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Ooooh! That Burns!

Overall, I'd say this is 100% a WASTE of your money. I would totally skip out on this and invest in a higher quality product (if there is one available). The ingredients aren't all that great for the vagina and it burns really bad... The kind of burn that will keep you up all night. It's not worth it!
You get a book... Wasn't entirely helpful to me, may be to others.
Burns, Hurts, Waste of money, Small amount of product
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Ooooh! That's It! is a "G-Spot Stimulating Gel" that is inserted into the vagina using yours, or your partner's two fingers and massaged into the G-Spot. It comes with a cute little book to help you find your little "love spot" with the use of several diagrams. One diagram shows the vaginal anatomy of a female, but there are also several others that show sex positions that hit the G-Spot best! So the book is very helpful.

As for the gel... You'll know you found your G-Spot when it BURNS LIKE HELL! I would recommend this to any girl. It's an awful product and I absolutely hate, hate, hate, hate it. If you like the feeling of being burned or stabbed by a fork in the vagina, then you're in luck because this product is for you!

(Bottle says:)

Attention: Not for pregnant women, or those with STD's. If irritation occurs, discontinue use and wash affected area thoroughly.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

This "gel" is more oily, and reminds me of a thin lip balm. It's most likely the Sunflower Seed Oil that is one of the main ingredients. Actually, here are the ingredients as shown on the bottle:

Aqua, helianthus annus seed oil, glycol, propylene glycol (and) diazolidinyl urea (and) methylparaben (and) propylparaben, acrylates/C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, menthyl lactate, triethanolamine, arginine, mentha piperita oil, daucus carota sativa seed oil, prunu amygdalus oil, carotene, horny goat weed, Fo-Ti, schizandrea chinensis fruit extract, tocopheryl acetate

This DOES have Glycerine in it, which I didn't notice right off the bat. This could have been a major reason for the burning and irritation, as I easily get UTI's and Yeast Infections from Glycerine products. It's a bad product for ANY woman in general, to be honest. Another reason why I wont recommend this to anyone.

When you first apply the product, it almost immediately starts to burn. I was smart and barely coated my finger, using far, far less than a "pea-sized" amount like the bottle recommends. (I can't imagine what it would have felt like if I actually used a pea-sized amount!) I slowly and gentle rubbed it in, and removed my fingers... And right then and there, the burning sensation began. I thought to myself "Well, maybe it takes a few minutes and it wears off". So I waited about ten minutes, and around that ten minute mark it started to feel like someone was stabbing my G-Spot with a fork!

I ran to go wash it off, but of course, you can't technically wash it off as it is INSIDE OF YOUR VAGINA ON YOUR G-SPOT. So my husband had to run to the store this morning to get me a douching bag which seemed to help a little bit. I'm still in pain.
    • Thin

Taste / Aroma

I did not taste this product, as it is not supposed to be edible. However, it does smell pretty strong and very much like some sort of foul-smelling soap, with a hint of peppermint and some sort of plant. It's not very pleasant actually. It wasn't enough to make me not want to use the product, but it's definitely a down-side. I expected it to be more minty because of the peppermint oil, but there must hardly be any in this product.
    • Bad smell


Well, it's the next morning and this stuff is still burning... So it's been about... 12 hours that this stuff has been going strong! I'm sure this is a good thing if this product happens to work for someone, but as for me, NADA.

I think it was nice that the product came with the booklet. It honestly was helpful, even though I already knew where my G-Spot is. It had two sex positions that I've never thought of trying, that I didn't know were good for G-Spot stimulation. So that's a plus! But the gel was just a total complete FAIL. I'm never using this stuff or recommending this stuff to anyone. I wouldn't want someone I care about to go through the intense pain I was up all night with... and I was literally UP ALL NIGHT with the pain. I have taken multiple showers just trying to ease the pain, but it still persists. The douching does help though, so if you try this product and it goes badly, I highly recommend doing so. I'm usually against douching because it interferes with the pH levels of the vagina, but in this case, does it really matter?


Ooooh! That's It! comes in a box that looks exactly like the cover of the booklet and the bottle. It's not discreet, because it does show the figure of the heart over the vagina and it does say G-Spot right on the box. I would open it alone if you're worried about anyone seeing it. Be sure to recycle!

Inside you will find a VERY small (1 oz.) tube of Ooooh! That's It! Gel. It is in a squeeze tube, and not the bottle shown on the website. It has a roll-off cap and again shows the same figure of the heart over the vagina.

You'll also find the booklet that is rather small, and again shows the same picture. It is titled "Find it! G-Spot Guide" and asks "Do you know where your G-Spot is?". It's a thin, cute little book. Helpful for a newbie!

Altogether, the box is far too big for the small products that you get, but thank God for recycling right? I'm glad plastic is recyclable too - because this tube is going with the box!

Special Features

- Burning

- Stabbing pain

- Waste of money

- Need I list more?

Personal comments

I really do want to recommend douching for the FIRST time in my life. Althought it's not technically healthy to do on a regular basis, if you have a bad reaction to this stuff, a douche is the first thing you are going to want. I would buy one (don't add any of the scented stuff or the liquid that may come with it - just use warm water) and keep it on hand just in case. If irritation occurs, fill it with warm water and douche as many times as you need to until this stuff comes out. Try to get in there and rub it out as the water flows out if you can. It's going to take a while... maybe even 12 hours like it took me, but it will make things much less painful. Good luck!
Follow-up commentary
Obviously don't like this one. Burns, irritates, and just doesn't work! Not worth a single penny - please believe me!
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    Geez...I'm running away from this one at top speed.
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    Thank you for the review, no way am I trying this one!
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    Glad you pointed out the glycol and peppermint oil. The peppermint oil may be where the burning comes from...Hubby was using it in the kitchen one day, didn't was his hands well enough I guess, cause when we played that night I got the same thing! Thought I was going to DIE..
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    Great review, sorry you didn't like it :/
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    I've been wary of this product because I was worried about the effects you described. Now I will definitely avoid it - I don't want the stabby fork feeling!
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    Oh my god, that's awful! Running far away from this one. I really enjoyed the Special Features section of your review though hahaha.
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