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Lelo: Insignia Tiani 2

Lelo's design team presents the Tiani 2, an (updated) and innovative product designed to be worn by a woman during lovemaking. A unique, wireless controller allows the controlling user to adjust the settings without having to repeatedly push buttons, simply by using its unique "Sense Motion" Feature. A tilt of the remote this way or that way can actually change the settings! Six different modes of vibrations are available for an amazing and varied experience. Spice up your sex life today!
Comfortable, flexible silicone neck, functions with or without the remote, quiet.
Possible "fit" issues, average intensity, remote functions confusing at times.
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Lelo's Tiani 2 is a vibrating massager, intended to be worn by the female during intercourse or used as a solo toy. This "U" or "V" shaped device has a vibrating motor concealed in the large end, which pleasures the clitoris, while one of the more narrow, interchangeable attachments is inserted directly in the vagina, resting against the G-spot and yet still allowing enough room for penile (or other toy) insertion. Taking the time to experiment with the toy is crucial, as one attachment may work better for certain positions that for others. This is an investment piece for those who already have some idea of what works and what doesn't for them. The intensity of the vibrations is pleasing; however, it's probably not going to be strong enough for those that demand way more than a tickle.

Material / Texture

Tiani is available in 3 colors (black, rose, and pink) of premium, soft, smooth, body safe silicone, which is hygienic, durable, and easy to clean. There are some seams visible and a few can be felt with a finger, but won't be noticeable during use. The additional components are plastic. Neither attachment has any texture: they are both smooth, but their shapes differ. Both attachments are very flexible to allow for maximum comfort during wear. This type of silicone has some grab to it, but attracts little lint and hair.
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

The entire toy is lightweight and easily fits in the palm of the hand. The two flexible arm attachments include the original design, which has an insertable length of roughly 2.5 inches, a tapered tip, and is slightly raised/rounded on both sides. The other attachment, known as the "full-feeling" attachment, has a more squared-off tip and is closer to 3 inches in length. This one is designed with a groove on the top side - along which the penis comes in contact with, presumably making it a better fit for the male - and a raised pad on the G-Spot side. Both are approximately the width of a finger, give or take a few millimeters.

The wireless controller is a 2.5 inch diameter disc, with the majority of the surface being made of silicone.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Out of the box, there are a couple things that must be done first before use:
#1- Clean the toy.

#2- Charge the base attachment by inserting the included DC plug and plugging that into an AC outlet. Allow to charge for 2 hours until the light is solid. The unit will normally flash slow and steadily when fully charged. When it begins to flash rapidly during use, it needs to be recharged. A full charge is said to last up to 2 hours.

#3- Insert the two included batteries in to the wireless motion sensor controller. Take time to familiarize yourself with it before just throwing the toy in and going to town, otherwise you can miss out on some special features. Not only does it provide for controlling the main unit from a distance, but it also adjusts the speed/intensity of the vibrations and switches between the different patterns in mode 3. The batteries (Energizer brand) are found in the carry-on pouch along with an oblong piece of plastic. DO NOT THROW THIS PIECE OUT! It is the "key" that locks the silver cap on to the motion remote. After inserting the batteries, align the silver cap properly, take the black "key", insert the tab located on it in into "keyhole" in the center of the silver cap, and twist to lock it into place. The same procedure applies to replace the batteries.

There are two operation modes to choose from:
1) Solo- This is when you use the device without the remote. Select the attachment you wish to use, then insert into the vagina. To power on the toy, push the ((*)) button then continue to press it to cycle through the patterns. NOTE: The speed during solo use is fixed (at the highest setting) and cannot be increased or decreased without the remote.

2) Wireless Mode- Power on the toy device by pressing ((*)) once only! Power on the wireless remote by pressing the "+" button. Allow at least 5 seconds for the connection to be made between the two devices. Once it is established, proceed to whichever "Sense Motion" mode you wish by using the middle button. Here is a brief description of each:
a) Sense Motion Mode 1: This increases or decreases the intensity of the continuous vibrations by simply tilting the controller from a horizontal to vertical position.
b) Sense Motion Mode 2: Shaking the controller increases the intensity of the continuous vibrations.
c) Sense Motion Mode 3: Accesses the different patterns and allows the intensity to be increased by either hitting the "+" or "-" buttons.

In wireless mode, the controller will vibrate in sync with the toy; however, there is an option to turn off the vibrations in the remote. Read the manual, it's your friend with this device!

To power off the remote, hold down the "-" for several seconds. To power off the motorized vibrator, hold down the ((*)) for several seconds.
    • Discreet sound
    • Hard to figure out

Care and Maintenance

Clean all silicone surface with warm water and antibacterial soap or an adult toy cleaner. Use only a water-based lubricant on silicone surfaces. Store in the original box or the included storage pouch, away from heat and light sources.


LELO always presents its products beautifully, with tastefully designed outer boxes that simply show an image of the toy and describe its features. It's perfect for gift giving too, should you wish to wrap it or unveil the outer sleeve and tie a ribbon around the black box. The black box is a keeper, as it contains areas to hold all the different components for storage. Travel is made easy with a black drawstring pouch for on-the-go fun. Included is a sample of LELO's water-based lubricant, a silver metal pin with the LELO insignia, and finally, important information about their 1-year warranty and 10-year quality guarantee (full replacement versus a new LELO pleasure toy at 50% off through their website), so remember to register the product after you receive it!


This toy is very well-made, with quality components, and an impressive range of wireless control (we tried at a 15ft distance, although it may go further). It was a bit overwhelming at first, even for an advanced user as myself. In fact, it almost offers too many features for me personally; but in this day an age of technology, that may be a selling point for the tech-savvy generation. It was crucial to spend some time familiarizing myself with it before actually using it with my partner, and even then I still fumbled through some of the settings. Then we just wanted to get busy, so I put it on sense motion 3 at the highest setting and left it alone.

The test.....Neither of us liked the feel of the original attachment. It hurt me and kept sliding off my g-spot. The "full-feeling attachment" stayed in place better and was more comfortable for both of us to use, although my partner still said he prefers nothing in me while he is thrusting. The motor on the clitoral attachment overshot my clitoris, so i didn't even get full contact with that where it was most needed. We stuck to missionary position or some variation of it, so that it wouldn't slip out of me. LELO recommends using the "full-feeling attachment" for positions other than missionary.

I was unable to climax with it while using it with my partner. I later tested it with a dildo and had no problems (using the full-feeling attachment), but I could have been really horny. I honestly can't say it was the toy alone that did it for me. It's an expensive piece of equipment, lacking the deep rumbling vibrations and high intensity that I prefer. I also couldn't figure out how to turn off the vibrations in the remote even after following the directions in the book; mine was still vibrating! Overall, I'd have to say that is was fun to experiment with this toy, but I won't find myself reaching for it on a regular basis. For my body, it just wasn't the perfect fit.
Follow-up commentary
I had high hopes for this toy, but after a couple more attempts to have intercourse with it, it seemed like it was more trouble than it was worth. For those who can remember that they own it and don't mind the way it feels against their cock - Hey, go for it! I just think it's a bit overrated.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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