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This toy was well worth the money if you're wanting solo foreplay on the go or with a partner. I found them to be a welcomed addition to our toy collection.
Small and discreet, easy to clean, beautiful design.
Somewhat difficult to get out.
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If you're looking for a toy with tons of action then this is not the toy for you. My absolute favorite feature about this toy is that I can be anywhere practicing kegel exercise with them, and nobody knows. This toy can definitely reveal sensitive spaces that you forgot you had. The key to enjoying this toy is to be aware that they're inside of you. Try to remember that you are wearing them for yourself and possibly for a little fun time with your partner later. My husband also loved to know I was strengthening my muscles for bedroom fun.

The gentle rocking of these little balls are even great for finding the elusive G-spot. I highly recommend doing your Kegels while in a position that will place them over your G-spot. These exercises enhance the enjoyment of these little toys and help increase your awareness of this area. My husband loves it when I'm ready to play when he gets home.

These Ben Wa balls weigh exactly 0.3 lb each and are small in size. They've got a slight heaviness to them but they're not weighted. These balls are made of glass and are very easy to clean using anti-bacterial soap or toy cleanser. I usually wash them off and then set them on a towel to dry. The storage case they come in is lovely and perfect for carrying in your purse.

The only complaints I have about them is that they're not weighted and therefore, don't move very noticeably at times. They're also hard to get out of my vagina but usually you can push them out of your body without much effort. I do not recommend them for anal play as they can get stuck. So, be careful when playing with these beauties and have fun!
Follow-up commentary
I'm still lovin' these beautiful glass balls. I have to admit they've taken back seat to my other toys but they're still old favorites of mine. I still have them waiting for a little roller action every now and then.
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  • her.royal.redness
    These are BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks for the review!
  • LiftedUp
    HAHAHA. I just have to let you all know that the first thing I thought of when I saw these, were my grandmother's antique paperweights, which are all large glass orbs with flower in them (similar to these, but larger, and with one flat spot so they don't roll). They are proudly displayed on a table in her living room. Imagine putting a set of these with them! lol.

    Thanks for the review Sexy Skye. Can you talk a little more about the weight of these? How much does each one of them weigh? Are they difficult to keep in, or easy to keep in? Is it because of size or weight? Would a beginner be able to use these without worry of them falling out?
  • SexySkye
    LiftedUp- It's funny I never realized they do look like small paperweights!
    I wonder if I displayed these on a table if anyone would notice! LOL

    The weight on these little beauties are exactly 0.3 lb each. They've got a slight heaviness to them but they will not weigh you down. Perfect for beginners as they easily stay in unless you're wearing them extremely low in your vagina. They're pretty easy to keep in due to their small size and not being weighted. My advice is to practice with them at home until you get used to them unless you're a daredevil like myself. Winking
  • LiftedUp
    Thanks for the follow-up info.
  • deceased
    They are so cute and comfortable. They did not move around in me though. They stayed in there They are like pretty marbles to look at, but I was not stimulated at all. I felt like a smuggler....
  • spicywife
    They are so pretty, they could be for decoration alone Smile
  • Alt
    Hmm get stuck anally... Wouldn't you be able to just push these out?
  • spicywife
    Alt - It's is not recommend to use anything for anal play that does not have a handle. It's doubtful that you'd be able to push these balls out, but this depends on how far they enter. It's not safe to suggest to use this for anal play, especially since beginners to anal play may take that advice and have serious problems. You have to be safe during anal play.
  • Alt
    But it just seems like with these things being small rounded balls, and glass being so slippery, that they wouldn't get stuck in the colon if they actually somehow made it up there.
  • SexySkye
    I actually tried using them in anal play and it was not a pleasant experience. *blushes bright* After 30 minutes of trying to push them out, I had to "go in after them" and it was by far *not* fun. They got pretty high up there. The more I reached for them, painfully I might add, the further in they went. There's nothing to retrieve them with and it made getting them out very difficult. It was quite disturbing to think I might have to go to the ER to get them removed. Finally after much digging and patience, I got them out. Let's just say I will never try that again. I would recommend if you wanted to use ben wa balls for anal play to use the ones with a string or have your doctor on call.
  • Alt
    Ah so no string on them I guess?
    In that case then I can see your point.

    Anyway, did you try using an enema to get them out?
  • Maiden
    Ouch.....yeah.... I would never put any thing in my ass that didn't have a string or handle or stopper.....

    Glad everything came out all right!!!WinkingSurprised
  • SexySkye
    Alt- No, I didn't use an enema. I literally dug it out. And yea, it was not an experience I care to go through again! It was my first time to really do any anal play. I learned the hard way that there are strings for a reason! LOL

    Maiden- Thx!!! I'm glad everything worked out too! ROFL Winking
  • spicywife
    Oh no Sorry for your experience Sexy Skye!
  • Alt
    Seems like an enema might have helped, hah.
  • LiftedUp
    Either that, or forced them further up the colon because of the water pressure. An enema with something like that stuck inside you is NOT a good idea. If the ball is taking up enough of the width of the colon cavity, the pressure from the water will build up on it, and cause it to be pushed deeper. If it enters the sigmoid or descending colon, it could easily become lodged and require surgery to remove.

    Trying calmly to remove by hand was probably her best bet, and if that failed, going to the hospital or proctologist would be the wise thing to do.
  • Alt
    The water should pass right by the ball, because the colon expands. (And certainly I wouldn't assume glass floats.)
  • LiftedUp
    The colon does expand yes... but only at the areas where the pressure of the water exerts a force against it. If the ball is occupying the complete diameter of the unexpanded colon at a given point, the water pressure BEHIND it will expand the colon leading UP TO the ball. The water pressure will also exert a force against the ball, going INTO the colon. But NOT against the colon at the point the actual ball touches, because the only pressure the colon has exerted on it at that particular point, is the normal force of the ball.

    If the ball were a smaller one, such as a marble, which didn't occupy so great of a diameter inside the colon, then yes, the water would flow freely past it, and expand the entirety of the colon, including the area around it, allowing the marble to fall freely. But, with a ball that has a diameter as large is this, there is a real risk in attempting the same thing. It very well could force it deeper inside.
  • LoveDove
    The official description of why these should NOT be used anally. :O
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