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Sweet Confessions reviews

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16 reviews

Sweet Confessions by Violet Blue is a collection of erotic stories that focus on couples and trying new things. I found the stories in this book to be very good, both in writing and in content. I highly recommend this one.

This is the perfect read for couples who want a diverse collection of stories that can point them in sexy new directions in the bedroom, and of course, out of the bedroom too. While I appreciate the well written and well fleshed out stories, overall, I just didn't feel it. It's too divergent; each story is so unlike the other, there are bound to be some I clash with. There are, however, a few that were explosive. I'm sure if you try this one, you'll discover new favorites and fetishes too!

Wonderful collection that I just couldn't get into. I am hoping that by the time I do my follow up, my opinion will have changed. I do encourage everyone to give it a shot though.

Overall, this is a really nice anthology for couples looking to experiment. It's nonjudgemental and not condescending at all. It's sweet yet sexy and makes for a good read in the tub!

Sweet Confessions is 18 stories over 188 pages. There is a good mix of naughty and naughtier fantasies in this collection. This would be a great way to let your partner in on any secret fantasy you might have.

For some of us there is that one special desire we are too ashamed or afraid to admit to our partner(s). This book celebrates that concept and allows the reader to vicariously imagine a wonderful outcome to sharing those secret desires. Here is a book that might lead to some readers gathering the courage to try some of those crazy fantasies that seem to burn inside demanding to be shared!

This is an excellent collection of well-written short stories, with good variety and pacing. It truly does have something for everyone.

This book is chock full of sexy fantasies that couples are exploring with each other. The stories themselves are varied greatly so you won't end up reading the same story over and over in a different setting each time, and at the very least may provide fodder for your own fantasies at home.

A nice collection of original erotic stories that are in the tantalizing "middle ground" between having mild sexual content and something that only hard core fetish folks would enjoy. It should appeal to most of th adventurous couples out there.

This anthology was well put together and the stories fit amazingly well together. While every single story wasn't the right fit for me, as a whole, it was a book that holds a special place for me husband and I. I loved this book so much that when I "lost" it for a couple of days, I simply HAD to buy a digital copy of it to continue these arousing stories. This entire anthology was well written and flowed amazingly well.

While this isn't the best book I've ever read, it is a very nice compilation on a very interesting (and dear to my heart) subject. With lots of themes to pick from, I feel like everyone will find something to dig their teeth into with this one. While it's not a 'must read' or a high recommendation, this is still a solid book.

If I could hand pick a selection of themes to suit a wide audience, I couldn't have selected these stories better myself. The stories in the book turned me on so much I had to stop or go insane with desire. I will go back to this book time and time again to get ideas, and engage my mind in some truly well written erotica.

While I didn't love every story in this book, it has some excellent writing by great authors inside. Any one of these couple's stories could potentially help open up the door for a couple if shared with like minds. Some of the stories were really sweet and some were a bit taboo. I think it was a pretty good mix of reality with pure fantasy. This book could be enjoyed by the single person as well, since it is full of hot sex!

Share your inner fantasies with your partner and make them a reality! Sweet Confessions can help you do just that. With a wide variety of stories about fantasies and fetishes, from corsets to age play, this book can be a good solo read, or you can read it with a partner and see what interests you both. Maybe you have something you want to tell your partner, or maybe there is something they are already waiting to confess to you.

Sweet Confessions is good not only for reading alone if you want some erotica, but for opening up a discussion with your partner about the various fantasies shared within. While your fantasy may not be in this book, the ones included can stretch your mind and encourage you to share the ones you do have. Four stars because this book is designed mainly for HETEROSEXUAL couples but does not state that on the cover.

Ever wanted to confess a sexual desire or fantasy to your lover but held back? The couples in these stories do confess, to both their and their partners’ delights. The sex is hot and erotic, and you may find something you’d like to confess to your own partner in the 18 stories contained in this collection.

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