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Not Thee Fab Five, But A Fab Five

After watching Bad Girls Episode 5, I want to do a few things: 1. See more of Stoya, 2. See more of these Bad Girl episodes, 3. See more of Tommy Gunn, and 4. Own a pair of ridiculous jean shorts.
Stoya's first DP on film, mostly good cast, some hot shots, liked the majority of it, anal, DVD/BR
Some predictable scenes, they all end the same, some run long, some sound issues
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Content / Genre / Audience

I have never heard of any of the other Bad Girls episodes, but number 5 is pretty damn good. It is a gonzo style porn directed by Robby D. and presented by the awesome Digital Playground team. It seems to be aimed at heterosexual males. As a straight female, I loved many parts of this film by myself though. You can expect all male on female action with plenty or oral, vaginal sex, anal sex, some double penetration, and some threesomes. Some scenes run a bit long and can get repetitive, but there are a lot of large names in this film that keep things interesting most of the time. It is one of the better porns I have seen in a while. I recommend it to anyone who loves any of the above listed things, or combinations of them.
    • Anal sex
    • Double penetration
    • Hetero


*Scores are based on their sexual performance + appearance (out of 5)*


1. Tori Black: *****
Scene #1
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2. Stoya: *****
Scene #2
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3. Jenny Hendrix: ****
Scene #4
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4. Angelina Armani: **
Scene #5
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5. Rebeca Linares: ****
Scene #3
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1. Manuel Ferrara: ***
Scenes: #1, 4
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2. Mick Blue: ***
Scene #5
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3. Steve Holmes: ***
Scene #2
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4. Scott Nails: ****
Scene: #3
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5. Tommy Gunn: ****
Scenes: #3, 5
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6. James Dean: ****
Scene: #2
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    • Good chemistry
    • Hot scenes
    • Male/female cast

DVD Features

This porn comes with both a DVD and a Blue-Ray disc in the same Blu-Ray case. It is shot in wide-screen (16:9) which is great for plasma TVs. Probably due to some of the scenes dragging on, the entire length of the film was a long 2 hours and 29 minutes.

- Behind the Scenes: worth watching! You discover that it is NOT Stoya's first DP. It is her first DP on camera. It is also Steve Holmes' first on screen DP. The entire BTS is about their scene.
- Chapter Selections
- Photo Gallery/slide show: contains gorgeous pictures of the girls and scenes. A lot of them are not during filming and won't be recognized from the porn itself
- Other porn trailers: six more awesome Digital Playground films

The packaging is very nice. It comes in a short Blue-Ray case. Over this is a nice matte sleeve. It can be thrown away if you don't want it. It has the same pictures and info as the one for the hard case. The front is not really discreet. It does not have graphic nudity, but there are bare asses. The side has these same images. This paired with the porn like title might give it away amongst a regular DVD collection. The back has a lot of little graphically nude thumbs. Inside is a pamphlet for Digital Playground's Pirate toy line.
    • Attractive design
    • Scene selection
    • Special features / bonus included


*His/Hers scores are from my boyfriend and my points of view (out of 5)*

Sex scenes:
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#1 (~24 min): A girl is meeting her boyfriend at his house except he isn't there. She finds a house mates room where the guy is pleasing himself. They have an embarrassing moment, but it doesn't last long before she coaxes him to show his goods. She can't help but stroke and suck him. The guy is uncut which normally turns me off, but this time this particular star kept my attention. He slowly strips her and performs analingus in a hot way! He gives her oral before he has sex with her from the side. The couple seems to have chemistry which is a plus. They switch between oral and some great sex positions a few times. It helps that this gal has a great ass and the camera man shows it off. He finishes on her face. There were a few times where the camera went blurry, but otherwise the camera and sound were good.

Him: ****
Pros: Kept boots on
Cons: Kept her top half on

Her: ****
Pro: Nice ass, good angles, chemistry
Cons: camera blurs, sex noises were annoying a few times

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#2 (~23 minutes):
This is the highlight of the porn. Stoya has her first double penetration ON FILM. This is not her first DP which she reveals in the BTS footage. The scene starts off kind of abruptly because she just walks in and sits between the two men. They ravage her. I noticed right away that Stoya has a large area of pubic hair. This was a tad of a turn off, but it quickly went away with all the hot action! She starts by giving them oral at the same time. The men have very nice members. They all get rounds of oral switching around throughout. To further warm her up, one guy gives her anal while she gives oral. Then comes the prettiest DP I have ever seen. It is clean, neat, and rhythmically great. Plus, Stoya is smiling the whole time. It is one of the best sex scenes I've ever seen actually. The angles are great and so are the positions. The camera angels worked as well. However, there was a bit of fuzziness. There are even shots that show her spread open asshole and some analingus performed on the males. I was pleased to see that. There is also ass to mouth which might bother some viewers. The guys finish on her face.

