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OK for warm up, but could be named The Slimline LOUD

You get what you pay for. This toy has use in our arsenal, but limited use. It can be uncomfortable if used improperly, but it also can bring pleasure, if the Bulb is positioned correctly and held properly. This is not a "does it all" toy, but could be an added occasion use toy for many people. If it were more quiet, we would use it more often.
Good for finding G Spot, the bulb often seems just right size, easy to clean
LOUD, hard plastic may be uncomfortable, don't like the Dial control on the bottom
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The Slimline G is advertised as a G Spot vibrator, which is certainly can be for many. As every woman's G Spot is in a somewhat different place, it may not be great for all. I found it worked well and hit my G with little problems, but further insertion, past the G Spot, was painful, due to the hard plastic. If we use it JUST as far in as my G, we're OK. Some women may prefer to keep the toy still, others may find a gentle thrusting, just to the point where the G Spot ends more stimulating. If nothing else, this toy CAN help you learn your body a little better.

We usually use it turned off, as simply a G Spot dildo, because the motor is so loud, I start to laugh if My Man turns it on, and am afraid we'll wake the entire house up and they will think a single engine prop plane has crashed into our bedroom.

We've used it a few times as a clit stimulator (in the ON position, turned all the way up) and although the vibrations seem fairly strong for such a low priced toy, it is simply too loud for this use for us. Also, your body doesn't seem to dull the noise, even when it's used for G Spot penetration. It was simply not strong enough, however, for my Clit O Steel to be able to orgasm from this use. More sensitive women may find this a fine clit stim toy, if they can stand the noise, though.

Although it does not have a flared base we have CAREFULLY used this toy, covered with a polysiprione condom, for something akin to anal rimming, although I would not suggest full anal penetration as although the toy is fairly long, there is no base to stop it from being pulled in. A good grip on the toy is essential and don't be tempted to insert it. If you do this DO NOT use the toy on or near the vagina or clitoris without a complete cleaning. Condoms, if using as an anal rimming toy are probably a good idea in addition to thorough cleaning.
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    • Anal-rimming only no insertion
    • Clitoris
    • G-spot

Material / Texture

The hard plastic is certainly friendly to an allergic body like mine. But, there is no flex to this toy at all, it is hard hard plastic. And unlike my Vixskin, silicone and softer plastic phallic toys, this toy actually HURTS when deeply inserted, and even the wrong angle may cause the thin handle to hit your body in the wrong place, causing pain.

It is much too hard for oral play, in my opinion, and you or your partner need to be aware of just how far you can penetrate with this toy without discomfort. When used as suggested, JUST as far as the G Spot, I had no pain whatsoever. And although I really enjoy toys with some flex and softness being penetrated deeply, this toy can only be used as far in as my G Spot it, for my comfort.

The material has no taste and no smell, which is a bonus. Clean up is easy, due to the non-porous material. The texture is smooth and cool feeling until used, and then it warms to body temperature nicely.
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The toy's shape seems well designed, IF your G Spot is positioned at the angle, the toy is made and you and/or your partner can find the spot with the angle of the toy. This toy may help some women find where their G Spot is, simply by manipulating the toy until they feel that distinctive "I have to pee" feeling and then getting past that (making sure your bladder IS empty first) and then on to pleasure.

My Man and I had no trouble finding the Spot, and the angle seemed perfect for me. But, we've been familiar with G Spot Play for years. The size was nice, although the bulb was a bit small, it seemed to feel comfortable and even stimulating at times. Although I like LARGE toys, we use this for only a short time during our sex play, but the "stem" of the toy, below the bulb can be uncomfortable when hitting your clit or other sensitive parts.

The bulb may be too large for women not used to insertable toys, and she may need some prior stimulation, perhaps with the toy on her clit, first, and she may need to use a good lube to facilitate insertion. Some women may want to play with this toy in the "OFF" position first, if she isn't sure where her G Spot is. Other women may prefer to find their G Spot while the toy is vibrating. This may be a good toy for a woman trying to first find her G Spot, as it isn't too intimidating and after a few tries it is easy to manipulate and not difficult to hold.

However, it would have been nice if there was a raised marker on the shaft of the toy, to mark "UP" or "here's the G Bulb" because when My Man uses it on me, it has the tendency to rotate around, with the bulb pointing down, away from my G Spot, and if there were a marker on the shaft that he could just feel, it would prevent the need to repeatedly pull it out and try to place the bulb in the right position.

The toy is a regulation size phallic vibe/dil and can easily be stored or hidden in a soft or hard sided storage case. We use an Extra Large Sugar Sac, and this, along with several other toys fit well.
    • Beginner
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

The vibrations are powered by AA batteries, which are thankfully easy to find. The power switch is a rotator knob at the bottom of the toy, which I am not all that fond of. Intensity is controlled by turning the same knob farther. It is too easy to accidentally turn this toy on, (when you don't want the noise) turn the intensity up or down, or turn it off without meaning to.

The least favorite feature of this toy is the noise. My Man and I need QUIET toys, we have a house full of kids and although we are open about some things, the details of our sex life are not on display. The toy is without doubt THE loudest in our collection, and as a result, is used much less frequently than many of the others.

I like this toy for warm up and teasing, as my G Spot orgasms are not intense, even though they can be fun. I have never had an orgasm from this toy ALONE, but I am hard to please. Other women, with more sensitive sexual organs may find it quite easy to orgasm from this toy. IMO, the vibration intensity was in the middle of the spectrum, which is enough or even more than enough for many women.

