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They're Not Bad Girls, Just Misunderstood

This is a plot-absent porn that spends almost every second, literally, on sex. For many people, that's a big plus. I wouldn't have any problem with that either if it wasn't for the few sad attempts at 'scene-setting' plot devices that resulted in bad acting or incomprehensible conversations. But on the plus side, there are some great non-vanilla sex scenes, hot bodies, and not the same formula for sex in every scene.
Delivered Non-Vanilla Sex,
Some Attractive Stars
Smudged and Melting Make-Up Everywhere,
Non-Sanitary Actions that Make Me Go "Ew",
No Music
Rating by reviewer:
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Content / Genre / Audience

This porn more than any of the others I've seen so far in the Porn Club actually delivered some pretty good non-vanilla sex. What is vanilla sex to me, you ask? Not just penis-in-vagina penetration until orgasm but also porn over uses blowjobs and fingering too. But not this film, thankfully! There's anal fingering, cunnilingus, anal penetration, double penetration, and threesomes. Not bad for one film, right?

Well, it's not all goodies and gumdrops for me. The risky sex (like the ass-to-mouth, for example) was less a turn on for me and more an extended "ew" moment. But that's a personal thing and it's pretty sexy (even if impractical and unrealistic) to some. Also, the lack of plot and bad acting really dampened my mood at points. Maybe I'm a stereotypical woman but I want either a good plot to get into or just mind-blowing sex to cover the lack of it. What I got was neither, though it was a least more stimulating that I thought it'd be.

This film would be great for an individual or couple starting out in their kinky, non-vanilla fetishes or wanting to shake up the norm. (Or perhaps just for someone who's seen a lot of very standard porn films and wants something new to masturbate to.) But any advanced or veteran kinksters might find this film on a whole disappointing. That is, of course, unless one good sex scene or two makes up for the rest of the film for you! Or if you like long, drawn out cum shots (complete with crazy sound effects and transitioning to the next scene to boot), then perhaps you need some more bad girls (version 5.0 apparently) in your life.

Disclaimer: The following review is representative of the opinion of myself and not that of EdenFantasys or its other reviewers. The things I may not like, someone else could love. The things I notice and judge on could be of little consequence to others. But I wrote the review with keeping in mind that revealing too much leaves nothing to be excited about when watching a porn for the first time and only touched on what I felt was necessary to mention. Also, as choppy as the extended template is, I really wanted the extra room to write so I apologize for the odd organization.
    • Anal sex
    • Hetero
    • Threesome scenes


Cast List
Jenny Hendrix
Tori Black
Angelina Armani
Manuel Ferrara
Mick Blue
Steve Holmes
Tommy Gunn
Scott Nails
James Deen
Rebeca Linares

DVD Menu
- Play
- Chapters (1-18)
- Special Features
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Bad Girls 01

Details and Features
- There is no use of protection in this film.
- Shot in widescreen 16:9 format
- Comes with both a DVD and Blu-Ray disc (The DVD was used for this review)
- Feature length is 2 hours and 29 minutes
- Gonzo genre

"Gonzo" porn means it uses camera angles and movement to place the viewer in the scene to feel like one of the characters or a voyeur. This style was originally inspired by amateur-filmed porn and personal sex tapes and is characterized by lots of close-up shots, very few if any wide (aka far away) shots, and often the characters hold the camera in the middle of the action. The only poorly done cinematographic elements that really bothered me in this film were the very choppy cuts that are most noticeable when their position changes.

DVD Features

The Introduction - I actually really liked the opening sequence. It was artistic, had some great rock music, and, while giving you a peek at the sex, it didn't give away the whole sequence which would have only spoiled the fun. Definitely an A+ for the introduction into this film of bad girls doing naughty things.

Bad Girls 02

Sex Scene 1 – To start off, there is no background music, pretty bad acting, and plenty of time taken up by repositioning that could have been, well, sexier. But Manuel Ferrara is really becoming one of my fav stars. He has a beautiful body, a very impressive cock (which is uncut), and a cute accent. And while Tori Black wasn’t bad in this scene, there was a heck of a lot of noise from her while very little from him. It was like she was having sex with herself from the audio. And while I couldn’t tell from the tourniquet pants she was wearing earlier, despite the ass close-ups, she really does have a pretty nice ass which you get plenty of in this scene, including some anal fingering. I appreciate her more modest and natural looking nails as opposed to the extreme style seen a lot in porn. It ends in a facial which nearly gets cum in her eye. Facials really aren’t my thing already, but then she looks at the camera and shows us. When it’s already not your favorite thing, that is really unsettling. But if it is, then you’d enjoy it. Oh and because it’s completely possible to miss otherwise, what’s supposed to make her a “bad girl” is the microscopic plot of her having sex with someone who’s not her boyfriend. Besides sexy Manuel, my favorite part of this scene was the line: “Did my pussy just squish you out?” I rate this scene 3 of 5 stars.

