartballs, which have tiny weighted balls inside that bounce around and provide more stimulation.
I have wanted to try having sex while these are in, but haven't gotten the chance just yet. However, I have masturbated while using them. They definitely enhanced things! The glass conducts vibrations nicely, but is subtle at the same time. I inserted a small vibrator so it was touching the closest ball and used a bullet vibrator on my clit. It felt different than any toy I own, and I recommend trying it out!
Follow-up commentary
So I finally got the chance to try these Ben Wa balls out during sex!

After getting warmed up, my boyfriend inserted them slowly and we started in missionary position. I didn't notice them moving around at all, but did notice an increase in the fullness I'm used to during sex. They didn't rub against my cervix, and I did not experience any discomfort with them in. I asked if he noticed them, only to be answered with "kind of." In missionary position these simply aren't much fun.

We switched to me on top, which made me see these glass balls in a completely different way. So much for them being just for muscle strengthening! After a few minutes, with the help of gravity and the right rhythm, the balls began to move around and clack into each other (which could not only be felt, but heard as well). They rubbed against my G-spot and gave me a great internal orgasm. He noticed them much more than during missionary position, and said it was enjoyable.

The only thing I think these balls lack is the internal weights that move around and provide stimulation. Those would have made the experience even better, but it was very fun regardless.

If you are interested in trying Ben Wa balls during sex, I say go for it! Just remember to be gentle and patient while you're getting used to them. Exploration is key, so don't give up right away. Believe me, it's worth it!
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  • Jimbo Jones
    So these do not have a smaller ball rolling around inside the exterior ball? I thought that was a common feature in true Ben Wa balls. Smart Balls just copied the feature to provide a similar experience. They are heavy enough to give a decent kegel workout though? Interested to hear your experience during sex with them in, so make sure to update us. Thanks for the review.
  • Naughty Student
    Good idea about taking a bath to help relax. The people whi mke these smaller version ben wa balls should wriite that on their product description! Nice review Smile.
  • Miss KissThis
    Jimbo Jones- They are solid glass, so there aren't any small balls inside. While looking through some Ben Wa balls, I noticed that some do and some don't. There's such a variety available! I recommended Smartballs because I have used them myself, and know they provide noticeable stimulation, but have not tried other Ben Wa's. They are smaller and heavier than Smartballs, and I feel they do a good job at working out my kegels. As soon as I use them during sex a follow-up review will be posted!
  • Miss KissThis
    Thank you Naughty Student! Smile
  • Victoria
    Great review, Miss Kiss This! Nice follow up with questions as well!
  • CaptainBunnyKilla
    Great review! Have you been able to tell any difference in your kegel muscles since you started using these?

  • Miss KissThis
    Thank you In the Pink and toygirl2!

    I've been using these for about a week, and have noticed that controlling the balls (like when I use my muscles to push them down when I'm taking them out) is getting easier. I hope that helps with your question!
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    You said you also have used the smart balls? Which do you prefer?
  • Miss KissThis
    Adriana- It really depends on what I'm going to be doing while using them. If I'm going to be wearing them for an extended amount of time, I'd probably go with these because I find that sometimes the Smartballs make me a little sore. If I feel like having a little fun I'd go with the Smartballs though, as these don't have much of a "fun factor" on their own.
  • Dame Demi
    Great review! I've always been attracted to these because they're so pretty, but I didn't realize they didn't have moving weights inside the balls. Bummer. On the other hand, you've alleviated my paranoia about being able to get them out with your hot bath suggestion. Thanks!
  • Miss KissThis
    Thank you Dame Demi. Glad I could help Smile
  • Sweet Blue Baby
    Can you use these during sex if your guy is on the larger side? My partner sometimes hits my cervix during sex so I'm not sure there would be room, if that makes sense. Any thoughts?
  • SexySkye
    I'm definitely going to try out the on top sex position. Sounds delicious!
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