The instructions say it is waterproof, but I didn't ever feel comfortable using in under water (although that may help mute the sound). I do wash it without opening it, (and the inside and the batteries stay dry) so the O Ring works well for that use at least. But, I am wary of "waterproof" toys, especially in this price range. An O Ring does not equal "water proof" but it could well be, I just never wanted to ruin it by trying it out underwater.
    • Medium strength

Care and Maintenance

I wash this toy with mild soap after every use. The O Ring keeps the water out, so I wash it with the batteries in and have had no problems. We store in in an anti-bacterial Sugar Sac and it fits well. The hard plastic should be compatible with virtually any lube. We only use water based, but a silicone based lube should not harm this toy at all. It is a pretty rugged toy, and has even withstood being dropped on the hard tiled bathroom floor with no damage.
    • Easy to clean


We've had this a while, My Man gave it to me as a gift, and I believe it came in a clamshell plastic package with a chick on it. I wouldn't use the package to store it.

I honestly can't remember if there were instructions.

Personal comments

Although this is not our favorite toy for several reasons, it does get some use. Due to some discomfort from the hard plastic, if inserted at the wrong angle or too deeply, it is not an "all purpose" phallic vibe. For us, it does hit the G Spot nicely, but due to the super high noise this toy makes we use it less than we would if it were quieter, and often simply use it as a dildo, and don't bother with the power.

As we don't turn it on often, I can say the batteries certainly last a long time. :)

With our other phallic vibes and dils, I prefer deep penetration, but this one requires a much lighter touch and more shallow penetration. It seems I do have to remind My Man every time we use it, "This is the G Spot one. It's hard, don't put it in too far." My G Spot seems to be pretty close to the vaginal opening, so just using the bulb for penetration (I think, I can't really see) seems to work well for warm up, for us.

Like I said, although it is not make for this, we have use it, covered with a condom, for nearly all external anal stim. The bulb is a nice feeling and the stalk is long enough so My Man can use nearly his entire fist to hold on to it. I wouldn't recommend this usage, though, unless you are going to be only using it for EXTERNAL stimulation, and aren't tempted to insert it anally. There is no flange and although it's long, it could go too far.


Because of the issues mentioned above, My partner doesn't often reach for this toy. He feels its use is temperamental, with having to be so careful about insertion depth, not hitting my clit with the shaft, and accidentally turning it on or off, or changing speeds with the dial on the bottom without meaning to. He usually only grabs this toy if we are having an all out Toy Spree, and I only occasionally use it for solo play.

My G Spot orgasms are not intense or satisfying for me, but I occasionally use it too keep the inner lips open during play with a quieter non-inserting toy, like the Wahl. But, unlike softer toys, hitting the Slimline G with the other vibrating toy is irritating, as it seems to almost "jack hammer" in response to such a strong toy at its stem. I don't usually touch the Wahl to the Slimline while using both, due to the Slimline having no soft properties to modulate the vibrations from the Wahl.
Follow-up commentary
The Marble G hasn't changed at all, nor has our use of it changed appreciably. We still occasionally use it for G Spot stimulation, either myself alone, or with him.

We have used it as a carefully used anal bulb. Using ONLY the bulb for insertion and only for short periods of time. This is accomplished by using a condom over the toy, some lube and a very good grip on the long handle. The toy does NOT have a flared base, so care, as well as knowledge of one's body is necessary.

I do have to offer a caveat about this type of use. This toy has a LONG handle, The handle, not including the bulb is 6 3/4 inches. (More than enough room for even the hand of a large man to wrap around it.) The entire toy is close to 9 inches, including the bulb and it's curve. There IS a lot to hang onto and the dial base is larger than the stem of the toy, providing a small speed bump to stop any slipping. However, unless one is well versed in one's own, or well versed in one's partner's anal behavior and structure, it is probably best to only use this toy anally as a "rimming" type toy, if one were to decide to use this toy for any anal play. The smoothness and shape of the bulb is very stimulating and the material is very easily cleanable. Also, a condom should be used over the toy, and good hygiene before use, and good cleaning of the toy after use is necessary if any anal rimming play is used.

However, the intended use of this toy is vaginal use, for G Spot stimulation, as the name implies.

We will probably use this toy as an occasional aid to other activities and as a break from or in addition to our other toys. As we have done in the past. It's not the most often used toy in our collection, nor is it our favorite, but it does supply a bit of novelty, and I am glad we have it in our collection.

I just wish it was not so damn loud.

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  • kck
    Awesome review, P'Gell. It's a shame this is so dang loud! I need a quiet dorm room (vibrator) buddy
  • gone77
    Excellent thorough review, P'Gell. I had one like this some time ago but it eventually went the way of so many PITA toys--disposal!
  • P'Gell
    Thank you. I with there were a way to mute it. I've actually used it alone with a PILLOW over the toy and my body to mute the noise.

    It's OK for the price, though.
  • Brian
    Nice review. I've been looking at getting this for my wife but may look at other options now to see if there's something better out there. Thanks.
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    Great review!
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    I don't think I'd want to use it if it was so loud either. Great review.
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    Shame it's so loud. Excellent review!
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    Good job on the review I have the same toy and its way to noisy to be used often.
  • Midway through
    Great review! Too bad it's so noisy.
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    I had one of these in green. Eventually did away with it, it was too loud and did nothing for me.
  • Twist
    Nice review...I actually think this toy is a better p-spot toy more than anything.
  • Sera
    Excellent review. That was a great read.
  • P'Gell
    You're welcome, Sarah. Twist, there is a P Spot toy nearly identical to this, in a smokey black color. I think the long handle makes is safer than most toys without a wide base. I would still be careful with it anally, though.
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    Great review! It really IS a loud toy!
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    I love your review. I want to get this for p spot fun!!!
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