Ben Wa Balls Falling Out

Contributor: hippiewrites hippiewrites
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I have had the problem of either the ben wa balls going to far up the vaginal canal, or the balls falling out if I wear them during normal everyday activity. I have fairly strong pelvic floor muscles, but I think these particular balls are almost too light weight for wearing during normal functioning, though I have yet to progress to a heavier weight. Would this solve the problem?
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: Ms. Spice Ms. Spice
if that's the case, i would look into buying bigger and lighter balls. then work your way up to the ones you have currently
Contributor: Wondermom Wondermom
Originally posted by Ms. Spice
if that's the case, i would look into buying bigger and lighter balls. then work your way up to the ones you have currently
I agree, or get balls that are connected and have a tail to pull them out again. You could also try the crystal egg and see if that might work more
Contributor: Wild Orchid Wild Orchid
Also: glass is very slippery. Balls with mate finish are definitely easier to hold in.

I had only one "accident" with my Mae B. love balls (shame that Eden doesn't carry the Mae B. line! They have interesting color schemes). One ball came out and my labia somehow got caught in a painful pinch. And I couldn't even complain (I am a complainer) 'cause I was out with my Mom.
Contributor: hippiewrites hippiewrites
These balls actually are quite small--I chose this glass variety: link
which are very small, light balls. I do think I have the Kegel strength to keep them in, but I do think the material is just too slippery, and the balls are too small, for use when standing or walking. I think I will look into a larger pair of balls--the mae b. balls look great--thanks!
Contributor: mandaj mandaj
do they work???