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Some bad girls, some boring girls

Overall, I am only really pleased with scenes 1 and 2. These I will come back to watch again. Scene 3 has a great looking Rebeca Linares, but the scene was painful enough where I wouldn't watch it again. And the last two scenes were absolutely horrific to me. I'm glad I got to see Stoya, but I'm not sure if this DVD was worth it.
Stoya in double penetration, some cute outfits
2 other boring threesomes, no toys, 2 really bad scenes
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Content / Genre / Audience

Bad Girls Episode 5 is a Digital Playground movie, directed by Robby D., and produced by Sam & Joone. Bad Girls Episode 5 states on the cover "where other girls stop these girls start". Out of the 5 scenes, I can only believe this for sure in scene 2. Maybe a little bit in scenes 1 and 3, but only a little. The other two scenes to me just fell totally flat. Featured in this are 3 threesomes, all with MMF, but only one features double penetration. The other two "bad girls" scenes features a woman cheating on her boyfriend with his roommate while waiting for him, and a camera being thrown into the mix of a scene, but quickly be discarded. No toys, no props, no whips, chains, or handcuffs. To me, this is too much like standard porn.
    • Anal sex
    • Threesome scenes


Tori Black- Really sexy in her scene, and dressed nice. A slightly above average performer.
Manuel Ferrara- Never have had a problem watching Manuel, a typical good scene for him.

Stoya- My first time watching Stoya, and she had so much energy. Definitely getting another movie with her in my next order.
James Deen and Steve Holmes- First time watching James and Steve, and I didn't have a problem with either one. Their scene with Stoya was my favorite.

Rebeca Linares- Sexy little thing with a cute outfit in her scene. But her performance wasn't exceptional or boring.
Scott Nails and Tommy Gunn- I have seen both plenty before, and didn't have a problem with either guy.

Jenny Hendrix- First time watching her, and nothing note worthy. Not that pretty in the face, and a boring scene.
Manuel Ferrara- Going from scene 1 to 4, a totally different Manuel. I didn't like this scene with him, it felt amateurish.

Angelina Armani- Even worse than Jenny. Not really pretty, boring scene, and she just kept pulling her boob out for the camera.
Mick Blue and Tommy Gunn- I was not impressed with either in the last scene. I have only seen Mick in one other film, and he is definitely not a favorite of mine.

DVD Features

The case is definitely not friendly to be concealed among other DVD's. It features a large photo of Stoya in a thong on the front, with the same picture on the side. In the back are a bunch of stills from the movie, showing tits and dicks.

Included in the case are both a Blu-ray and DVD, but I only watched the DVD version. The Main Menu features: Play Movie, Chapters, Special Features, and Contact. The Special Features includes: Behind the Scenes, Gallery, Slide Show, and Trailers.

The BTS is 7 minutes long, and features Stoya by herself talking to the camera. She starts talking about her first double penetration experience, and she says that this will be her first on screen double penetration, and she is very excited about it. Then Steve joins her on camera, and kisses and plays with her a little bit. Then James joins her as well. They then move to another room right before her scene, talking more to Stoya, with James messing around in the background. They then talk to her one more time after her scene. For a BTS, it was extremely short, and somewhat disappointing.

The Gallery and Slide Show features the same pictures, just one moves automatically for you.
    • Not very discreet packaging
    • Scene selection

Personal comments

Scene 1 Manuel and Tori
Manuel looks out the window, and sees Tori who has come to see her significant other, but he isn't home. She lets herself in, and Manuel acts like he is asleep. She finds Manuel, and is surprised. But he then starts rubbing himself, and she is watching. He then wakes up and startles her, but she wants to see his cock. Then she starts stroking his cock, and they kiss. She then gives him fellatio, he licks her breasts and starts undressing her. After moving her thong aside, he starts with analingus, then cunnilingus. But after removing her boots and jeans, she has her boots back on for the remainder of the scene. Then PIV sex, spooning, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, 69, doggy with him inserting a finger anally, then she inserts a finger anally herself. The scene finishes with the facial. 25 minutes.

This was my first scene with Tori, and I think she is pretty. I liked her outfit, and liked how she kept her boots on for sex. The sex was pretty typical, but she was a little loud at times, and she played with the cum for the camera. 4 stars.

