Glass ben wa balls - sex toy by Topco Sales - review by Roxy

Glass ben wa balls sex toy review

He was disappointed in the toy, as was I. Our expectations were high for these little balls, and we were certainly let down. I give the Glass Ben Wa Balls one star.
They are pretty.
They don't work for anything. I didn't have to use my muscles to keep them in.
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Kegel exercises|Exercisers for vaginal muscles, while effective, can be boring and difficult to master. The concept of Ben Wa balls is that by inserting two weighted balls the size of large marbles into your vagina, you have to concentrate on the Kegel muscles to keep them in; you have to, or the pretty little balls are going to fall out and reveal a big secret. Thus, boredom gone, you can now pinpoint the Kegels.

I first heard about Ben Wa balls a few years back. The prospect delighted me; you can imagine my elation when I learned I was expecting the Glass Ben Wa Balls. Although I studied reviews of other balls, I have to say I was rather apprehensive. I proceeded with caution.

When my balls arrived, they were nestled in their beautiful black velvet lined, red satin box. I pulled open the plastic package with ease and held the crystal clear balls in my hand. Each ball donned a delicate clay flower. Everything was so pretty. I could hardly wait to try them; I was both nervous and aroused.

My plan was to use the balls over three weeks, documenting the results at the end of each week. I assumed it was going to take some practice and some skill to find and use the proper muscles. Never assume.

I inserted the first ball and felt nothing. In went the second…nothing. There are a lot of women who say they wear them all day, feeling them roll and tumble and vibrate, randomly getting that special feeling. I wore them for three days, and unfortunately, I have to say I am not one of those women.

Before I received my Glass Ben Wa Balls, I did some research by talking to a few people who had used them. I was told that if I could get them to clack together, I was doing it right, and that would cause a vibration giving me my special feeling. The thought of this is incredibly sexy and tantalizing and would be great if the balls didn’t get sucked up past said muscles. I had to use my vaginal muscles to get them out, not to keep them in.

It is also rumored that they are also great for him and her during sex. After my disappointment solo, I decided to try them with my husband. Here again, I was slightly apprehensive. The balls were already so far up there, and with nowhere else to go, I was afraid sex with them in would be painful. There was no pain; no nothing.

We started out in the missionary position, figuring this would be the best to start out in for control, just in case. Once we realized that neither of us were feeling anything related to the balls, we decided I would go on top. In this position, I was still feeling nothing more than a slightly fuller feeling. However, he was able to feel the balls rolling around on the head of his penis slightly and only if I was rolling my hips (as if I were doing a hula lap dance).

He was disappointed in the toy, as was I. Our expectations were high for these little balls, and we were certainly let down. I give the Glass Ben Wa Balls one star.
Follow-up commentary
While I cannot get the Ben Wa balls to do what I expected them to, I do like that they make my vagina tighter. I have had a child and if you have had one, you know that things are not the same after and these most definately help.
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  • LJP
    Well, that is a bummer.... I had been wanting to try ben wa balls... but I guess I will keep on looking.
  • I had a similar experience of the feeling being very subtle. I think I used my ben was once and I only recently pulled them out of the back of my toy drawer. I review them here xxx I have Smart Balls now and I need to give them a try. 
  • Minxy
    Smart Balls are GREAT!!!!!!
  • Nashville
    I love regular ben wa and you'd expect with glass these ones would be even better. How awful. :(
  • C0nc0rdia
    It is disappointing. I did similar research before I bought these same ben wa balls...and i agree, nothing. I wondered if it were me, or the fact that I have'nt had children. Good to see at least that there's nothing wrong with my capability to feel sensations! I did want to ass though, I think with the glass balls there's no chance of that vibrating or pulsing feeling because there is nothing inside the glass to shift within you. If you ever get a chance (as will I) try the duotone balls, they might give the results we're looking's hoping!
  • Lady Neshamah
    great review
  • krisvida
    Thanks a lot.
  • melsmith0626
    Hmm I'll keep looking thanks!
  • whatevergirl
    Thanks for the review!
  • Melissa Smith
    Thanks for the review!
  • Jo lala
    Great review
  • Jo lala
    Great review
  • neon
    thanks for the review!
  • klyte
    Great review!
  • klyte
    Great review!
  • Rhinobaby
    sorry they didn't work for you. nice review though
  • Teacookie
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    thank you
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    nice review
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