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Dona body wash reviews

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35 reviews

If you're looking to try something new and you're thinking about this body wash, try it, you won't regret it. Leaves a soft and light smell a while after you're out of the shower. It's not runny and it's an all natural product.

I definitely suggest the Dona line, including this body wash. The Goji Berry scent was pleasant and other scents are wonderful as well. If you use it sparingly, the bottle will last you a long time and be well worth the money. It lathers nicely and leaves my skin feeling clean!

This is too great a body wash for too good a price to pass up on. The camu camu scent is sweet and long lasting. Your skin with be clean, and left feeling soft and well-moisturized. Lather up with Dona's body wash and you'll be well pleased with the results.

This is a lovely body wash, totally worth the money, and the Acai scent is just spectacular! Highly recommended, try this stuff!

I have found my new body wash that I will continue to buy at a good price! If you want something that cleans great and leaves your skin very soft I recommend this to you. I don't believe you will regret buying this at all.

Dona body wash is a a good product to have to get your skin nice and clean leaving it feeling soft and smelling great. You can use it in a bath or a shower, just apply it to your loofa/wash cloth and lather up!

I really do enjoy this body wash. It leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean. I can tell you from experience though do not use this on your feminine parts. I could not figure out why I had a nasty odor coming from there and found out it was this. I had to get some feminine wash to get my aromas back on track. I have never had this issue with anything else before. This might be do too it not being 100% natural.

The Dona body wash is.. okay. There is better out there and for a better value. If you happen to love the line, then the body wash will also please you. If you want a better bang for your buck, look elsewhere.

This body wash smells great and leaves your body feeling fresh and clean! The scent is light and lovely, but could last a little bit longer on the skin. While it doesn't seem to work well as an aphrodisiac, it does work well as a regular body wash. It has natural ingredients, but isn't 100% natural, so make sure you check the ingredients list before purchasing.

Dona body wash was disappointing because of all the cons. Even though the bottle is as small as it is, if the smell would have lasted at least a few hours after the shower, I would have bought this body wash all over again. That is how wonderful the blue lotus smells. However, since it doesn't last, I would never tell my friends to buy this body wash.

Overall, I don't have a strong opinion about this product either way. I like it enough to use the rest of the bottle, but not to purchase it again. It's not that bad and it's not that great; it's just ordinary.

Dona body wash provided a gorgeous sensory experience. I felt pampered by the rich scent and high quality of the product. 100% worth the cost. It may not have been obviously arousing, but I still felt sexy after using it.

If you want an affordable pamper-you-session that will carry you to a tropical place for the brief moments that are your shower time, this is a great product to get. The Dona Body Wash feels amazing on the skin, leaves your skin feeling hydrated afterwards, and contains ingredients that help to counteract the harsh effects of water on your skin. If you are okay with certain ingredients in your products, this might be a good pick for your pocket.

I love anything pomegranate from Eden Fantasys so far, and this one is another good one in my book. The only complaint I have is when I went to use it as a body wash on me and I had a burning sensation for an hour following.

This is my first Dona products ever and I'm glad I decided to purchase it. The Dona body wash smelled lovely and it left my skin soft, clean, and with a delicate but noticeable scent.

Mangosteen body wash smells tropical. It lathers up easy and you can shave your legs/underams with it. There are six scents to choose from. It doesn’t dry out eczema prone or sensitive skin. Its paraban free, natural and cruelty free! The only con is the lid leaks a little if you tilt or drop it.

This product was not all that it was cracked up to be. I did not get any aphrodisiac benefits from this body wash, and the price was not something to be desired. There was little to no exfoliation, and this product does not set itself apart enough to be priced this high. In my opinion, it is worth about $4.99. Catch it on sale, and I'd say go for it - otherwise, I'd just let this product go to the wayside.

This is one of my first Dona products and I'm happy to report that I've become a fan of this line. The Dona body wash left me with a clean and fresh feeling with a light fruity fragrance that I loved! I can't wait to try more things from this wonderful line of bath and body products.

