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Ooooh! that's it! Ooooh! that's it!

G-spot gel by Pow Products Inc.

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Ooooh! that's it! reviews

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23 reviews

"Oooooh! That's It!" G-spot stimulation gel was just a snooze for me. It didn't assist in the discovery of my g-spot or the sensation of it. Save your money and try a different product.

All in all, I loved this gel and plan on ordering more because the little bottle won't last long around this house because it will be used as much as possible!

All in all, this product is just a complete waste of your money. I would not recommend that you buy this.

Depending on how sensitive you are and how easy it is to reach your g-spot, this may or may not work for you. While it didn't work for me I can't say it wasn't worth a try. A booklet comes with the gel and that was more useful than the gel.

This g-spot gel isn't all that exciting. I felt very little stimulation from it when it was applied to my g-spot, though that could just be me. I think the price is very high for this product, considering the amount you get and that most of the ingredients aren't expensive. I dislike the scent of this stuff. It's kind of like a weird combo of food and chemicals. I only really liked how easy this was to clean off of my skin and the included guide that helps you find your g-spot.

I would never recommend this product to a soul. The ingredients in this product stopped me in my tracks. If Eden had a rating that was less than a 1, that's what this stimulating gel would be getting. If you're looking for a safe product that stimulates, stay clear from here.

I don't suggest buying this because I didn't feel that it did anything for me. I did not feel any warming, cooling, or tingly sensations and could not feel my body reacting positively to this product.

Great guide for locating the g-spot and best positions for stimulation. Gel however made me burn. I suggest caution as it may work for some but at the first sign of burning please quit using.

Overall, I'd say this is 100% a WASTE of your money. I would totally skip out on this and invest in a higher quality product (if there is one available). The ingredients aren't all that great for the vagina and it burns really bad... The kind of burn that will keep you up all night. It's not worth it!

This is a great tool, to aid women, and their partners, to find the G-Spot. It will enhance the mood of many women, by tingling the G-Spot, and allow them to achieve a G-Spot orgasm. The tube is not that large, so you may want to order 2 once, you have tried it.

The Ooooh! That’s It! gel is meant to increase the size of the G-spot and make it more sensitive. For those wishing to find their G-spot, this gel may or may not work for you. The gel has to be applied carefully because it is very runny and the sensations may be too strong for some. Comes with a helpful booklet and a nice sized bottle of gel.

I love this stuff! The bottle is small, so you may run out quickly, but it is worth stocking up on. It smells and tastes great, which makes it very versatile.

I have decided this product is not for me, because I prefer a gel that produces a cooling sensation. If you are like me, I would recommend you stay away from this product; however, if you know you like products that create a warming sensation, you will probably enjoy this. Either way, I think it was worth the price because it aided in my exploration even though I didn't like it and won't continue to use it.

If you want g-spot location this product is not for you at least not in my opinion. As far as price goes its not bad. Everyone is different maybe it will work for you, as the other reviews show it worked for them.

Anything I can do to increase my pleasure is worth the cost, no matter how much or how little that may be. Having an amazing orgasm is something that some women never experience. If you haven't EVER had an orgasm or if you are the type of woman who has orgasms from clitoral stimulation, I think that this product is something for you to consider. It's such a different sensation having a G-spot Orgasm.

Hands down, this gel is amazing! There's really not much else to say. You will be satisfied, you will reach an amazing orgasm and you most definitely will not be disappointed. My orgasm was so intense my husband got off too just watching me!

I highly recommend Oooh! that’s it! Whether you have a hard time locating your G-spot or would just love additional stimulation, this is an incredible lube. It is great alone or with a partner. Overall this product is amazing! I would marry it if I could.

This product worked out really well for me but, not all women enjoy having their g-spot stimulated. If you like g-spot stimulation or need some tips on how to find it, this is a great product for you! It also works well on the clitoris too! I just wish the bottle was a bit bigger.

While this isn't a miracle gel, it does come close. The handy booklet provides some good tips, and the gel does what it promises to. Using this gel I was able to finish much quicker than normal, even for a second time! I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys G-spot stimulation and those who are curious and want to find it.

If you're looking for some help finding your "sweet spot," I highly recommend giving this gel a try. G-spot stimulation was always a hit-or-miss thing for me in the past, but this gel helped me zero in on the exact spot for an extended period of time!

Overall a great product for a first time try to achieve an g-spot orgasm. Would recommend this product to any of the ladies who are curious about that orgasm they probably never had.

This isn't the magic elixir of orgasm; however, the product is worth a try. Solo, with a toy, with a boy, or with any combination thereof, the "Ooooh! that's it!" G-spot Stimulation Gel hit the spot. The odor was unobtrusive, the tingle noticeable but not stinging, and the sensations it helped to heighten were well worth it.

Most people said this product was great, but I have to disagree. It did not make sex anymore enjoyable for me, and you don't get much for what you pay.

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