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My Boyfriend Hates Kissing Me While I'm Wearing This! (Honey Orange)

I thought the Honey Orange Kissing Balm would have a sweet, citrusy scent, and smell like honey and oranges. That's what it's called, and I had read a review confirming that it smelled like those things. I was surprised to discover that it smells like flowers. Turns out it's actually scented with neroli, or orange blossom, and it also contains carrot oil. I'm not a fan of the scent at all, and neither is my boyfriend. Unfortunately, I won't be getting any kisses while I'm wearing this balm.
Natural ingredients
Not tested on animals
Smells very floral/herbal
Makes my throat burn
A bit greasy
Not long lasting
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Kissing Balm is a lip balm made with natural ingredients, by Sensuous Beauty. The label says it "moisturizes and gives you sweet lips that taste like fresh flowers." Unfortunately, I hate floral scents, and if I had known that before I ordered it, I would have stayed away. The directions say to "Spread a delicious coat on lips. Kiss someone!" but my boyfriend hates the scent and taste as much as I do, and does not enjoy kissing me when I'm wearing this balm.

The balm is made with natural ingredients, and is not tested on animals. The ingredient list on the jar varies slightly from the one on the product page. See the Personal Comments section for a full breakdown of the ingredients. I would recommend avoiding this product if you have allergies to flowers, or any of the other ingredients.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

The balm is yellowish in the tub, but goes on clear. The texture reminds me of Vaseline that is slightly thinned out. It feels pretty oily/greasy on the lips, and I prefer lip balms with a waxier feel. It makes my lips feel very slippery and moisturized when I put it on, but it absorbs into the skin pretty quickly, and doesn't hang around as long as I would like. The texure feels quite similar to Not Soap, Radio's Shiny Lip Balm. In the jar, my balm looks a bit gritty, or like it has separated a little, but it goes onto the lips smoothly. The balm is quite soft and very easy to scoop out of the jar. When I dip my finger in I tend to get out more than I need, and have to rub the excess into my hands.

Taste / Aroma

I really dislike the scent and taste of this product. It's not super strong, and won't fill a room, but it's strong enough to remain noticeable while you're wearing it. It smells very floral, thanks to the orange blossom oil, and I am not a fan of floral scents at all. I've never smelled an orange blossom before, but the smell reminds me of marigolds. I can detect a slight hint of sweetness from the honey. There is also a bit of a bitter, herbal undertone. I think that might be from the carrot oil, but it could just be part of the Orange Blossom scent, since I'm not familiar with that. I have allergies to flowers, and wearing this lip balm makes my throat itch and burn a little.

I can't believe I actually put a dab of this on my tongue to find out what it tastes like after hating the scent so much. It starts off tasting sweet like honey, just for a second, then tastes the same as it smells; floral with a bitter undertone. It's pretty unpleasant, and since my throat was already burning just from the scent, putting it in my mouth made that a lot worse.


This does do a good job of moisturizing my lips at first, but it melts and soaks into my skin within minutes. I don't feel like it leaves a protective coating on my lips, to help keep the moisture in throughout the day. I'm a lip balm addict, and I hate having bare lips, so I'd have to reapply this every half hour to keep my lips feeling moist. It wipes off the lips easily, and I can't feel any residue on my lips after wiping it off, but I can still taste it when I lick my lips.

The balm doesn't add any colour to the lips, but it leaves them with a glossy finish. Here you can see it swatched on my hand.

I kissed my boyfriend while wearing this, since it is called Kissing Balm. Kissing made it get into our mouths. My boyfriend isn't a big fan of most lip products I wear, since he doesn't like getting them onto his lips. He especially didn't like this one, and said it tasted gross without me even having to ask what he thought.


The packaging appears high quality enough that I would give this as a gift. The Kissing Balm comes packaged in a clear glass container with a black plastic lid that screws off. It contains 0.5 oz of product, which is a pretty standard size for a lipgloss or lip balm. I'd go through this amount fairly quickly if I were to actually use it, since I'd need to reapply often. The container has a thick layer of clear glass at the bottom, and is larger than it needs to be. The extra bulk makes this too big to fit comfortably in my pocket.

The label has the name of the company, product, and scent, as well as the ingredients and directions. There is no sexual wording.

The jar arrived sealed in a plastic wrapping.

Personal comments

Sweet almond oil, honey, beeswax, shea butter, organic coconut oil, vegetable glycerine, vitamin E, pure neroli (orange blossom) essential oil and carrot oil.

The following ingredient information is from the Sensuous Beauty website.

Almond oil - Nutritious oil, high in Vitamin E; helps skin to retain moisture; very lubricating.

Honey - Helps skin retain its own natural moisture (humectant); wonderfully regenerative properties. Excellent skin conditioner; gently cleanses, soothes, softens and heals skin. Anti-bacterial.

Beeswax - Natural thickener and emulsifier.

Shea butter - Extremely therapeutic; helps cracked, aged or damaged skin. Heavy butter penetrates skin leaving it soft and smooth.

Coconut oil - Unusually rich in fatty acids, it is a very emollient skin conditioner that is soothing, moisturizing, anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-protozoal.

Vegetable glycerin - A clear, colorless, and odorless liquid with an incredibly sweet taste, having the consistency of thick syrup. Made when a raw ingredient (usually palm or coconut oil) is split into crude glycerol fats, under the combined action of water, temperature and pressure. Its naturally occurring emollient like properties soften and soothe the skin and assists the outer epidermis in retaining moisture.

Neroli - Distilled from the freshly-picked blossoms of the Bitter Orange Tree, this exotic floral is rejuvenating, relaxing and restoring. Excellent skin care oil that encourages new cell growth; good for mature skin. Has antiseptic properties. Anti-spasmodic.

Carrot oil - Anti-oxidant, regenerating, and protective. Rich in carotenoids. Natural colorant.
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  • blacklodge
    That sounds terrible! Marigolds stink to me. I think I'll pass on this. Nice review.
  • Coralbell
    Yeah, I really don't like any floral scents, but I think Marigolds and Geraniums are probably my least favourite. They are stinky, and so is this lip balm IMO.
  • MrWishyWashy
    Great job, thanks for the review!
  • Coralbell
    Thanks for reading!
  • kz916
    Great review.
  • Coralbell
    Thanks, kz916!
  • Tagmstr
    Thanks for the review!
  • mpfm
    Thanks for the review. Sorry this didn't' work for you. I would have expected more fruity instead of flowery as well.
  • Coralbell
    Tagmstr- No problem!

    mpfm - I think they should change the name to Honey Orange BLOSSOM so people will know what they're getting.
  • deltalima
    Based on your title and review, kind of defeats the purpose. Ha ha nice review though.
  • Coralbell
    deltaline - You're right. This really didn't work well for me for kissing, or just as a balm, either.
  • ~LaUr3n~
    And...removed from the wishlist. My bf would hate it too.
  • Coralbell
    Glad I was able to stop you from getting something you wouldn't enjoy!
  • cbmb716
    I'll pass! Thanks for the heads up!
  • Cookie Monster Mike
    Wow great review! Floral/Herbal? Does not sound good at all. Honestly if it says Honey/Orange I would expect that, and not much else haha. I'm looking at various products for my fiancee so this one is so not going on the wish list. thanks
  • Coralbell
    Thanks Cookie Monster Mike. The name is definitely misleading. I was very disappointed.
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