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Lovers body paint

Edible paint by Kama Sutra

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Lovers body paint reviews

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33 reviews

If you don't mind the taste of fake dark chocolate, you should try this. You may like it more than I did. I love body paint because it makes your love life more exciting. It's a turn on to draw on your partner while they're completely naked. It's even more sexy when you're the one naked being drawn on.

While this is fun, tasty enough and available in several flavors, you'd be better off picking up a bottle of chocolate syrup at the grocery store. I do love the jar, however since it must be refrigerated anyways, you may as well pick up something that doubles as a sundae topping. The product itself gets a three, but since there are cheaper alternatives that can easily net five stars, I would consider that before purchase.

This is an edible fantasy addition to your bedroom. It's perfect for seasoned veterans who want to try something new or a newbie who isn't sure what they like. The paint is a great item to have for play time and just fun time.

My husband and I loved the Kama Sutra Dark Chocolate Raspberry Lovers Body Paint a lot. We enjoyed using it, even though the 2OZ jar only lasted for a one time use. We had quite a bit of paint left, but since we have children, and this requires that you refrigerate after opening, we had to toss it away.

This is a fun product to add as a twist to the foreplay experience. It tastes and smells good and is easy to use. However, act quickly in getting it off or else it becomes sticky and then dries quickly, making clean up difficult. Even once you're out of chocolate, you can keep the brush to use as a tickler, making the use of this product endless.

This product is a great way to indulge a couple's passion for chocolate without the expense of going out for fondue. Be forewarned, though: death by Kama Sutra's chocolate body paint is well within the realm of possibility.

Long story short, I would defiently recommend trying this product out; it is worth the money. The brush is a little iffy, but we use our fingers - the extra warmth in the touch just intensifies everything more.

Waste of money. Won't be trying this again. Absolutely amazed at how tiny the tub was, too! I truly expected more.

I, myself, would not purchase this product again due to the ingredient mentioned above. I found it disappointing that it is not what I expected in a chocolate flavor. Being my first time trying a product like this, I will try other brand products in the future, just not by this brand.

I would not recommend this item due to the poor taste quality. Skip this one and buy the honey dust instead; it's a much better product.

This sounded great in theory but ended up being more of a pain than anything else. Between the itching and redness on my skin and the mood-killing mess, it just wasn't worth it.

If you're looking for some smeary good times with something sweet and sticky you've come to the right place! The Lover's Body Paint by Kama Sutra is perfect for couples who like to sensually tease one another and include "food" in their play. Just be sure you have a warm, wet washcloth and some soap nearby to make certain you get all this off before getting to full on intercourse, you wouldn't want to cause a yeast infection.

Karma Sutras Lovers Body Paint is a total waste of time and money. It works so poorly as body paint and actually tastes and smells bad.

Personally, I would suggest not getting the Caramel. I have the chocolate and love it but the caramel not so much. These are very fun and some taste amazing. I guess it just depends on your preference. If I got the caramel however for my first one, I don't think I would have been willing to try the others.mI just suggest going with a different flavor unless you want to just try it anyways.

Overall, I think this is a nice little product for any couple who wants to bring something extra into the bedroom. It makes a great gift, it's packaged beautifully, and it's an excellent way to introduce mood enhancements into the bedroom.

Imagine a sensual night scented with sweets as your partner licks the sweet richness from your inner thighs and continues on to penetrate you with the taste of delicious chocolate lingering on his or her lips. This product taste great, is made of quality ingredients, and is well worth the cost as a little goes a long way.

The caramel flavor was not very good, and it was way too sticky. The idea of the product is fun and flirty and I think in a different flavor it has the potential to be a sexy and fun product for any couple.

Overall, I was a little disappointed in this product. It initially seemed like a great, fun idea, but we realized that we aren't very creative. For use on occasion and in small doses this can be fun, but I might recommend just picking up some chocolate from the grocery store and a paintbrush and using it for this purpose. It will taste better and probably be cheaper.

While this isn't for everyone, it's not going to go to waste if you don't like it. It tastes and smells good, so if you're thinking about trying it just go for it. At worst you'll end up with a nice dipping chocolate for candies and fruits.

Most people love dessert and sex, and incorporating the two is always a fun adventure! Lovers Body Paint allows you to have both, with an edible paint which can be used to draw pictures on your partner and then lick them right off!

Overall this product is worth the purchase and if not satisfied with the amount of the contents apply less paint or purchase more! DO NOT apply directly to the vaginal area because the product has a corn syrup base, which could cause infection. The color looks like chocolate does, the texture is a lot like chocolate syrup and is sticky. Calls for immediate wash or may stain, and cleans off easy. Store in a room temperature area.

The Kama Sutra Chocolate Body Paint is a great way to add a bit of fun and yummyness to your bedroom-fun. The product is extremely sweet, so it's great for those of you who have a sweet-tooth! The paint comes with a paintbrush, so as soon as you receive the product, you're ready to play!

This is the perfect item for an intimate evening with your partner. The included brush with the paint is a thoughtful touch. Draw sexy images or write suggestive messages, this is sure to get the juices flowing in more than one way.

Overall, this product gets 4 stars. I take one star away for the small amount of body paint and the lack of good flavoring. Everything else was top notch, and it made a great gift for my fiancé. A very fun way to spice things up!

I think this is a great item that can be given as a gift without fear of embarrassment or purchased for yourself with confidence.

I personally wouldn't purchase this product again, simply because it contains gelatin. Other than that, I have no complaints, and if you're not vegetarian, it's a great product.

Chocolate has long been considered an aphrodisiac so if you love chocolate you should bring this product into your bedroom. It is sweet, sensual and the overall experience is very intimate. Worth the purchase for yourself or a friend.

This product is great. This is an item that is worth your money, as it uses chocolate and your lovers body to form the ultimate aphrodisiac.

This is just the thing for couples to indulge in some private time. It's a sweet and tasty way to increase intimacy. It needs to be refrigerated after opening or all used in one sitting. All in all, it's a wonderful product that is well worth the price!

Overall, Kama Sutra Chocolate Body Paint was fun, and a great way to enhance foreplay. It smelled delicious, and tasted even better.

If you want to bring the taste of chocolate to the bedroom, this is a must have new addition for your bedroom play. Have fun!!

This is truly a treat and a decadent desert for couples. It is great for special evenings alone with your partner when you can let your creativity and juices flow!

As a side note, this product is great if you're a partner who doesn't necessarily enjoy the taste of your man's penis (or vice versa for partners that don't necessarily enjoy the taste of your woman's genitals) but still want to give him/her oral sex.

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