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HOW many orgasms?

This is the perfect go-to vibe. The buzz is strong and the noise is moderate. The bent head is perfect for cupping against the clit, either alone or with another toy in play. The precision, fullness, and sensation from the G-spot stimulation is toe-curling good, though if also using vibration, the toy needs two hands to adjust the stiff control wheel. This has drawn the best, sustained multiple orgasms I've had. It's cheap to try.
Cheap. Strong vibes. G-spot design. Plastic--safe. Snap clean up.
Stiff control wheel--needs two hands. Noise level--high when going at full power.
Rating by reviewer:
useful review
I just had 5 orgasms. Two of them were shaking-legs, oh-shit-so-good I'm fucking COMING orgasms.

The last time, I had 6.


This is it. I love playing with this toy, from teasing it up my legs, circling the lips of my vagina, across my clit--then pressing hard and bucking up into it. It's really, really good.

The head is curved to fit right over and nestle my clit, and the motor-driven vibe has this deep, thrumming that's unlike the high buzzing of bullet vibes. I love that. This is my go-to vibe if I'm using another toy for penetration because it fits so well and never interferes with whatever else I'm doing.

What I don't love is having to use two hands to adjust the intensity of the vibrations, though, because the control is thin and a little stiff to turn (won't go off unintended in your baggage though!). That makes it trickier when I push the toy inside and I want a change of pace, so to speak.

The nitty-gritty:

1. Packaging

I loved the simple, tasteful packaging. If you want to give the gift of orgasms but don't want a slutty, clown-faced, wannabe porn star potentially alienating your orgasm intendee...go for this one. Clear plastic shows off the friendly "I want to love your vagina" vibe.

2. Material

It's plastic. I love plastic because it delivers great vibration, and this delivers that in spades. Plus, it's really safe and a snap to clean. (Wipe--it's clean! Toy cleaners are especially convenient.) It won't pick up dust or stray hairs like some of the best silicone can do, either. [Editor's note: hard plastic is not sterilizable, so covering if sharing is recommended.]

3. Noise

I read complaints that the motor is loud. Well, it depends. If you're the type to dial your babies up to 11, then the varrrooom factor is loud and obnoxious. Actually, sometimes the Marble G|Marble slimline G whines and rattles and coughs a bit and doesn't seem to like that, so maybe I would suggest a little caution.

I like my vibes to be medium, medium-high because any higher and I think it just numbs me out. There's also more of the buzzy-whine intensity rather than the deeper pulsing vibes I like at lower power. At these levels, I think you'd have a really good chance of having a late night session with your roommate in the room. Even at the loudest, I don't think it'd be heard through the door. Probably. Depends on how thick your door is.

4. Quality

Who knows? Maybe this will die on me in a month or two. Or maybe it will last for three years, like my last plastic motor vibe. I've had it for about three weeks. But it feels solid enough in my hand and doesn't feel flimsy or cheap.

5. Price

The PRICE. I can't believe the quality of my orgasms for the price. I've tried the pricier stuff. This is better.

The price is the reason I give this toy a 5. It's so cheap that it can be overlooked among all the mediocre toys, so I won't regret writing a glowing review and encouraging folks to try out a $15 toy.

Hey, maybe you'll be as satisfied as I am. If you've tried it, let me know!
But oh, when I use this as a G-spot toy--it's what it was made for. I have to stretch just a little to accommodate it, but penetration is the best part. I usually take it out and reinsert it to feel that amazing egg-shaped head slide against the sensitive entrance, press against the g-spot, and fill me up. After that, I'm so tight and clenching with pleasure that I don't do much but rub, right against the wall of my g-spot, little strokes that just get better and better until I realize that the curve of the toy has turned around inside me--which feels good, too.

Standard lying-back with legs spread is good. Kneeling may be even better. My muscles are already tensed from being up, and the Marble G is pressed right up against that perfect spot, and with a separate vibe for my clit, I am just GONE.

G-spot pleasure for me feels like that tight fullness that signals maybe a bathroom break, but it's centered on what feels like the nerves right behind my clit. The right, firm pressure massaging it is the best kind of discomfort-pleasure. I can go for an hour with the Marble G doing that. I think the secret's in the slim wand, so you can feel the precision and fullness of the head as you rock into your own thrusts. Because it doesn't fill your entire vagina, that's all the more you can feel as you slowly pump the toy.

It can also make the most obscenely wet, slapping sounds while you're fucking yourself, if you're into that. :)
Follow-up commentary
I thought I'd follow up with a FYI about the noise: it gets a LOT quieter once it's muffled against something. If you need to be more discreet, when you turn it on, keep a hand wrapped around the head of the toy, where the motor is. It stops the hacking whines and heads down into a more regular, deep thrum. My Bee rating reflects noise while in use, not the standalone 70s blender sounds when you just turn the toy on and up. Hey, the thing's being used with a purpose, you know? If you've got the vibes turned on, chances are it won't be just rattling around on your mattress shocking the neighbors, but gettin' up close and personal with certain parts of your anatomy. ;)
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