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Dona bath foam Dona bath foam

Bath and shower gel by System JO

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Dona bath foam reviews

27 reviews
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27 reviews

All in all this is a bath product that I would not only recommend to a friend but which I intend to purchase for my friends. I think it makes a perfect gift and is a great way to stay on budget while getting a high quality product. This bath foam made the bath relaxing and had just the right amount of suds all in all I would buy it again in a heartbeat. I suggest you make this your next purchase when searching for something to meet your bath care needs.

Nothing special, I would recommend going to Wal*Mart and buying bubble bath. That way you would actually have bubbles, and it would be cheaper!

This bath foam would have been great if it lasted longer. I did not really get to use it too much for the bath tub, but did use it a lot for the shower. I mainly used it with my 2 year old for bubble baths, when I ran out of their brand I normally get. Not good when you know kids enjoy bubbles and I had to use something else to make those bubbles reappear in the water.

Dona bath foam is a product that you add to your bath water to turn it into a sensual bubble bath. Whether alone or with your partner, you will enjoy bathing in the light, lovely scented bath foam. If you're wanting the scent to stick around, you're going to want to get the lotion and/or perfume gel.

This stuff is nice enough, I have no real complaints other than I wish the bubbles lasted longer but I don't think bubbles in baths generally last particularly long anyway. This bubble bath smells good and doesn't give my skin any bad reactions so I will continue to buy it for myself in the future.

My partner and I used this while taking a sensual bath together. We were in the tub for about 45 minutes, 30 of which were disappointingly bubble free. I wouldn't buy this product again.

The Dona Bath Foam can be a great treat for you or your partner to relax and unwind. Why not pamper yourself with a great smelling bubble bath? They're not just fun for kids.

These are alright bubbles if you want to have a sensual bath and feel clean but I do not think they are great quality bubbles. It doesn't form many bubbles and the bubbles don't last long. However, it does smell nice and it does offer an affordable bubble bath option.

I'll buy this again. I love a well-scented bath and matching products. Dona JO has never disappointed me with their products, so I'll be keeping these in my bath routine.

This bath foam was a big letdown for me. The scent was almost non-existent in use, and it produced very few bubbles. The bubbles it did produce definitely didn't stick around in my bathtub for a long time. It's a product I'll continue to use until it's gone, but it's not something I'd buy again.

Dona Bath Foam is an amazingly scented addition to your relaxation time. Great for those with sensitive skin or anyone who loves to feel hydrated after they get out of the bath. It has all-natural ingredients and is not tested on animals.

The Dona Bath Foam does deliver a relaxing, enjoyable bubble bath. When going through the ingredients it doesn't seem to be "all natural" but I would definitely purchase it again. Goji Berry is a pleasurable, not overpowering scent.

The Dona products from System Jo are a nice addition to any collection. The scents are unique and long lasting. The aphrodisiac effects aren't very noticable, but it still makes bath time with your certain someone more special.

I was both surprised and let down. I wanted a long bath with a nice smell and good bubbles, but I got a short bath with a fabulous perfume left after my bath. Still, I would suggest this as a gift for yourself or a friend.

All in all, I probably wouldn’t pick up this product again. The bubbles were very light and I found I had to use a lot more at a time than I’d like for a nice bubble effect, however it worked better as a shower gel.

I love a good, thick shower gel that really gets me clean. Make it all-natural and you bet your sweet behind I'll pay $10 for it. Unfortunately, I find the bath foam to be little more than your average shower gel. If you're looking for a luxury bath, look elsewhere. Most importantly, don't expect to get what you pay for. If you can handle shelling out more than it's worth and not ending up horny, you won't be unhappy with this.

Dona bath foam as a whole is nice product for bubble baths. The claim that it is a new kind of bubble bath will be left up to you on how you feel about that. With lovely aromas and a nice clean and relaxing feel, Dona bath foam is a great gift or even just a treat for yourself. The bubbles are plentiful and fun, ideally a great product with a partner involved.

This is such a great product for the price that I will never buy another plain bath product again! Calming, relaxing, and pleasant smelling! You really can not get any better than that!!

I like this product, but I don't think it is worth $8.99. I would use the product again if it was cheaper. I like to use this product in conjunction with Dona Chromotherapy Bath Treatment.

The Dona Bath Foam is a very sweet way to set up a wonderful and warm romantic night with a lover. And a bottle will set you up for many nights of the like.

Dona bath foam is a fun way to bring back memories of bubble bath fun as a kid. Although this is the adult version, the bath foam is high quality and fun to use. Overall I enjoy using this product and it's a great way to relax and get clean at the same time. I recommend you try out Dona bath foam if you enjoy bubble baths.

Whether you're shopping for a gift or looking to treat yourself, System JO's Dona Bath Foam is the perfect choice! Not much is needed to give you plenty of bubbles so the bottle will last awhile. It smells amazing and it's a great addition to either your daily routine or as part of a special night.

Often times, bubble bath liquids give you bubbles that don't last or you have to use half the bottle to get the amount of bubbles you want.

Dona Bath Foam is part of System Jo's new natural and eco-friendly bath and body line. Affordable and with six different scents to choose from, this aphrodisiac infused bubble maker is sure to get you in the mood.

Once in a while, if not more, a sensual bath is needed to set the mood. The Dona Foam provides that sensual experience, with an aroma of fruit and an overall relaxing and supple bath time sensation.

This is a great bath foam. With the affordable price, you can try out as many of Dona's scents as you'd like.

Looking for something different? Why not try the brand new Dona line of bath and body shower gel infused with aphrodisiacs and scented with amazing super fruits!?

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