Dona lace lingerie wash - toy cleanser by System JO - reviews

Dona lace lingerie wash Dona lace lingerie wash

Toy cleanser by System JO

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Dona lace lingerie wash reviews

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12 reviews

If you are looking for something to help you clean your lingerie this stuff works wonderful. It is made so you can hand-wash your lingerie but I have used it in the washing machine with my lingerie on dedicates, until I can get a lingerie bag. I have also used this on my regular clothes when I have ran out of detergent and can't get to the store.

I don't like to hand wash, but occasionally it would be worth using this Dona blue lotus just for the pleasant scent it leaves behind. Be careful not to use too much, or you will be rinsing the suds out for a very long time!

I love Dona lingerie wash. The Acai is fruity and very berry just as hoped for. This lingerie wash is effective and I will continue to use it.

I loved the Blue Lotus fragrance and it worked well for washing many of my designer tights and lace clothing. This is a fantastic replacement for harsh detergents which have slowly ruined some of the more precious items I've invested in. I would definitely buy again and the pleasant fragrance lingers well after washing.

Let Dona spoil you with this added addition to their bath and beauty line. The Blue Lotus Lingerie Wash is a non abrasive wash made especially for your delicate lingerie materials, and other delicate items as well, that cleans very well and leaves your delicate lingerie smelling like a very light and clean Lily of the Valley perfume. Spoil your lingerie, then spoil yourself with the full line of the same scented Dona bath products, followed by the body butter and perfume.

System JO's Dona Lace Lingerie Wash is a gentle cleanser suitable for hand washing all your delicates with. Paraben, Petro-chemical, and cruelty free, this affordable wash comes in six delectable scents to suit anyone's tastes or mood.

I love this lingerie wash and will get this from now on to wash all of the lingerie I own.

The Dona Lace Lingerie Wash is a wonderfully easy wash to use and it doesn't take much time to really get your fabrics clean.

Dona's lingerie wash is a great product to wash even the most delicate items. It is effective is removing stains and cleansing strong odors. This wash is available in 6 current scents are all infused with unique scents that are sensually arousing. There are some allergy causing ingredients to this wash, but all around it is a wonderful product.

I liked the way this product cleaned and I liked the fact that my clothes smelled nice. I think I would prefer this in the pomegranate scent now that I've tried that body mist lotion though. My only complaints are that it has a soapy smell to it and doesn't have the fresh clear notes of the mangosteen scent and it dried my hands out like dish soap would. Of course, that just gave me an excuse to use my mangosteen body lotion!

DONA is a new affordable line by System JO, my favorite lubricant company. This particular product is a unique detergent infused with pheromones for cleaning your intimates! It gets the job done and leaves them smelling amazing while you wear them.

Almost all lingerie should be hand washed - but in what? System JO, re-branded as Dona, brings a solution to that problem with their aphrodisiac infused lingerie wash. Just add to sink water and soak for clean and sensuous smelling delicates.

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