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Anti bacterial toy cleaner reviews

42 reviews
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Average review rating
42 reviews

all together my overall impression on this product is ok. I say that cause you can equally if not better clean toy with soap and water. Besides having the ingredient triclosan that stops bacterial growth.

It has its uses, and may be worth it for travel. But it's not entirely worth the expense when water and a little soap can do equally as well if not better.

Easy to use cleaner worth a try. It smells nice, but isn't too overpowering. Seems to be effective. Small bottle lasts a long time.

This item is worth what you pay for it. Its a good cleaner, and that's all it tries to be. I would still take a day to thoroughly clean my toys, but it's good for the day to day use. Best part is, it doesn't smell like a cleaner.

This cleaner works perfectly, and is very convenient. I've tried toy wipes in the past, but this spray worked just as well, and packs a much bigger bang for your buck. This is staying in my toybox from now on.

This is a great little toy cleaner that works well to clean your toys, is inexpensive, and leaves your favorite toys smelling clean and fresh!

Quick and simple, no-frills spray cleaner with a bit of a funky smell. The value is pretty good if you can get past the scent!

This is an amazing cleanser that cleans all toy types; textured, plastic, silicone, glass, etc. It smells amazing and doesn’t leave any residue. It doesn’t aggravate sensitive skin either.

This antibacterial toy cleaner by Doc Johnson isn't really worth the buy. Even though it's super affordable, comes in a large bottle, and has a nice smell, it doesn't clean well. It takes more than one attempt to get a toy clean with this spray.

This is worth the buy; you spend so much on toys, and no one wants a dirty toy. This is a product I would recommend to anyone who buys any adult toys.

Doc Johnson's toy cleaner is a really nice cleaner that doesn't bother my super sensitive skin, but it does bother my nose. It's got a really weird potpourri smell that drives me crazy. I hate floral scents, so others may not care, but for me it is a major turn off.

This pleasant-smelling antibacterial toy cleaner is a good value for the price, and I don't have to worry about it damaging any of my toys. I will probably purchase more of it in the future.

Overall I would highly recommend this toy cleaner. It works well on a variety of toys and materials and dries very quickly- won't get whatever you put your toy in wet. It doesn't stink and it certainly doesn't affect my skin, which is a HUGE plus!

This spray is definitely worth it; it doesn't cost much, travels well and makes your life a lot simpler! If you're like me, and want your toys squeaky clean, but don't want an over-bearing smell, Toy cleanser by Doc Johnson is for you!

The spray bottle is a very handy thing, it not only is easy to use and easy to see when your running out or low, but the cleaner itself is clear. The only down part is the smell, very strong smell and the quality that you get; I wish it was a little bit bigger bottle.

A great way to sanitize your toys after intimate evenings when you really don't want to get up and and wash them.

This is a great toy cleaner that is quick and easy to use. Not only is it cheap, but it leaves toys with no adverse side effects and can be used on all varieties of materials and products.

While I still always recommend to wash your toys with soap and water after using, this is a good toy cleaner to have on hand if you don’t feel like getting up right away.

Cleaning your toys shouldnt be a task and with this cleaner it is not!!I would recommend this cleaner especially if you many differnt kinds of toys. You cant go wrong with it. It is inexpensive,transportable,works with everything,goes a long ways, and best of all antibacterial to keep you safe. This little bottle is a great inexpensive way to take care of all your toys at anytime.

Doc Johnson Anti Bacterial is a great product when used properly; your toys will last longer and thank you for it.

Great product that does the job. It smells good and leaves toys smelling fresh and clean. It came in a strong plastic bottle which I have tossed back and forth into my glory box and off to the side, and it has yet to crack or leak. I love this and will re-order this cleaner again.

A good, cheap cleaner that will leave your toys smelling nice and clean (although it might take a few sprays to get it smelling nicer).

This toy cleaner does its job fantastically in keeping your toys clean and safe after every use. It is a great deal for its price!

This product is great for keeping your toys fresh and clean. It's a good amount of product for your money, and it works great! I give it two thumbs way up!

This is a great product to have for anyone. I would recommend this to anyone who has any type of toys! I would even use this on my massage therapy items. It's safe, has simple to use/understand directions, and at this price you can't beat it!

Great price, effective, aids in infection control, and is definitely worth the money! I wouldn't own a toy without owning this spray!

This is a simple and effective toy cleaner that takes care of all my toys so I don't have to worry about them. It's definitely worth buying.

I feel like there isn't much to say about this cleaner. It sprays on easily, leaves my toys clean and has no obvious odor, nor does it leave any sort of film or residue on my toys. Highly recommended!

There are many options available when it comes to toy cleaners, but Doc Johnson's Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner is a wonderful choice. The price, the effectiveness and the long lasting 4 oz. bottle make for a worthy purchase that any toy loving consumerist will appreciate.

Easy, quick use toy cleaner that is safe for most toys. May cause irritation and not for toys that require more TLC.

I'm so glad I bought this. It's worth every penny just knowing my toys are clean and safe to use. I definitely recommend it and I would purchase it again.

I love this toy cleaner! I bought this the last time I made a big purchase on the site and I did not regret it. It is cheap and effective and the label on the bottle doesn't immediately give it away, so I feel comfortable leaving it out.

This is a great cleaner for the price and one we will use again and again. We highly recommend this to anyone who needs a simple, easy to use cleaner that does a great job.

This is a must-have cleaner for your toys! It's a great value, easy to use, and has a gentle formula that won't irritate skin.

The Antibacterial Toy cleaner by Doc Johnson is easy to use and inexpensive. It works well and will clean all materials.

This antibacterial cleaner is a great cleaning product for those in between cleans! It's easy to use and doesn't have any smells!

This toy cleaner is easy to use and is compatible with most toy materials. The 4oz bottle should last you for many play sessions and is a great asset to any toy box.

This toy cleanser is definitely worth the money. It is a high quality product at a low price. A must to keep your toys clean and in tip top shape.

Doc Johnson's antibacterial spray on toy cleaner is really quite ideal for both an extra boost of antibacterial protection on washed toys and for a quick cleaning of smooth, non porous toys. It has no lingering scent and leaves no residue

This is an easy, cheap, and effective way to clean any toy in your collection. This product has no negative effect on any of the toys it is used to clean.

A good cleaner is a must for every toybox and this product fits the bill perfectly. It is safe for all types and makes of toys and is very gentle and non-irritating. The price is low making this a good choice for a limited budget.

This is a great toy cleaner. It doesn't work as well with some toys with a velvety finish, but otherwise it cleans very well. The scent is fresh and light, definitely not overpowering. It wasn't irritating to sensitive skin, and was an ideal solution for non-waterproof toys.

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