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Kissing balm reviews

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12 reviews

Great for everyone. Totally recommend this! I haven't tried the other flavor, but Honey Rose has got me totally hooked! Absolutely love this stuff and I am going to die if EdenFantasys ever stops carrying it!

The title "Kissing balm" would only be fitting it the word "anti" was placed in front of it! The greasy look and feel of this lip balm will send any chance of any kisses running!

I thought the Honey Orange Kissing Balm would have a sweet, citrusy scent, and smell like honey and oranges. That's what it's called, and I had read a review confirming that it smelled like those things. I was surprised to discover that it smells like flowers. Turns out it's actually scented with neroli, or orange blossom, and it also contains carrot oil. I'm not a fan of the scent at all, and neither is my boyfriend. Unfortunately, I won't be getting any kisses while I'm wearing this balm.

You simply can't go past the Kissing Balm if you're looking for a natural high quality lip balm that actually works. It smells divine and has a slight sweet taste. It comes with a reasonably high price tag, but will last longer than most store bought balms. For me, it lasts four times longer than any Chap Stick.

I was very impressed with the quality of this product! You won't be let down, it is well worth the price and probably more!

I really like this lip balm. It smells good and it moisturizes my lips leaving them feeling silkier and softer. I don't like the expensive price or the fact that it rubs off so easily. I like it a lot but if you don't like the feeling of an extremely slick and oily lip balm then you might not like this. I'm happy with what it's doing for my lips and I'd order it again! I really want to get the orange now.

The rose scented Kissing Balm is a wonderful product for your lips or other areas you have dry skin. It absorbs quickly without becoming tacky or sticky but the sweet scent lingers anywhere you apply this product. A great splurge.

This is an awesome product, worth what you pay for in the long run. I love it so much. I love how it makes my lips feel and it's so easy to use. I let my nieces use it and it belongs in anyone's makeup kit, purse or pocket.

Sensuous Beauty's Kissing Balm is no drug store Carmex; with its hefty $17.99 price tag this lip balm is geared more toward pampering than practical day-to-day protection against the elements. And while this rate certainly makes Kissing Balm a luxury item, it delivers all the decadence you'd expect for the price. This particular pot's delicious rose scent and sinful, unctuous texture will make you feel spoiled any time, any place you apply a little - from the boudoir to the subway car!

Sensuous Beauty Kissing Balm is a nice, light, natural lip balm with a sweet, honeyed, grown up flavor and scent. It does a great job moisturizing the lips without feeling heavy, waxy or gloopy. Spendy, but oh so nice. A great splurge!

Sensuous Beauty's Honey Rose Kissing Balm is an instant aphrodisiac, and will add spice to any pleasure romp! It's an investment that pays wonderfully rich, sexy dividends over and over again.

This is, by far, the best lip balm I have ever used. It's a little expensive, but the quality of it and the flavor/scent definitely make up for that.

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