Scene 2 Stoya, James and Steve
Stoya walks in wearing a bikini, and is extremely happy to see the two men sitting on the couch. They immediately start with kissing, while James starts to rub her vagina. Steve fingers her for a moment, before slipping the finger into her ass. They aren't wasting any time with her. James is the first to loose his clothes and get his dick sucked. Then she is playing with both dicks, sucking and stroking. Steve is first in her vagina with James in her mouth. Steve gives analingus, then first into her ass with his dick. James into her vagina with dick next. Shortly after this, the double penetration starts. Throughout the scene, Stoya is very excited and energetic. This is my first scene with her, and wow is she pale. They roll onto Steve's back, and James get to be on top of the pile. Some face slapping by James. ATM by Stoya licking Steve, James into her ass. Some analingus by Stoya for Steve. Then Steve inside vaginally. Then more DP. Facial cumshots, and she plays some with the cum at the end. 24 minutes.

First time seeing any of the performers, but they were all great. A very energetic Stoya, some great DP that lasted for most the scene, and analingus for the men. Only negative being some ATM. 5 stars.

Scene 3 Rebeca, Scott and Tommy
Starts with her dressing in the bathroom, where she is already wearing a white corset top, booties, and then puts on extreme lace-up short shorts, which are the same size as booty shorts. She jumps on top of Scott on the bed, and they start kissing. She then starts with the blow/hand job from his point of view. Eventually after what seems like a long time, we get the view from her ass as he moves her shorts aside to try to fuck her. But then she removes her sexy little shorts and he starts giving her cunnilingus. Then starts the PIV sex with her on top. When she starts getting loud, Scott tells her to be quite, but she gets a naughty idea. She decides to go see if Tommy wants a little fun of his own. She starts with some kissing, then some cock sucking. Then once again PIV sex with her on top. But what about Scott? We get a great view of her ass as she rolls her ass back and forth onto his penis. She eventually gets up and leaves the room, and both Scott and Tommy follow her to the living room to find out what is going on.

She starts with switching between which cock she wants to suck. After a little bit, while she is sucking Tommy, Scott comes around and takes her in doggy. She gets really loud quick, but Tommy shuts her up with his massive cock. Now she gets back on top of Tommy, while she sucks Scott. Then Tommy licks her as she is sucking Scott. Spit for lube, and I am starting to get bored 30 minutes into it. Finally anal sex for Tommy while she sucks Scott, and we get a great view of his head going into her ass. Now anal for Scott as she sucks Tommy's ass covered dick. Yum. Another switchero, and she looks right at the camera. Another switch, and now Scott is in her vagina, but then right back to her ass. Back to Tommy, and she mounts him side saddle. At least it is a different position. Finally after 42 minutes the double facial.

I really liked her outfit. But it got boring, with too many position changes and partner changes. Also, no DP. 3 stars.


Scene 4 Manuel and Jenny
Jenny walks into a bedroom in shorts so short we can see some underwear, and has a camera. Manuel is sitting on a bed reading. They talk for a little, but it is hard to hear without turning the volume way up. Soon he grabs her shorts and ass, and yanks them up so much that we get a great booty shot. Its a weird scene though, because even though they are filming with the small camera, we get a totally different view of the two of them. He then hands the camera back to her, removes her shorts, and starts with cunnilingus. They switch the camera again as she starts sucking his cock. The camera then disappears for spooning, then cowgirl, 69 with her on top, then her on her back, analingus for her, reverse cowgirl. Finally after a very long 30 minutes we get the facial cumshot. Then he grabs the camera again as the cum is dripping down her face.

I don't like her; she makes weird faces, looks bored and out of it. With the camera in the scene it felt like amateur hour. Boring! Too much fake moaning, and she was even moaning while stroking his cock. Really? 2 stars.

Scene 5 Angelina, Mick and Tommy
Starts with Angelina in a black dress rubbing herself. She exposes a breast, then gets on the bed and lifts her dress to expose that she has no panties on. She then starts rubbing her pussy, and after a few minutes, Tommy and Mick come in with cocks out for her. She starts sucking one at a time, then pretty quickly Mick is in for PIV sex in spooning. Then Tommy goes in for spooning as she plays with Mick's cock. More switching which cock is in her mouth and in her pussy. Then Mick starts fucking her face and she gags a few times. Back and forth they go with nothing really exciting. After 24 minutes, she receives the double facial.

No real pros to this scene. Just like scene 3 once both men were together, it was a boring threesome. She looks at camera, no double penetration, and more playing with the cum. 2 stars.
Follow-up commentary
I'm torn on this one. I haven't watched it since reviewing it, but I haven't placed it either in the pile of I'll probably never watch again movies. I keep it out because of Stoya's DP scene, and the women's outfits in the 1st and 3rd scene. But the rest of the movie is just so so, and the last two scene's were horrible. It's not looking good for this one.
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