I think my biggest problem with the DONA line is the feeling of being decieved by the empty "natural" and "aphrodisiac" claims. It's also that I feel it has nothing extra to offer me for the price. I appreciate that it's free of parabens and cruelty, but that's not enough to encourage me to lather up. Like I said, this is a nice shower gel with a wonderful scent, but it does little more than the cheaper alternatives.

I think that depending on your personal preferences, this product might or not be worth it. For me personally, I don't think so based on the price, but if I received it as a gift I would love it. If you have sensitive skin or don't like strong fragrances following you all day, then this will be perfect for you.

A great body wash for anyone who is looking for something for sensitive skin or only wants to use products made with natural ingredients. Great for anyone who loves showers and looking for a luxe shower gel to keep in the bathroom. However, it is rather thin and a little does not go a long way if you like a big lather.

Dona Body Wash comes in an easy to use pump that makes the bathroom routine good, clean, and easy! It smells great, works great, and leaves me feeling clean and non-greasy.

I feel like Dona needs to go back to the drawing board with this product. While it's not terrible in all of it's performance; the leaky packaging with often broken pumps and low concentrated ingredients that don't lather well make this one very short lasting and expensive body wash. On a positive note, it does smell amazing and cleans the body very well!

Dona Body Wash is a nice quality bath and shower product for everyday use. Its natural ingredients also make this a great candidate for those with sensitive skin.

Camu Camu may not be my favorite by way of DONA aromas but the body wash itself is a great buy. With its rich, natural consistency and easy-to-use packaging DONA makes shower time nice and easy. If you are interested in body washes that have light aromas due to allergies or just because you don't like overwhelming smells this will be a great find for you. If you are someone who prefers strong aromas that waft off of you post-shower this probably won't be what you're looking for.

Aside from this product's ability to leave my entire bathroom scented, it's mostly forgettable. It doesn't smell like I expected or lather as well as I'd like. The mediocre quality certainly negates any supposed aphrodisiac qualities. I can smell like real pomegranate for much less!

The Dona Body Wash is great as a body wash, but just be aware that the bottle will leak some on you.

I am very impressed with this Body Wash. The price is great and it feels very natural on my skin. I feel very confident in saying that this product has made it into my everyday bath routine.

Forget the first aroma you smell with the Blue Lotus Dona Body Wash!! That aroma will fade into another, also spooky aroma. Finally, right before the rinse, there it is!! A nice, light, floral with a tiny hint of...sweetness. It smells like Lily of the Valley but sweeter. This is the aroma that is going to linger just for a tiny bit on your skin. Whew!!

The DONA line is spa quality products at discount store prices. There is so much variety of feelings that the products evoke in different users that each encounter is like a delightful surprise. This has been for my family an easy way to give everyone exactly what they want without having to buy several different products like we have to do with shampoo. There is no strong perfume scent that may bother sensitive users.

Dona body wash is part of a new line of natural and eco-friendly bath and body products from System Jo. They won't break the bank, but sadly the body wash doesn't quite measure up to my favorite (and cheaper) Caress product.

This great camu camu shower gel has just earned 5 gold stars in my book. It is so light and fresh, lathers and cleans well, and leaves my skin soft and smooth.

Even though we were doing the nasty in the shower, this great smelling shower gel lathers well enough to get the both of us clean and feel refreshed. Even as a man, I love the Dona shower gel.

I really enjoy the five Dona products I have tried already. As I'm writing this, Eden does not carry the full line of products but I am hoping that they add them soon. I imagine that I am going to wind up getting them all so I can layer them based on my mood. I'm giving this only four stars because it didn't feel gritty enough to exfoliate as well as I like. However, I was using the body polish too and that did a great job!

If you're looking for a spa quality product that is safe for sensitive skin, then the Dona Body Wash is a must have. With six scents to select from, there's something for everyone. It's gentle enough for daily use, and it leaves your skin soft with a hint of fragrance. Why go to the spa when you can have the spa at home?!

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