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35 reviews

At almost 2.5 hours long, the movie is well worth the $30 price. Most ppv charge at least .90 cents per minute for this movie.

This is definitely a wild, bad girl and boy film with several scenes of double penetration, and plenty of anal play and oral sex. The sex in this film is consistently a bit rough and not for the faint of heart. There is no plot to the film; however, from the film's title and synopsis, you know not to expect one. If you enjoy double penetration and a highly attractive cast, this is a good episode collection to purchase. The scenes are not short, and the HD quality is a welcome bonus.

If you need a good time, this is certainly the way to go. This DVD delivers a good variety of one on one sex, as well as threesomes with double penetration.

Overall, I am only really pleased with scenes 1 and 2. These I will come back to watch again. Scene 3 has a great looking Rebeca Linares, but the scene was painful enough where I wouldn't watch it again. And the last two scenes were absolutely horrific to me. I'm glad I got to see Stoya, but I'm not sure if this DVD was worth it.

Shot in high definition, each scene is high quality with great close-ups. For those that enjoy the dirtier pleasures in life, Bad Girls offers the kinky play and anal penetration you don't get to see in vanilla porn.

Bad Girls 5 is not a bad DVD, just a misleading one. I enjoyed all but one scene, and even then, that scene was nowhere near as bad as some others I have witnessed. I recommend Bad Girls 5 to anybody who like anal, as there is quite a bit of really hot, powerful anal.

The big draw of Bad Girl's 5 is that it includes Stoya's first Double Penetration scene. It's a great scene and by far the one I watch the most out of my entire library however the rest of the content feels like filler and the practice of ATM really annoys and disturbs me.

All in all it was a good set of scenes, natural(ish) girls, hot DP scenes, and I love that its on DVD and Blue Ray!

If you buy one pornographic DVD, I can't say that it HAS to be this one; but it should be on your shortlist. There's some really sexy, dirty, beautifully filmed action here and if you're not aroused by this video viagra, I'd be genuinely astonished.

Stoya Black stars in her first double penetration with James Dean and Steve Holmes. It's ironic because her scene pales in comparison to the stellar performance of Rebeca Linares. There is minimal plot to the sex vignettes, many of which are erotic, however the I found the chemistry to be forced in the last scenes which included Jenny Hendrix and Angelina Armani. Overall, I felt like the movie was too long.

Suitable for anyone looking for a little more hardcore, a bit of light breathplay and rough sex, as well as some decent DP scenes.

If you’re looking for a plot, Bad Girls 5 will disappoint. If you just want to get down to business, the five scenes on this DVD give you a taste of bad girls who like to get down and dirty. While not all of the scenes have great chemistry, nor are all of the girls really that “bad”, Stoya’s dp scene is a delight to watch and get off to.

Bad Girls Episode 5 features decent sex scenes with some mild kink. The movie utilizes typical POV angles and lacks any cohesive storyline. While the sex is certainly not vanilla, it's not extreme by any means, especially by porn standards. The film features Stoya's first on film DP scene and the pleasure she experiences is certainly a joy to watch.

Digital Playground and I have a different version of what bad girls are! This was more about girls just doing what we all love – SEX! This one isn't real full on but still delivers some variety with anal and threesomes. Great if you're starting out or like mostly typical sex scenes but tends to be on the mild side if you're into hardcore porn.

All in all this was a great porn flick. This is the traditional no plot, straight sex kinda film. I'm not really one of those girls that's into the DP kinda thing, but the DP scenes were definitely hot. I loved that the girls enjoyed themselves. I also loved that they also threw in a couple of twosome scenes in there. If there only had been at least one FMF threesome, I would say this is a perfect porn.

This movie really revolves around Stoya's DP scene. The other scenes pale in comparison which is sad. I wish they gave five FANTASTIC scenes rather than one great one, a few decent ones, and one bad one.

Bad Girls 5 is a dirty, raunchy movie. It may offend some. Heck, it may offend many. At times, the action is a bit rough and crude, but I loved it!

I would advise everyone to see this movie for Stoya's smile alone! For me, it was the highlight and elevated a pretty mediocre scene to sublime. The rest of the film stars some amazingly beautiful men and women and the sex is pretty non-threatening for a 'bad girls' genre. Still I do have a problem with the ass to mouth and ass to vagina practices but it's what is considered standard in the business. Perhaps with time and pressure this will change.

