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Advanced smart cleaner misting toy sanitizer reviews

20 reviews
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20 reviews

I expected this toy would be my new, favorite, water-free toy cleaner. I was disappointed to find that this cleanser directed users to rinse the toy with water after scrubbing it with the cleaner. This contradicts the company's demo video. I prefer the Eden Toy and Body Wipes since they have a nicer, fresh smell and don't require water. However, I acknowledge that compared to toy wipes, this spray will last you far more uses than a 10-pack of wipes and it gets the job done.

A hypo-allergenic, pH-balanced toy cleaner, at this price? Yes! I'm pleased to report that I've had no adverse reactions to this toy cleaner, and that it's easy to use, and does exactly what it says on the tin.

I love this toy cleaner! It's fast and simple to use. Simply spray on, wipe off, rinse and your done! This is an alcohol-free cleaner that is perfect for travel and is safe for use on all materials.

Advanced Smart Cleaner by Evolved Novelties is a nearly odorless, body-safe spray cleaner that you can use to clean your toys when other methods aren't available or convenient.

If you're like me and you use toys most days, but don't have time to boil/bleach every toy after every use, then this might be a good option for you to consider. It does what it's meant to, and it does it well!

Imagine a little city of bacteria growing on your toys. How to be Godzilla and stomp them all out of existence? By cleaning your toys of course!!! If you don't have access to soap and running water, this might be a good alternative!

I am so happy that this is odor-free and safe for all of my toys. There is nothing worse than having to buy multiple cleaners for different toys because I feel I am wasting so much money. I'm not wasting my money here. This cleaner has simple and safe ingredients that keep my toys squeaky clean.

Evolved Advanced Smart Cleaner Misting Toy Sanitizer is a wonderful cleaner to have around for after playing with your toys. It's very simple to use and a little goes along way. Just spray the desired amount on damp cloth (I spray directly on toy) and then scrub the toy, and rinse clean with warm water.

Does a fantastic job cleaning and disinfecting many different kinds of toys. Fairly discreet, with idiot proof instructions. The last cleaner I'll ever need!

This is an easy-to-use cleaner that is great for all materials! It really does make toys squeaky clean! Definitely worth getting if you have only 1 toy or 500!

Evolved promises that this is hypo-allergenic, but I had an allergic reaction to this product due to a chemical that is a known irritant.

This is a fantastic toy cleaner that is convenient, body-safe, and a good value for the price. It cleans thoroughly with no odor. It is water-based and hypoallergenic, making it a great choice for those with sensitive skin.

This toy cleaner is great. It is easy to use, doesn't smell bad, and is travel safe! It can be used on nearly any toy material, and any toy shape. It gets in those harder to reach spots on some toys and really gets them clean.

This a great cleaner if you need to get into cracks or crevices. Its easy to apply, and mess free! The price is almost unbeatable!

This item is well worth it and here's why: It's a cleaner that does it's job and does it well. It's gentle and effective and a must have! Everyone who owns a toy should own a great toy cleaner and Evolved Advanced Smart Cleaner is just that! Try the small size out for yourself like I did before deciding on whether or not to commit to a larger bottle.

As far as toy cleaners go, it serves the purpose. But if I have to go as far as scrubbing and rinsing, I'd just as soon use soap and water.

Every responsible toy owner knows that clean toys are happy toys. This spray cleaner by Evolved will clean all of your toys, no matter what the material. The pH-balanced formula is a much better choice than conventional hand soaps. This spray will keep your toys sparkly clean. The spray applicator makes cleanup super easy. Simply spray, wipe, rinse, dry!

It's a great cleaner that worked well for me. I couldn't be more pleased with the product's performance and affordable price.

Spray cleaners shouldn't be a complete substitution for soap and water, but the ones that work well usually require you to rinse them off after use. This one does, and it leaves your toys feeling squeaky clean and ready for action.

Isn't it about time you tried a cleanser that is specially formulated to be used on your toys, and pH balanced for your nether-bits? I thought so. And from a brand you already trust, Evolved has a good option now in The Advanced Smart Cleaner that can be used on any toy you own.

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