His: *****
Pros: Great DP (and I don't even like DP scenes)
Cons: bush

Hers: *****
Pros: Amazing DP scene, Stoya's performance
Cons: Nothing

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#3 (~45 minutes): scene 3
A girl emerges from a bathroom and joins a guy on a bed. She slowly strips him down giving him a bj along the way. It was hot at first, but it didn't seem like she was making him hard which quickly turned us off and bored us. She also used some weird and painful looking oral techniques. He then gives her oral before she gets on him cowgirl style. There is a lot of kissing in this one which seems very passionate and adds to the chemistry. What is also different is that this girl is very dominant even slapping the guys face and penis. She says some things to the guy which could not be heard clearly even with the volume all the way up.

She then goes into the other room where another guy is. She tells him to shhh and starts to seduce him very passionately. Again she uses some interesting oral techniques...TEETH! She rides him cowgirl before walking away as a tease. The baffled guys meet up in the hall way. They find her in a different room waiting for them. She sucks off both of them at once. Then the guys take turns doing her and getting oral. There is also anal. At one point she gets face fucked which always turns us off but afterward there is a hot anal part that turned us on again. There is ass to mouth in this scene as well. They cum on her face at the same time.

His: ****
Pros: Anal, girl has nice body, dominant
Cons: oral techniques, no female orgasm?

Hers: ****
Pros: Anal, male bodies
Cons: face fucking, oral techniques, too long

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#4 (~30 minutes)
A couple is filming each other. The guy directs the girl a bit before she takes over while he is giving her oral. They switch. This really weirded us out because she kept his foreskin up. When they get to the sex, we were a bit dissapointed. This guy seems to do the same stuff with every girl. It seemed like a repeat of scene #1. There were some distractions as well. The girl has annoying vocals and the bed squeaks a lot. She also never closes her mouth. The camera angles on this one were not as good as others. For example, they do 69 but you can't see anything because of hair being in the way and where the camera is. There is also a very weird ass suffocation part and a part where it seriously looks like he is fucking her asshole with his nose. Neither of those are our thing. To add to the earlier distractions the guy whisper repeats everything he and she says. It drove me nuts! By this point we just just begging for the guy to finish already. He does, predictably on her face...and BOTH her eyes. Impressive.

His: **
Pro: her ass
Con: everything else, the guy

Her: ***
Pro: her ass, analingus
Con: camera angles, same boring ending, annoying, predictable

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#5 (~24 min): The girl is on a bed and is directed to play with herself. My partner and I decided she was unattractive from the beginning, so we were not looking forward to this scene. It turned out to be the worst of the five. Two guys enter. She gives them oral and has sex with them interchangeably. The oral sex had a lot of really bad gagging. NEXT! She also had annoying vocals. Sex produced a holey pussy with queefing too. The guys finished on a closed mouth.

His: *
Pro: nothing
Con: everything else

Her: *
Pro: Tommy Gunn
Con: her genitals, noises, two of three are not attractive, weird oral

We agreed to give this film 4 stars overall. We were annoyed that they all ended the same way, but there was one stellar scene, two good scenes, one decent scene, and one horrible scene. I'd say that is pretty good since we could finish to at least three out of the five.
Follow-up commentary
I liked this porn enough to keep it for a while. But when a friend mentioned they liked Stoya and had not seen this...I couldn't not let them barrow it. They ended up loving the DP scene so much that I just let them have it. I'm pretty sure that scene is engrained in my brain anyways!
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  • ? Amanda ?
    I think I will have to add it to my collection. Thanks for a great review on the film.
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  • ~LaUr3n~
    Thanks Lady A

    Thanks Waterfall! I am glad you like them! We have watched almost all of the porn club porns together, so any that we do will have those hers and his ratings from now on
  • KnK
    Thank you for the pictures!! I was trying to figure out who was who in the male cast, now I can reference your review when writing mine. Thanks honey!!
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Welcome! Arg, they deleted my last one. I'll replace that soon.
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    Great review. I learn some much from your reviews.
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    Glad you still like it! My porno's seem to be getting borrowed all the time too.
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    stoya is so hot. after seeing previews for dvds with her in it i've always wanted to get them just havent yet lol..I will save a ton of points lol I have so many expenses lately and am saving for other things..
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