Bad Girls 03

Personal comments

Scene 2 – This scene starts out immediately with sex with no introduction. There are two men (James Deen and Steve Holmes) and Stoya, whom is adorned with colorful make-up and both her nipples pierced. One of the guys, who was fingering her rectum with vigor, sniffs his hand and then tastes it. Maybe it’s because I know the risks (plus the smell is never great to begin with) but it made me audibly say “ew” in the middle of the otherwise sexy start to this scene. Also, when she starts giving them simultaneous blow/hand jobs and gags, you can see her eyes water and tear up. If that’s your thing, then have at it. But the kinky stuff really takes off in this scene. Not only is it a threesome but there is rimming (licking around the anus), anal penetration, and double penetration. My criticisms of this scene would be the bad cuts/transitions between positions and possibly how high pitched and child-like she sounds at the beginning. Also, the extended facial scene at the end. Otherwise this is some really good, non-vanilla sex. I rate this scene a 4 of 5 stars.

Bad Girls 04

*And I feel it necessary here to caution against introducing any anal bacteria into the mouth or vagina. Your risk of infection and illness are very high. Also, men who penetrate the ass are risking a UTI, among other things. This is a porn and is not necessarily safe or recommended. Please use caution, protection, and know the risks.*

Scene 3 – Here is another scene that seems to almost start out with a plot. But to this film’s credit, it’s not listed as a “porn with a plot”. But it does show her (Rebecca Linares) get dressed just to get undressed again. This scene begins with a very in-depth blowjob with a POV camera angle as the camera sits right near the level of the guy’s head (Scott Nails). This is definitely something for the gentlemen to enjoy. I myself got very little out of it (I think you need a penis to really enjoy it). There’s also some decent cunnilingus. The camera guy occasionally screws up by being on the wrong side of the action (like her hair blocking everything) but it may not be as noticeable to some. What definitely is noticeable is when they stop having sex for her to run around the house naked and into another man’s room (Tommy Gun). What little plot there is in this scene is supposed to set up the concept of having sex surreptitiously while someone else is in the house – that you just had sex with (which is, of course, followed by a threesome complete with anal penetration). My favorite part of this scene? For some reason, the couch. I want it. Least favorite? The facial at the end (again). I rate this scene a 3 of 5 stars.

Bad Girls 05


Scene 4 – This scene starts out with an ode to the 'Gonzo' style theme this porn is based on. Jenny Hendrix walks into the room holding a video camera and recording Manuel Ferrara while the other camera (the one we see through) watches. They are having a conversation, but I fail to understand all of it with the poor audio, the mumbling, and his accent. But what they’re saying is not important and the sex eventually starts, albeit slowly. I do feel that this scene contained more than the average amount of spit though, just to warn. And it had the usual blowjob, penetration, and anal fingering but also had a bit of face-sitting which was a nice change of pace. But the bed was really squeaky! I mean, it was seriously in need of lubricating. But my favorite part of the scene was how into it HE was getting! Rawr! He was moaning, whispering, and sweating. So while this isn’t my favorite sex, his performance was definitely sexy. I rate this scene a 4 of 5 stars.

Bad Girls 06

Scene 5 – This is the only scene with background music and it starts out with Angelina Armani doing a sexy striptease for the camera. But then the music fades and you hear a man whisper behind the moving camera. There’s as much plot as you’re getting for this scene. But to be a bit random here, it kept weirding me out how similar she looked to Madeline Kahn and Robin Tunney. If you don’t know who they are, then her face probably won’t weird you out like it did me. But along the same lines – her caked on foundation really bothered me. But moving on! So it turns out there are two men in this scene (Mick Blue and Tommy Gunn), making this another ménage-à-trois. The difference? It’s really not as non-vanilla as the Stoya counterpart so it was a bit anti-climactic as the last scene of the film. But it did have some shots of the men (and I mean of their faces) as they jerked themselves off for the stereotypical facial ending. I rate this scene a 2 of 4 stars.

Bad Girls 07
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    Great review, Jen!
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    Excellent review. I like your disclaimer. I'd also be turned off watching someone finger someone's anus and then lick that finger. Yuck!
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    I have to get mine done - procrastinating.

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    Good review! Very in-depth
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    Thank you, everyone! It was really a bitch to write. I had been procrastinating too, Shellz lol. But the ones for this month look intriguing so I hope they're more inspirational.

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    18? wow, I thought having 5 piled up was pretty bad.

    Yeah, I procrastinated a bit on writing up my review, too. There were some things that bothered me about this film which I ended up not factoring into the score I gave it, because it was all standard for this genre. Preferring a plot isn't just for women; I much prefer a plot as well. But this movie wasn't advertised as having one (unlike Love and Other Mishaps, which did) so I didn't feel I could mark it down for not having one.
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    Great review! I agree with you on the "ew-factor" in this movie. I had the same issues.
  • Darling Jen
    I'm so glad it wasn't just me, Redboxbaby.
  • Crystal1
    Great review! I think I can skip this one. The ATM thing is a huge turn-off, especially since Stoya said in the EF chat that they don't clean up between. It probably isn't a good sign when your favorite part of a scene is the furniture! Ha! The part with the vocal guy does sound good, though.
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