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Insignia Tiani 2 reviews

25 reviews
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25 reviews

The Insignia Tiani 2 is well worth spending the money on. It fills a growing trend of having products work for multiple uses. If you are looking for a vibe that works well during sex and can be worn during the act, then this is the one you want to invest in.

The best toy I have ever purchased. Well worth the money! Wish I wouldn't have bought the other toys I got and instead bought a second one of this before they discontinued it! The Lelo Tiani 2 could replace just about all my other current toys.

Overall, this is a great toy. Well worth the money. The only problem that we had with it is the fact that the remote also vibrated and it is loud. again, The only reason i am giving it a 3 bee is because of the remote, if you use it without the remote the noise is not noticeable.

Honestly, it was worth every penny. Will it be absolutely life changing for you? Maybe, maybe not, but it just may replace a few toys in your collection! If it lasted longer than 30 minutes of continuous use when fully charged, I would have given it 5 stars.

It breaks my heart not to like this toy. It's well built, well thought out, and feels really nice in the hand. But for us it just doesn't work well enough at its intended purpose to be worth the high price. Love the remote, but it's not terribly sexy to use. Love the idea of a vibe we can use during sex, but it's just not that comfortable. It's not bad, exactly, but it's just not as good as I'd hope and the price tag implies. Maybe the Tiani 3.

Overall if you are wanting to spice up things in the bed room, this is for you. The motion control remote allows for teasing each other, watching each other get off, or selecting the right vibration for both of you to feel during intercourse. Also helps in stimulating the G-Spot and achieving an easier orgasm while doing it doggie style.

This is a great toy for solo use and use with a partner. For solo use, it helps you achieve an orgasm quickly without any effort on your part. For use with a partner, the larger flexible arm works best to keep it in place. A little lube is needed with partner play so your partner can slide in against the toy.

In a nutshell this product overall was a HUGE disappointment! I wanted something I could spice things up with my husband and it did not work for that purpose. For the price I paid, I would hope it would work the way it is advertised and it flat out does not.

Tiani comes on strong with some fabulous, innovative and unique features and a fantastic idea but a slightly flawed design execution and moderate power level leave something to be desired. Overall, definitely not worth the high price tag. Though I'm usually not hesitant to spend a lot on quality toys, this one just doesn't measure up. The materials and concept are great but it's just not quite there. A mild redesign of the clitoral end and power boost would vastly improve this toy.

The Lelo Insignia Tiana 2 is a revolution in vibrators, couples toys and well, all toys! It has a Motion Sense remote similar to a Wii remote that will vibrate to the same pulsations as the toy so your partner can relate. This toy is simply elegant and rather exciting. It is very appealing and almost looks pimped out. It is the Cadillac of toys with all the options, wrapped up in a pretty little box and dubbed out with chrome rims and pinstripes.

This is a GREAT intro toy for couples into this toy genre. Small enough to not be intimidating, but powerful enough to get the job done. The contoured inner piece makes the experience go even smoother.

I had mixed expectations about the Tiani 2, especially considering the price point. Lelo has proven to make great products though, so I took the plunge. All in all, it's a great toy, made of great silicone, multifunctional and innovative. It has a few small niggles to work out, but offers a lot of options for use.

The Tiani 2 was worth every penny. Its super silky silicone is the most amazing I've ever felt--and yes you can use it out for public play.

I would recommend this to a couple that wants to experiment and enjoys to grind during sex. It will take a little getting used to but can be fun for most couples. Since it is versatile, the toy can be used by one or both of you. My partner did claim the vibration could be stronger. I would say buy it as it is worth the money.

Like I said before, this is well worth your money. It's fun to use alone and with someone else, whether intercourse is part of the action or not! I enjoy this frequently, so I keep rechargeable batteries on hand.

This discreet toy is my go to toy of preference. Both experience and non-experienced lovers of un will receive many moments of pleasure with the Tiani 2 and rated this at 4 Vroom's because I like feeling vibrations in tandem internally and externally.

If your partner isn't particularly well endowed, I think this toy could be a great asset to your sex life. Otherwise? Skip it and go for just about anything else, the lack of intensity will leave you wondering why you even bothered.

This is basically just a fancy vibe with a remote, and too expensive in my opinion. Fun to play with but there are better toys out there.

This is the funnest toy we have in our arsenal for public play. It feels well made and you will want to treat it like prized jewelry. Chic and naughty at the same time the ultimate plaything for adventurous couples out on the town. The perfect start to an amazing night.

The Tiani 2 is a wireless, remote control vibrator that stimulates both the vagina and the clitoris. It does work, but there's a chance your remote may have some lag. If you're okay with that, than this is for you. In my experience, the Lyla 2 performs better.

This one is great for couples play as well as solo, with toys, or in your pants at work!! It is super quiet. I had no issues with slippage. I did prefer to use the larger blunt ended attachment. It is quite nice to have the 2 attachments to choose from. The husband thinks the remote is a hoot! Only if we were younger I would use this as foreplay will at a concert or club. You feel a little naughty with it hidden and no one else knowing.

Tiani 2 is the next step in intimacy. It brings fun and spice back into the bedroom. The amazing modes and patterns makes couples play very interesting. Although the vibrations are not the most powerful, they do stimulate quite well. Unfortunately, this C shaped couples vibe will not fit everyone the way it should. It easily passes over my clit sometimes which can be frustrating. Tiani comes in three great colors, and it is waterproof! In a word: it is amazing.

If you’ve been looking for a remote controlled vibe designed for use during intercourse, one that’s whisper quiet, comfortable, rechargeable, waterproof and luxurious, the Tiani 2 may just be what you’ve been looking for. Sure there are other types available, but the SenseMotion technology puts it in a class of its own.

Lelo's design team presents the Tiani 2, an (updated) and innovative product designed to be worn by a woman during lovemaking. A unique, wireless controller allows the controlling user to adjust the settings without having to repeatedly push buttons, simply by using its unique "Sense Motion" Feature. A tilt of the remote this way or that way can actually change the settings! Six different modes of vibrations are available for an amazing and varied experience. Spice up your sex life today!

The remote is better. The vibrations are better (but not perfect). The wireless connection is leagues better. The 2 included options for the attachment are thoughtful, but may not work for everyone.

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