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"Bad Girls 5" isn't a bad choice for a porn, but it doesn't go too far outside of the "normal" porn standards. The sex can get a bit predictable, and I'd highly recommend watching this in multiple sittings to avoid getting too bored by the predictable sex.
Stoya's scene is hot, Three threesome scenes, Good sound and video quality
Not all unique scenes, Scenes get way too long, Formulaic threesomes, Scene selection
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"Bad Girls 5" is a sex-scene focused movie directed by Robby D. The movie does not use any sort of protection. This movie stars Stoya in her double-penetration scene, but other actors include Angelina Armani, Jenny Hendrix, Tori Black, Rebeca Linares, Mick Blue, Tommy Gunn, Manual Ferrera, Steve Holmes, James Deen, and Scott Nails. The movie runs about two hours with less than five minutes of non-sex material. There are five sex scenes - three of which are threesomes. Stoya's first double penetration scene is the headliner of this disk.

This movie does come with a Blu-Ray and regular DVD edition. We watched the Blu-Ray edition on our PlayStation 3 with absolutely no issues. The sound was just fine, but when people are speaking, the volume is usually too low to hear comfortably. The moaning isn't too loud though. The color seems natural.

Normally I'd rate and explain the story, but this movie is completely lacking in story. It's meant to be that way as it's supposed to just focus on the sex. However, the selling point of this movie is that these girls go "above and beyond" most actresses, so the movie will be rated on how hot the sex is as well as how unique/"hardcore" the sex scenes are. (I don't know porn stars, and the box doesn't list any of the male actor's names, so don't fault me if I get a male actor wrong.)

The first scene is between Tori Black and Manual Ferrera. There is a bit of a "story" where the movie starts out with Manual hearing Tori talking out her cell phone that she's coming in, and he arranges the sheets discreetly and pretends to be sleep masturbating. When she catches him, the two of them act really embarrassed. (This is actually amazing acting. I totally believed it.) She hits on him, and the two of them end up having sex. There isn't much exciting or unique about this first scene,

The second scene is the main feature of this movie. It's a three-way between Stoya, James Deen, and Steve Holmes. Stoya ends up giving both boys a blowjob at the same time (though not her mouth at the same time or their penises would touch, and that'd be horrible), and then the three of them move onto having sex. This is her double-penetration scene, and the guys manage to get into a couple double penetration positions without allowing their penises to ever touch each other. This scene does get some decent "kink" such as when they are spanking and choking Stoya as well as when Stoya gives a handjob while rimming one of the guys (and being penetrated by the other.) There is some hair pulling too. The actors end up with lots of smiling and dirty talk that ends up being really sexy. The guys are vocal too which makes it hot. This is probably one of the better scenes I've seen in a porn movie. I just wish the guys weren't phobic of one another. (There's also a couple times where the guys pull out just to show how stretched Stoya's butt is. It's gross.)

The third scene is with Scott Nails and Rebeca Linares. There is no story to this scene. There really isn't anything "unique" about this scene either. The scene starts out watching Rebeca give a blowjob from Scott's point of view which is actually kinda cool. (And probably pretty exciting if you have a penis.) After the blowjob, we use the POV aspect. After about ten minutes of that, the girl receives about two minutes of oral sex before we jump into intercourse. Half- way through the sex, she quits having sex, and goes into the nearby room to start giving Tommy Gunn a blowjob. She plays the Dominant role and holds down his hands as she has sex with him. After giving him a taste, she walks out of the room, and using her penis-calling abilities, both men come out of the rooms and follow her into the living room. She then gives a blowjob to both men. This turns into a threesome with the three of them. Not to overshadow Stoya, both guys are never in Rebeca at the same time. Instead, they switch between having sex with her and receiving blowjobs. Rebeca is definitely annoyingly loud at times. This scene also goes way, way too long. It goes about a half-hour - at least. It just got boring. Along with this, aside from switching between two guys, there's really nothing "extreme" about this scene.
The fourth scene is between Jenny Hendrix and Manual Ferrera. (I think that's him) This scene focuses around using a video camera, and the two of them start using the camera as their way to make their own porn. They film each other giving oral sex to one another, and it's actually neat since the "real" camera ends up looking over their shoulder and seeing what the in-scene camera is seeing. However, in terms of "going farther" than most sex scenes, this one stays in the pretty basic territory. Especially when you consider that the hand-held camera is abandoned shortly after oral sex is completed. Plus, the scene goes on way too long, and again, we found our attention being more annoyed than aroused.

The final scene is Angelina Armani and Tommy Gunn and Mick Blue. Another threesome. Again, this threesome starts off with Angelina giving blowjobs to both boys. Again, not to outdo Stoya, Angelina never is double-penetrated, but instead, switches between having sex and blowing the two guys. The guys end up doing a lot jackhammering thrusting in this scene. Aside from the different girl and different guy, this one basically ends up resembling the earlier threesome with Rebeca.

For most of the scenes, I was confused as to why the girls weren't really wearing shorts. Their shorts always came half-way up their butt and were torn to pieces. Along with this, it's really disgusting when, after taking cum in their mouths, the girls spit it out and let it dribble out of their mouths. I'm definitely not fond of how much that happened in this movie.

Special features include a photo gallery, how to contact them, trailers of other DP movies, and a Behind the Scenes feature. The movie can be navigated through scene selection, but instead of allowing a choice by scene, they only give by chapter numbers (1, 2, 3, etc.) which makes navigation more of a pain than it should be.

I can't say that this movie was all that "out there" compared to most porn. It does include three threesomes which is a pretty large amount for one porn, but at the same time, all of the threesomes follow pretty much the same "set-up" which makes them not nearly as hot as they could be. Stoya's scene is the hottest out of all of them and is easily the star of the entire movie. Aside from her scene, there isn't much that "pushes the boundaries" of most mainstream. The movie is very focused on pleasuring the males (since it is mainstream porn), and the sex scenes get very boring to watch in one sitting. To get the most out of this porn, I recommend watching in multiple sittings or it'll be how obvious the sex scenes are to one another.
Follow-up commentary
I still do not like this porn movie. It just doesn't have anything in my mind that would make it memorable, and it's something I've never once had the urge to rewatch. For the right person, it might be a good movie, but for me, this one was certainly not it.
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  • Waterfall
    Thanks for the nice review! This one looked good from the trailer, but I'm not sure if I still want to get it.
  • Redboxbaby
    Great review. I'm looking forward to getting mine in the mail. Hopefully, this week.
  • TheSinDoll
    Thanks for this review! The Husband was interested in this one!
  • namelesschaos
    thanks for the review I've been interested in this one a for Stoya's DP scene.
  • KnK
    Lol. Her penis calling abilities. I got this great image of penises in the wild and her being the penis whisperer. Maybe this is because I need sleep...yes that would be my guess, but it still amuses me.
  • leatherlover
    Thanks for the review. It sounds like it would be better for masturbation than for just sitting and watching.
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