This is a plot-absent porn that spends almost every second, literally, on sex. For many people, that's a big plus. I wouldn't have any problem with that either if it wasn't for the few sad attempts at 'scene-setting' plot devices that resulted in bad acting or incomprehensible conversations. But on the plus side, there are some great non-vanilla sex scenes, hot bodies, and not the same formula for sex in every scene.

Stoya's first on-screen double penetration is the real draw here, but the other scenes are all pretty exciting, too. A great choice for anyone looking for an all-sex video with a good variety of hot scenes.

I really liked this movie. It's full of HOT and SEXY people, awesome sex, and amazing sound and camera shots. Stoya shares her first double penetration scene with us in "Bad Girls Episode 5", and boy is it awesome. This movie also offers up a little bit of everything; which is cool because if you like spanking, double penetration, or just some nice hot sex you will really like this movie. *Pictures from the movie included. Not all of the cast is shown.*

While this film does indeed feature Stoya’s first double penetration scene, it also suffers several questionable editing/production choices. One moment the picture quality is great, and another it is not so great. Rebeca Linares steals the show away from Stoya and puts out possibly the best scene on this film, and one of Digital Playgrounds better scenes all together, making this movie worth your time.

Well, if you like straight sex, and no plot, then this movie will probably keep you interested. I thought it was somewhat predictable in most scenes, but Stoya and Angela Armani saved the day.

If you've ever wanted to be a bad girl and see how they live then Bad Girls Episode 5 is here to satisfy. I have a secret desire to be bad, so this quenches my thirst. Plus, Stoya has her very first DP on camera, how yummy is that?! It's truly a part of porn history.

This DVD has tons of features to include coming in DVD and Blue Ray disc. The chemistry between the actors was great and they seemed to enjoy each other in the scenes. There was a lot of the same things over and over again and sometimes I found myself hitting the fast forward button. If you are looking for a good DP DVD and bad girls getting dirty this film is for you.

If you are looking for a flick that you don't have to invest plenty of time in focusing in on the plot, this one is for you. There is a little bit of everything in this one.

A porn for those who tastes run closer to spice than vanilla. The draw is watching uninhibited women doing what they want without pause, and fully enjoying themselves as they do it. Some of the sex is a little naughty, some a little rough, there is a lot of double penetration, but all of it is A LOT of fun to watch.

Sexy ladies doing naughty things...who can complain about that? The hottest scene is definitely Stoya's double penetration scene but the other scenes have plenty to offer as well. If you like Stoya, anal sex, or guy-guy-girl three-ways, you'll love this movie.

After watching Bad Girls Episode 5, I want to do a few things: 1. See more of Stoya, 2. See more of these Bad Girl episodes, 3. See more of Tommy Gunn, and 4. Own a pair of ridiculous jean shorts.

We all know there is no perfect movie out there, and everyone has their own opinion. This movie was very hot and got me to the right point. The only flaws I seen in this movie were some scenes had bad lighting making some of the stars seem jaundiced in some positions and some not very fluent transitioning of positions. The length of the movie 2 hours and 29 minutes may be too long for some people. I would recommend this to anyone, if they are looking to steam the house up.

Stoya shares with us her first DP and it is well worth it. This is a no nonsense movie, no story just hot sex.

The double penetration and anal scenes were amazing. That alone is worth seeing! Unfortunately, a lot of the movie consisted of repetition, a suck or fuck between each other, or even while alternating which then made the scenes way too long. It all ended up being the same with no originality. This is why I gave it three stars.

Bad Girls 5 shares the beautiful sets, actors and actresses of many porn movies but also has the lack of a plot and predictable sex. There is one great double penetration scene, however. It may be worth watching just for that.

Stoya's enthusiasm for cock makes any minor annoyances more than tolerable. And it's her first DP on film! The behind the scenes footage gives you a glimpse at her personality and love of her job.

"Bad Girls 5" isn't a bad choice for a porn, but it doesn't go too far outside of the "normal" porn standards. The sex can get a bit predictable, and I'd highly recommend watching this in multiple sittings to avoid getting too bored by the predictable sex.

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