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Marble slimline G reviews

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36 reviews

This product is worth buying because you can't beat the price, and the vibe is super strong. It's not the most amazing vibe, but it's one of those vibes you keep coming back to after you buy a new one and it doesn't work for you or breaks or runs out of weird inconvenient batteries. It's the faithful backup vibe that always does the trick and looks simple and non-intimidating.

This product is worth the money! Especially if you are a beginner and want to try something new. The only problem that I had with this product is the cap (that goes over the batteries) cracks when tightening it back on. So be careful when changing batteries and changing speeds.

The Marble Slimline G is a much better clitoral vibrator than g-spot vibrator in my opinion. It can extend your reach significantly, so would be good for anyone who has a hard time reaching their clit. This toy packs a good amount of power into its small frame, but keep in mind that it is a little loud and buzzy. The Marble Slimline G is a fine little toy, good for couples of any gender, and with its price it deserves a spot in most toy boxes!

If you can handle something very firm, this toy is wonderful. It's super cheap too and comes in good colors. Everyone needs one of these!

I would recommend this toy for the price and because even though it has a few negatives, it will get the job done.

The Slimline G is worth the price that I paid for it, and when the one that I have finally dies, I'll probably get a new one just out of love for the product. It's a great 'beginner' and also great for someone more experienced!!

Overall, I'm very happy with this toy. It's not expensive and it really does the job for me. I can totally live with the noise as long as it brings those head-spinning orgasms with it. I tuck him away in my nightstand knowing full well that I will be seeing him again very soon!

Overall this toy is great for g-spot stimulation, and for beginners who want to experience their first g-spot orgasm. The only draw back is how loud the motor is on this toy. If it was a bit more quiet, it would be the perfect toy.

The slimline g is a great addition to any nightstand collection. It's not my go-to toy but it's great as a supplement. If you're looking for the mythical g-spot orgasm every woman so dearly craves, i'm not sure this toy would lead you to that particular paradise.

This toy is perfect for anyone who is looking for hard toy that does everything. Make sure you clean it. The best part is the intense head and the vibration.

I can see this being a great vibe for partner use--I'm sure I would come in a nanosecond if I had this in my while having my clit suck on by a partner. I'll probably use the Slimeline G as a clit vibe when I'm alone, but definitely plan on incorporating this into partner play.

The Slimline G is great for G-Spot and clitoral stimulation and the longer handle and angle of the head is great for accommodating a big belly.

Overall the Marble Slimline G is a great deal! Perfect for the beginner who doesn't really know what they're looking for in a vibrator yet. But also great for an experienced toy user who wants a nice inexpensive vibrator that can do it all.

You get what you pay for. This toy has use in our arsenal, but limited use. It can be uncomfortable if used improperly, but it also can bring pleasure, if the Bulb is positioned correctly and held properly. This is not a "does it all" toy, but could be an added occasion use toy for many people. If it were more quiet, we would use it more often.

A good toy to reach your g-spot. Lots of fun to share with a partner in bed or in the shower or bath for some good wet-n-wild fun.

This toy has been the go-to for a very long time. I'm on my second and thinking about a third. I'm more of a external cummer, so it suits my needs very well. So a more accurate name may be the Slimline-C?

I think this toy is worth it for the price. It is easy to use and has a great dial-vibration system that you can adjust gradually. The toy is great for thrusting and the bulb head provides a lot of stimulation. You can insert it pretty deep, although the hard plastic makes it feel stiff. It's easy to clean, but you need to use lots of lube with it.

Although the noise from this toy has largely prevented me from enjoying its strong vibrations, I have found that it does accurately target the G spot. If you are looking for a toy to thrust against your G-spot with strong vibrations and no worries about a louder toy, then for the price this one is worth checking out.

I absolutely loved this vibe. It was well worth the money I paid for it. It wasn't disappointing at all. I think it's perfect for the beginner who wants to learn where all her sweet spots are.

This is a steal as far as money, I would buy it for a higher cost and still be happy!

I think this toy has been so much fun, I got it in the mail while at work and had to work all day thinking about it. And it really has lived up to my expectations of it. I have stronger clit orgasms with this toy than anything else I've ever tried. Great buy and definitely worth it!

It's great for the price! A great toy for someone new to the sex toy world. It's not overly phallic looking either.

This is an excellent toy for almost any occasion. The intense vibrations and large head will get straight to the point. Just make sure you use plenty of lube.

It's not worth it. It's hard and uncomfortable. The bulbous head was tiny and unsatisfying. It is a multi-speed, and is good for solo masturbation ON THE CLIT but is absolutely not a "G-spot vibe".

This vibrator is great for first timers entering the mysterious world of the G-spot. It is inexpensive and easy to use with toe-curling results!

If you’re looking for something on a budget, but still need a strong buzz, this vibrator is for you. Although we mainly used it for clitoral stimulation, it is relatively well proportioned for internal stimulation and overall pleasure.

The slimline G may not be holy grail of g-spot vibrators, but at less than $15 bucks it's a heavenly find.

Funky colors and functional in all of the wonderful things that you can do to yourself with it, the Marble Slimline G is a great little inexpensive toy with strong vibrations and the perfect angles for effective g-spot stimulation.

Looking for a great, versatile vibrator? Definitely go with the Marble slimline G. It can be used as a G-spot vibe, as well as a clitoral vibe. Not to mention, it's pretty quiet for its size.

This toy is worth every penny. The Slimline G-spot vibrator is a part of my toy collection and is used almost every time I play. For the price, you get an amazing toy with phenomenal vibrations and g-spot stimulation to boot!

Disappointing g-spot vibrator. I am all for a cheap vibrator as long as it does its job. The Marble slimline G failed to come through for me.

This vibe provides good orgasms on the cheap. It's louder than I expected and the plastic is very hard (although this might be a plus for some people). I'll certainly keep using it.

This is the perfect go-to vibe. The buzz is strong and the noise is moderate. The bent head is perfect for cupping against the clit, either alone or with another toy in play. The precision, fullness, and sensation from the G-spot stimulation is toe-curling good, though if also using vibration, the toy needs two hands to adjust the stiff control wheel. This has drawn the best, sustained multiple orgasms I've had. It's cheap to try.

Overall, I would say this is a good first time one. Doesn't cost to much and hits the G-Spot just right. Stays put, easy to use. Plastic but doesn't hurt when used..

The Marble Slimline G is a perfect Gspot stimulator. Its size fills the vagina without being overbearing, and its vibrations, while powerful, lead to an intense heart pounding climax. Clean up is easy and storage is a snap. Because it is hard plastic, it can be tossed in a drawer without any special attention. All in all, this is a wonderful, low maintenance toy.

Other than the not-at-all discrete volume level, this toy is my new favorite. The angle and strong vibration make it very nice for both clitoral stimulation and g-spot access.

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