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"Ooooh! that's it!" G-spot stimulation gel review

While this isn't a miracle gel, it does come close. The handy booklet provides some good tips, and the gel does what it promises to. Using this gel I was able to finish much quicker than normal, even for a second time! I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys G-spot stimulation and those who are curious and want to find it.
Heightens sensitivity to G-spot, can also be used on clitoris, nice minty smell, lasts through sex
Expensive, runny
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This little 1 ounce bottle of gel does work quite nice. Don’t expect a miracle with this gel though. You will still have to do the work to achieve a G-spot orgasm|How to master the G-spot, but it’s always nice to have a little help!

The gel|G-spot stimulation gel comes with a handy little booklet about the G-spot. This wasn’t particularly helpful to me as I didn’t learn anything new from it. My husband however, upon reading it exclaimed, “Oh! That’s where it is!” Apparently he thought it lay buried deep within the depths of my vagina, hiding from him.

I tried a little drop of the gel on my clit, and at first felt a little tingling and a warming sensation. This lasted a few seconds then disappeared leaving my clit more sensitive than usual to touch and vibrations. I played around a little bit to get warmed up and let my G-spot creep out of hiding a little. Applying the gel to my internal pleasure spot was the trickiest part to it. I think I got most of the gel on the outer part of my vagina. What little amount I did manage to get past the “door” seemed to not do much at first. I noticed the tingling and warming sensation on the opening of my vagina just as I had on my clit, however I did not notice this sensation on the inside of my vagina or the G-spot.

I waited a good 5 minutes before grabbing my G-spot vibe, and I think that was a good amount of time. I did notice heighten sensitivity to my G-spot and reached orgasm quicker than I normally do. A plus side was that I was able to finish a second time within 10 minutes; this feat usually takes me a good half hour, sometimes hour. My orgasms were a little stronger than usual, but I think that it partially due to the fact that I was more aware of my G-spot even during orgasm.

I must warn you to not ingest this gel! I licked a tiny amount off my finger, just for the sake of knowing what it tastes like. It tasted minty just like the smell. However after a few minutes my throat started feeling all flemmy and gross, kind of like when you have a head cold. I am not sure why this was, but I do know that I won’t be doing that again any time soon.

Overall I was pleased with this product, and will buy more when this runs out. It doesn’t really provide much lubrication, so don’t rely on it for that purpose. I wish it was a little thicker because I did have trouble with it dripping off my fingers before I could get it applied, even when I used a very small amount. It seems to last quite well too. I didn’t have to reapply it.
Follow-up commentary
This tiny little bottle has lasted me a good deal longer than I thought it would. Granted I don't use it daily, but a few times per week. I can't say that applying it has gotten any easier for me, but I am using less of it. I don't use this for clit stimulation anymore, as the Tasty Twist|Reviews: Tasty Twist and Pure Passion arousal gels|Pure passion - Gel seem to work better for that. This does work better for G-spot though, when I actually get it in the correct place. I would attribute this to the L-Arginine in the product. While it is believed to cause outbreaks for people with HSV, it does work to increase circulation. If you are HSV positive, I would highly suggest looking for an L-Arginine free product instead of this one. I will continue to use this product, and I still feel the same way about it that I did when I wrote the review. I still have some left in my tiny bottle, but when it does run out, I'll be placing an order for more.
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